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Full Time Associate Veterinarian

Want to practice in your style in an independently owned practice?

River Valley Veterinary Hospital located North of Pittsburgh, is seeking a doctor with good interpersonal skills for a full or part-time position.

Our straightforward support team provides care to our neighborhood dogs, cats, and their owners.

We have a spacious facility with 6 exam rooms, a surgical suite with two operating tables and well equipped in house diagnostic laboratory, digital radiographic equipment, diagnostic ultrasound.

We are open 6 days a week. We see emergencies during regular office hours along with scheduled appointments.

Emergencies after normal hours and complex medical cases are referred to local specialty-emergency facilities.

An experienced veterinarian with an interest in orthopedic surgery is preferred.

Recent graduates are welcome to apply.

Applicants must be able to work evenings until 8pm (no overnights), and rotate a Saturday schedule. We are closed Sundays and major holidays.

Compensation, benefits package including signing bonus commensurate with experience.

Email resumes to

We are adaptable here, able to navigate the occasional car crashing into the building and still maintain our normal business hours. Check out our newly renovated facility.

Certified Veterinary Technician

As a River Valley Veterinary Technician your duties will include but are not limited to:

assisting the veterinarians in the Practice of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery, in-patient and out-patient care, technician examinations, laboratory duties, treatments, drug dosages and dispensing, surgery duties, dentistry, medical record notation and maintenance, housekeeping duties throughout the facility, administrative duties, inventory, OSHA awareness and compliance, extraordinary customer service and maintaining a practical knowledge of the hospitals procedures, services and policies.

The expected manner of every team member is maintaining a professional demeanor at all times, use appropriate medical terminology and support practice ownership, management and fellow team members at all times.

Technician Duties:
· Admit patients for in-patient or out-patient procedures perform technician exams according to hospital procedure, fill prescriptions written and authorized by a DVM, taking vital signs and preparing vaccines.
· Able to collect all lab samples (urine via free catch or cystocentesis, phlebotomy, feces, skin scrapings, etc), prepare samples to send out or perform in-house tests, and maintain the laboratory log and equipment.
· Perform all patient treatments ordered by the attending DVM (medicating, TPR, close observation and charting, monitor intensive care patients, take and develop x-rays, use IV pumps, monitors, dental machines, intra-oral radiology and anesthesia machines.
· Induce anesthesia and intubate, monitor anesthesia, assess anesthetic risk and communicate clearly to DVM, prepare patient for surgery using hospital procedure, assist surgeon, calculate drug dosages related to surgery/treatment/anesthesia/critical care/emergency and keep thorough surgery logs/sheets/anesthesia sheets.
· Maintain all surgical equipment, surgery packs, surgical inventory, cold trays and the surgery prep room and surgery suite.
· Clean, scale and polish teeth with dental machine and hand instruments, hospitalization procedures, injections and fluid therapy.
· Be well versed in hospital software, medical record charting, surgical monitoring charts, dental charts, hospitalized patient charts and keep very thorough, legible and professional notes in each.
· Be able to record TPR’s, medical history, patient status, procedures, treatments, findings, lab results, surgical notes, pre surgical findings, anesthetic risk, all medications given or dispensed and complete discharge/homecare/report card instructions.
· Thoroughly record conversations with clients including all recommendations, declined recommendations or treatments.
· Keep treatment/surgery/exam rooms clean and sanitary. Keep lab equipment well maintained, be sure cages are cleaned on all surfaces, counters, refrigerators, bathrooms, floors and general environment are kept up to hospital standards. The surgery suite is to be kept extremely sanitary and closed – walls are washed down regularly, all surfaces disinfected and supplies and crash cart kept stocked with updated non expired supplies.
· Be prepared to perform routine kennel duties including walking, feeding, medicating, scrubbing, mopping, laundry and bathing.
· Maintain/monitor and reconcile controlled drugs. List needed inventory items on want list before the last one is taken, unpack orders using hospital packing slip procedures, stock shelves, monitor for expiration dates and redundant items.
· Be trained in the “Right to Know” OSHA requirements and follow all health/ safety/environmental emergency procedures.
· Know the location of all MSDSs, accident and injury log, self aid kit and emergency phone numbers.
· Keep all secondary containers properly labeled.
· Learn the veterinary software thoroughly and basic document preparation.
· Prepare referral forms, x-rays for shipment, x-ray badge maintenance, police the building and grounds automatically as you walk through, notify management of any damage or necessary repairs, be always observant of client satisfaction needs, report any client concerns to management immediately.

Technician skills:
· Client Communication/Education
· Animal Handling/Catheter Placement/Injections
· Assist Veterinarians/Exam Room Protocol
· Laboratory/Digital Radiography/Ultrasound/Laser Therapy Procedures
· Medication Preparation
· Surgical Assistance/Hospitalized Patient Care
· Patience
· Attention to Detail
· Love of Animals
· Knowledge of animal behavior

Our mission is to provide exceptional medicine for healthy pet lifestyles.

(724) 274-5575

1046 Pittsburgh Street, Springdale PA, 15144

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