Emergency Vet Springdale | Avoid Heartworm


Emergency Vet Springdale | Avoid Heartworm

If you suspect your cat or dog have heartworm’s, they should be taken immediately to your emergency vet in Springdale. While heartworm is completely preventable. Statistics show that heartworm has been on the rise steadily. With 21% more dogs being diagnosed year after year.

Emergency Vet Springdale

However, one of the reasons why it is on the rise. Is because many people do not know what it is. And they do not know how to prevent it. Prevention is much easier on the animal then treatment.

Therefore, people should be aware of how to prevent it. And avoid having to rush there animal. To emergency vet in Springdale unnecessarily. Heartworm is passed along from mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes either are born, completely infested with micro-full area. Which are the larva of the heartworm. However, if an un-infected mosquito. Bites a dog or cat with heartworm’s.

And then they go on to bites an uninfected animal. They can transmit the micro-full area that way. It is why it is very important. That people treat their pet with heartworm medication.

Before taking them on walks, visit the off leash park. Take them to the daycare, or pet groomers. The treatment is very simple. All they have to do is take a chewable tablet, once a month.

The tablets are in delicious flavoured, that pets love. Such as beef, pork and chicken. However, some animals still refuse to take oral medication. And cats, often will refuse the chewable tablet.

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However, pet owners do not need to worry. There is also a topical medication. That can be applied to the pets for. That will protect them. As long as a pet owner is administering the medication.

Once a month, the medication is guaranteed, 100%. To protect the animals from heartworm. If pet owners would like to start giving their pet heartworm medication. But they want to rule out this pest in the first place.

All they have to do is bring their pet to emergency vet in Springdale, who will run a test. Which is called the four D X test, which requires three drops of the animals blood. Because such little blood is required.

Even the smallest dogs, can be tested for heartworm. They are looking for an antibody present in the blood. That would prove that they have had heartworm’s in their bloodstream. The test will be done in-house.

And can be completed, even within the very same appointment. So that pet owners will be able to go home. Either knowing that their pet is heartworm free. Or that they need to start heartworm treatment.

While the best medicine is prevention. If pet owners have not been treating their dogs or cats for heartworm. It is not the end of the world. They can get them tested. Get them on medication that will protect them.

And if they do have this sometimes fatal illness. They will be able to start treatment. That will kill off the heartworm’s. And help them have a long, and healthy life.

Emergency Vet Springdale | Tips To Avoid Heartworm Disease

Often, people rush their cat or dog to emergency vet in Springdale. Because they are coughing, and are lethargic. If they have not been taking heartworm medication. Such as heart guard or interceptor.

Or, they have not been taking the medication consistently every month. Chances are quite good, that the animal. Has an illness called heartworm. What heartworm is, is very much like the name suggests.

Tiny larva called micro-full area. Our past into the animals bloodstream. Through an infected mosquito. And the micro-full area, lives out its entire life cycle. Within the animals bloodstream.

They grow from a tiny larva. Into a full-size heartworm. That can get to be several inches in length. The only time the micro-full area stops moving around the circulatory system in the animal.

Is when the heartworm’s become lodged inside the animal’s heart. This is what gives this particular insect the name it has been given. An animal can have several heartworm’s, without showing any symptoms.

And the reason why this problem. Is found less often in cats, has nothing to do with if they are an indoor or an outdoor animal. Or because they seem to be so much fluffier than dogs.

Cats typically get heartworm less often, because the size of their hearts. Are much tinier, which makes it harder for a heartworm to get trapped. When the heart starts getting so many heartworm’s, it stops working properly.

That is when most people will find there animal starts exhibiting signs. Such as coughing and being lethargic. They can bring them to their emergency vet in Springdale. Such as river valley veterinary hospital. In order to get tested.

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Within the same appointment, they will find out if they test positive for heartworm antibodies. And if that is the case, the veterinarian will be able to start treatment immediately.

The treatment is quite rough on the animal. It is long, and it is expensive. However most animals that completes treatment. Can live long and healthy lives. Once they are free of this past.

The medicine is administered by injection, intramuscularly. It can cause the animal pain, nausea and lethargic. The medicine will kill off the heartworm’s one at a time. Therefore, they will need several injections.

To ensure that they kill all of the heartworm’s. The injection typically only works once the heartworm has reached its adult size. And as the heartworm reproduces, it adds more micro-full area into the bloodstream.

Which is why several injections must be given. In order to kill all of the heartworm. Therefore, emergency vet in Springdale insists. That the best cure for heartworm’s, is prevention.

Not only is the medication very inexpensive. But it also protects dogs, as well as cats. From other nuisance parasites. Such as hook worms and roundworms. If a pet owner has one animal.

That has tested positive for heartworm. The recommendation, is to treat all of the animals in the house. With heartworm medication. So that they do not accidentally pass it along. Through the bite of an unwitting mosquito.