Emergency Vet Springdale | Are Heartworms Serious


Emergency Vet Springdale | Are Heartworms Serious

Despite the fact that heartworm disease is on the rise, emergency vet in Springdale says. It is actually extremely preventable. If pet owners know about it. And a visit their veterinarian regularly.

Emergency Vet Springdale

According to a recent study, 21% more animals were diagnosed. With heartworm disease this year, compared to last year. Since heartworm disease is incredibly preventable.

The only reason why more animals. Would be getting this diagnosis. Is because pet owners are not being made aware. Of this disease. Whether their veterinarian does not tell them.

Or because they are not taking their animal. To the veterinarian as often as they should. Ideally, pet owners will take there animal. To their regular veterinarian once a year. For an annual examination.

However, many pet owners. Do not do this. Simply taking their pet to an emergency vet in Springdale. Once they have become ill instead. However, this is not a good idea. Because it does not ensure they get the information.

That they will need, in order to help keep their pets healthy. And avoid future trips to an emergency vet in Springdale. Therefore, they are always bringing their pet in. To treat something that is preventable.

And while heartworm disease is treatable. The treatment is much more expensive and hard on the animal’s body. Then the preventative medicine is. So pet owners should ensure.

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That they are doing what they can. To keep their animal is healthy as possible. So that they can avoid emergencies. That can cause more harm to their animal then is necessary.

Preventative medicine, comes in two forms. One is a chewable medicine. That comes in flavoured like beef or pork. And many pets consider it to be a treat. This should be given once a month.

To provide 100% protection. From this parasite that can be quite devastating to an animal’s health. However, veterinarians caution. That some pets have some side effects. Including gastrointestinal distress.

They might have mild vomiting or diarrhea. For twenty-four hours after the medication. And for some pet owners this is unacceptable. Therefore, they can switch to the second type of preventative medicine.

This medicine is perfect for picky eaters. And cats, that are notorious. For never taking pills. It is a topical formulation. That is simply applied to the animals head. Again, it should be administered once a month.

And is also guaranteed to be 100% protection. So that pets will not get this illness. The topical medicine has no known side effects at all. And makes a great substitute, when pets cannot take the chewable medicine.

If they do get bitten by an infested mosquito. The microfilaria, the heartworm larva. Will not be able to live in the animals bloodstream. And simply gets excreted from the animal.

If pet owners have not been protecting their animal from heartworm disease. They can make a quick appointment to their veterinarian. To get tested. And it when they are in the clear, can start the preventative medicine.

Emergency Vet Springdale | Are Heartworms A Serious Illness

Even though heart worms are treatable by emergency vet in Springdale. Pet owners should take them seriously. Because they can cause of pets. To become quite ill. And, is sometimes fatal.

Heart worms, just as their name suggests. Are parasites that live in the animals bloodstream. Growing to their full adult size. And then getting lodged in the heart of the animal.

This is very devastating. Because if it is undetected. The animals heart function will begin to slow down. Before they eventually, succumb to this illness. The key to getting treatment is twofold.

First of all, pet owners can bring their pet to an emergency vet in Springdale. If they are exhibiting any of the signs. That they have heart worms. The only problem with this. Is that the symptoms are hard to spots.

Or, the symptoms may look like another problem. That is less serious. The symptoms include coughing and lethargy. This means that if a pet owner mistakes this for another illness. Their pet will suffer longer.

When they do bring the animal to the emergency vet in Springdale. They will be able to do a test. That is looking for the heartworm antibodies. That is present in an animal’s blood when they have this parasite.

This test, called a 4DX test takes only three drops of an animal’s blood. And not only tests for the antibodies of microfilaria. But also tests for erlichiosis and anaplasmosis.

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Which are diseases, caused by the comment tick. They will be able to find out if the animal is suffering from something that is treatable. And if they do not have heart worms. They can talk to the veterinarian immediately.

About starting a preventative medicine. Such as a Heartgard or interceptor. That will protect their pets. From ever developing this disease. The medicine is a 100% guarantee.

And only needs to be administered once a month. If the pet unfortunately does have heartworm. The veterinarian can start treatment immediately. That involves an intramuscular injection.

The medicine used to kill the heart worms. Is very strong. And can cause the animal to become ill. However, the treatment work to kill the heart worms. And after treatment. The pet is able to live a long and healthy life.

Unfortunately, the treatment is very long and expensive. Because they must get several intramuscular injections. So that they can be sure they are killing all of the heart worms.

Even if they leave one heartworm alive. It can reproduce, causing the infestation to continue. This is why prevention is a far better treatment. Then the treatment designed to kill the heart worms.

Ideally, all pet owners should have all of their pets on heartworm medication. To prevent them from getting this parasite. Because while it is not specifically contagious.

From one animal to the other. A mosquito can transfer. The microfilaria between animals. So preventing this illness. In all animals is of paramount importance. See a veterinarian today. To protect your pet.