Emergency Vet Springdale | Adopting A Puppy Is Exciting


Emergency Vet Springdale | Adopting A Puppy Is Exciting

Bringing a new to a veterinarian, can help pet owners avoid an unnecessary visit to an emergency vet in Springdale. Because they will be able to properly vaccinate their puppy. As well as allow them to receive a clean bill of health from the veterinarian.

Emergency Vet Springdale

And if they find any health problems. They will be able to give the puppy the medication it needs. To become healthy, and live a full happy life. Unfortunately, many pet owners do not realize.

How important it is to bring their new family member into the veterinarian. Within a week of adopting them. Assuming that all of the puppies shots will be done upon the adoption.

And that they do not need to bring their new puppy in for a veterinarian visit. Until there animal is a year old. In fact, puppies actually need three different vaccination shots.

The first one will be done at six weeks of age. Before the animal is adopted out to its new family. But then, it will need a nine week vaccination booster shot. And a twelve week vaccination booster shot as well.

When adopting an animal from a breeder. They typically will adopt them out at seven weeks of age. Which means they will need to more booster shots. To be fully protected against the diseases that they are vaccinated against.

Therefore, by getting the animal to the veterinarian within a week of adopting them. Means that they are just going to be on time for their second booster shot. However, if adopting from a shelter.

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Shelters typically like to have their puppies socialize with the mothers. For a few weeks longer. Therefore, pet owners are likely going to adopt a shelter puppy. At ten or eleven weeks.

Which means while they only need one additional booster shots. To be fully protected against the diseases. Getting them to the veterinarian within a week of adopting them. Means they are going to be right on time.

For the second booster shot. If the pet owner accidentally lapses these vaccination booster shots. They might be unknowingly putting their puppy at risk. Of catching these diseases they would be vaccinated against, and then end up needing. An emergency vet in Springdale.

And the core vaccines include distemper, and rabies. Which is actually a vaccination that is required by law. Allowing pet owners to put their animal in doggy daycare or kennel. And even getting them groomed.

Because if the animal does not have their rabies shot. They cannot do any of these things. Due to the risk that it poses. As well, the vaccination will guard against the disease parvo.

This is not only an extremely contagious disease. That can spread extremely quickly in a neighbourhood, a dog park. Or even a doggy daycare or kennel. If animals are unvaccinated against it.

But also, it is usually fatal. In most of the animals that catch it. Therefore, getting all of these shots up-to-date. Is the first way that pet owners can avoid needing an emergency vet in Springdale.

Emergency Vet Springdale | Adopting A New Puppy Is An Exciting Time

Although pet owners are not thinking of finding an emergency vet in Springdale. When they first bring their new puppy home from the breeder or the shelter. They should be thinking of finding a veterinarian.

Within the first week of adopting these animals. Because that can help the animal stay healthy. And give the pet owner all the information they need. To ensure the animal is healthy.

Which can help them avoid needing an emergency veterinarian. For example, many people who are bringing a puppy home for the first time. Have never had a pet or at all.

Have a wide variety of questions. Such as what food to feed them, how much and how often. As well as how much exercise they should be getting. And while many pet owners know their new puppy should never get table scraps.

They often cannot resist giving the animal taste of people food. Such as fruits and vegetables. And while many fruits and vegetables can actually be very healthy for the animal. And help round out their diet.

Not all fruits and vegetables are safe. And some can land an animal in an emergency vet in Springdale. Because of their toxic nature to dogs. A great example of this are grapes, and raisins.

Not only is this fruit toxic. But it can require an animal having their stomach pumped. As it typically attacks the kidneys. Pet owners should learn right away what foods they should not give their new puppy.

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In addition to grapes and raisins, pet owners should avoid onions and garlic. Or anything in the nightshade family. As well as avoiding chocolate, which should go without saying.

They can even find out what foods they should avoid. Just because they are not the best. Such as avocados. By learning this information. They are able to keep their pet healthy.

And know that a slice of apple, or a carriage. Every once in a while, is a fun, crunchy treat. That can support the animals overall health. But also, the first visit to the veterinarian.

Will help the veterinarian get to know the animal. As well as the animals lifestyle and environment. Some pets need additional protection. Based on the kinds of activities they will be engaging in.

Such as a dog that is going to spend most of its life outside, or on a farm. Dog that is going to be working, or hunting dog for example. That will be running through blogs and marshes.

Or retrieving things from the lake. They might need additional vaccinations. And deworming medication. Just because of the added bacteria and dirt. As well as other animals they will be introduced to on a regular basis.

When looking for regular or emergency vet in Springdale. New pet owners should consider river valley veterinarian clinic. Just because they have an amazing reputation. But because they truly care about each and every one of the animals that walk through their clinics door.