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We Are River Valley Veterinary Hospital

We are a team of doctors, technicians, and client coordinators with industry leading knowledge who promise heartfelt care for your pet. We care for you and your family of pets and we are committed to continuous improvement of ourselves so we can provide you with the best quality care with the utmost compassion.

River Valley Veterinary Hospital is not an ordinary vet hospital….

We want to laugh with you, celebrate, and cry with you. We want to get to know you and your extended family … husbands, wives, and children too…. We have pets and love to share stories about our own pets, just get us started….

This is our neighborhood.

This is our neighborhood. We grew up here, we live here, we work here, we play here.
We will see you on the street, in the grocery store, and at the park.
We care about your pet. We know their favorite treats, handling preferences, and special words of encouragement. We promise to keep their visit as stress free as possible.

Compassionate Veterinarians

We will celebrate the good times and sympathize with you for the sad ones. We will walk you through the tough times. We will do our best to make “it” better…..no matter what “it” is……
Your pet is your family member… one of a kind.
We are your veterinary hospital …one of a kind.

Come to our neighborhood.

We will make you feel right at home.

We have watched “our” family of puppies and kittens grow over the years. We have been here for our clients and their furry families through good times and sad. We have been here when our new puppies and kittens walk through the door, we have been here when they need to lose weight or they have a tummy ache, or they have eaten what they should not have…..and we have been here for the most difficult time in a pet owner’s life …to escort them to the rainbow bridge.

We want to know you and your pet so we can help when you need us.

We will learn your preferences for things like appointment times, medication refill schedules and food choices. We understand those patients that…maybe do not want to be around other patients and we can modify their experience to enable their stress to be kept at a minimum. We understand that it is not your pet’s favorite ride in the car…. To the Doctor…. So we will escort them to the exam room and bypass the public waiting area. We do our best to minimize time spent waiting, but when diagnostics are ordered, we make every attempt to report results as quickly as possible.

River Valley Veterinary was established in November of 2000 at a unique building in Cheswick.

One Doctor with a dream …To put more compassion into the veterinary experience. To support not only the pet, but the person behind the pet.

We are a “local family”- owned business and we support locally owned businesses to help us run ours.

River Valley Veterinary outgrew our small building and relocated to a much bigger building in Springdale, where we continue to grow our ability to diagnose and treat, all under one roof.

We are constantly looking for ways to support the dog and cat families of the surrounding areas.

River Valley Veterinary Hospital is a primary care, state of the art facility, with a softer side. We see patients by appointment, and we truly do try to be here for you when you need services.

We promise to be truthful and honest about the best treatment for your pet.

We promise to recommend treatments with your pet’s personality and quality of life in mind.

We recommend the emergency room when we believe it is in the best interest of your pet.

Currently, we are open 6 days a week with convenient hours tailored to the times when veterinary services are most needed.

We have ample parking and will be happy to assist you from the parking lot to the exam room if you need it.

We have 6 exam rooms, a large treatment area, numerous diagnostic capabilities including digital x-ray equipment and blood analyzers.

We have a comfortable, private area where those last moments can be spent, or we offer an in-home euthanasia service.

Our team at River Valley Veterinary Hospital includes 3 doctors, 7 technicians , and 5 client coordinators. Together, we own (as of today), a grand total of 60 dogs and cats!Most of our human family have worked at River Valley Veterinary Hospital for more than 5 years. We all feel we are lucky to have the opportunity to share our love of animals with our clients on a daily basis.

Individually, we each have areas of expertise that we love to share with our patients.
Our personalities complement each other and we actually enjoy spending time with each other.
From our front desk, to our diagnostics team, you will always be able to find a smiling face, eager to help. We like you to get to know each of us by name, so we will introduce ourselves to you. We are proud of our team!

Do not hesitate to give us a call with any questions or concerns. We want to know what is bothering you so we can make a difference. We are happy to make suggestions to improve whatever ails your pet. We talk about food, treats, and training. We talk about medications and supplements. We talk about medical procedures and therapies. We love to talk!

We promise to treat your pet with the utmost dignity and respect for every day of his life and beyond. We promise to communicate to the best of our knowledge what you need to set your mind at ease. We promise to work with you to make your experience at River Valley Veterinary Hospital a satisfactory one.

 Give us the opportunity to meet you and yours. Call us Today! We would love to meet you and your pet(s)!

Our mission is to provide exceptional medicine for healthy pet lifestyles.

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