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Monday-9:00am to 8:00pm

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How do I schedule an initial appointment for my cat or dog?

The best way to schedule an appointment is to contact us at 724-274-5575. You may also request an appointment online. Please click the “request appointment” tab on the very top of this page. Please fill out the form and press submit. One of our friendly River Valley Veterinary staff members will contact you within one business day.

Does River Valley Veterinary call to confirm before my appointment?

Yes, we give a courtesy call a day prior to confirm the date and the time of your appointment. We also have phone notifications as well. As long as we have your number and your approval we will notify you of your appointment. You will be sent a text one and two days prior. It will ask you to confirm your appointment via text. After you have confirmed the appointment you will receive notifications letting you know that you have successfully been confirmed. If you can not confirm your appointment, please call the office to reschedule a later date and time.

What is the parking like?

We have a very spacious and clean parking lot that is right next to River Valley Veterinary. We offer upper and lower level parking. You will not have to cross any roads in order to get to River Valley Veterinary. The parking is free for all River Valley Veterinary clients. We also have handi-capped parking spaces that are right next to the entrance.

Is it possible to pre-book my pet’s check up?

You may request an appointment online at your convenience. Scroll to the top of any page on the website and click the tab that says “request appointment.” Please follow the prompts that are given and a friendly staff member from River Valley Veterinary will contact you within 1 business day.

How early should I arrive for my pet’s appointment?

We asked for you to please arrive 15 minutes early. This will allow our front desk to check you in properly and make any adjustments needed at that time. Please let the receptionist know if there are any changes that need to be made to your records. Arriving early will help insure that you get in and out in a timely manner.

What if I can’t find my pet’s medical records?

No worries! One of our friendly staff members can help you retrieve records from your previous veterinarian’s office. If still no records are found, we will still be happy to see your pet and start a fresh medical history for your pet at our facility

How do I make my pet more comfortable when transporting them to River Valley?

Make sure that your pet is secure in your vehicle. If your pet tends to get carsick, it may be best to not feed your pet prior to the car ride. If any medications are prescribed to help the pet travel safely, please give them as directed by the veterinarian.

What tips do you have for the ride and when we arrive at the veterinarian?

Make sure your pet is secure in the vehicle.
When you arrive and take your pet out of the vehicle, please have your pet either on a secure leash or in a carrier. Make sure your pets collar is on tight to avoid them slipping out. If you find yourself needing assistance getting inside, don’t hesitate to call from your car and someone will be happy to assist you safely inside.

How long is the typical first appointment?

Expect your first appointment to run about 20-40 minutes or more, depending on the reason we are seeing your pet. Upon arrival, you will be asked to fill out a welcome sheet. At the start of your appointment you will then be called back by one of our technicians to have your pet weighed and roomed. Once the technicians get a brief history, they will give your take your pets vitals before having the Dr come in for your pets exam. Sick visits and urgent care may take significantly longer. Those appointments usually require a work up.

Does River Valley Veterinary take pet emergencies?

Here at River Valley Veterinary we do take on emergencies that are within our scope of practice. If you are experiencing an emergency, please contact our office right away. If the emergency is within our scope of practice we will ask you to come in right away. If for some reason your pets condition is out of our scope of practice, our receptionist will give you the number to your local 24/7 emergency veterinary hospital. Please understand that emergency services differ from a regular office visit. There will be an urgent care fee charged these services and you may be asked to leave a deposit toward your pets emergency care.

What types of surgeries does River Valley Veterinary Hospital perform?

We are proud to offer routine and intricate procedures at our office. Each case is different, so an office call must be warranted before any surgery can be scheduled. These surgeries include, but are not limited to: Spaying and neutering, dental, exploratory, gastropexy, amputations, mass removals, entropion, stenotic nare, soft palate resection, urethrostomy, vulvoplasty and bladder surgery.

If my pet requires tests, do I have to take it to another facility?

In most cases, no your pet will not need to be taken elsewhere. River Valley Veterinary provides state of the art equipment that is used to help diagnose and treat your pet’s condition. Diagnostic services include: radiology, blood work, rapid Snap testing, fecal examinations, urinalysis and limited ultrasound. Most testing is done in house but we do offer send out testing for more intricate diagnoses.

Do you have a pet pharmacy?

We have a well stocked pharmacy and we offer competitive pricing for all of our pharmaceuticals. If your pet is here for an appointment, you will be given your medications before you leave with complete dosing instructions. If you require refills, please just give us a call. We ask for 24 hours advance notice for all refill requests.

Can I order refills online?

Yes, we offer our clients the option to fill their prescription online. In order to do this you will need a written script from one of your veterinarians. After you have received the written script, there is a tab located in the upper right hand corner on any one of our websites pages. You will then want to enter your information from your script in the search bar and choose the option that best suits what you are looking for. Your request will then be accepted by your veterinarian and will be sent to your house in approximately two business days. Please note that if you have not been in our office for an exam of any kind in over a year, we will not be able to fill your script. By law, your pet needs to be seen on an annual basis in order to fulfill maintenance prescription requests.

Our mission is to provide exceptional medicine for healthy pet lifestyles.

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