Emergency Vet Springdale | Avoiding Heartworm Disease

Emergency Vet Springdale | Avoiding Heartworm Disease

Now pet owner wants to visit an emergency vet in Springdale. However, that is the reality if pet owners. Do not go to their regular veterinarian on a regular basis. These annual examinations are vital.

Emergency Vet Springdale

In ensuring that the pet is in good health. Running tests, to see if there is anything going on. That can be treated. Before it gets out of hand. As well as allowing the veterinarian. To get familiar with the animal.

And help them eat the right diet. And get the right exercise, especially as they age. They will also get regular vaccinations. Such as rabies, distemper and part of a period that can help keep them as healthy as possible.

While avoiding these very potentially devastating diseases. They will also be able to discuss. Preventative medication for a wide variety. Of preventable illnesses as well.

For example, animals that spend a lot of time. Camping, or at the off leash park. Can benefit from deworming medication. This is a chewable tablet. That the pet can eat once a month.

And will prevent them from getting hook worms or roundworms. That can impact their health. Causing them to lose weight, and loose nutrition. But also, the veterinarian will also talk to them.

About flea and tick medication. Fleas can be a huge nuisance. But also, because a lot of discomfort to the pet. And tics, can give a wide variety of diseases to the animal.

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Such as ehrlichiosis and anaplasmosis. And this medication, applied topically, once a month. Can help keep the animal. From developing these illnesses. Or the discomfort from fleas. And finally, the veterinarian.

Will also talk to the pet owner about heartworm disease. This is a disease that is passed to the animal. From an infected mosquito. And this will cause a parasite to grow in the animals bloodstream says emergency vet in Springdale.

Once it is an adult. It will get tangled and trapped inside the animals heart. Where it will continue to grow and reproduce. Eventually causing other heart worms to become trapped inside the animals heart.

Until the animal shows symptoms. And eventually, succumbs to the heart’s inability. To pump blood, while it is for of worms. This is a very serious parasite. Which is why it is most important to prevent it.

This parasite can be prevented very easily. By a chewable medicine. That comes in flavoured like beef or pork. And only needs to be administered. Once a month. However, some animals develop a side effect.

Within twenty-four hours of taking the medicine. Which is an upset tummy, giving them diarrhea. Or causing them to become nauseous and vomit. If pet owners want to avoid this if there pet has a side effect.

They can utilize a topical medication instead. That is applied externally. And provides the same 100% protection. Against this disease. This can help people avoid going to an emergency vet in Springdale.

To help them treat a problem that could have been prevented. And if pet owners are looking for regular veterinarian. To take their cat or dog to, they can visit river valley veterinary hospital. They are experts in their field.

Emergency Vet Springdale | Avoid Heartworm Disease And Protect Your Pet

Pet owners never want to rush there animal to an emergency vet in Springdale. However, that will be a likelihood. If they are not visiting. A regular veterinarian on an annual basis.

A regular veterinarian will be able to examine the animal. And run tests, to ensure they are in good health. But also, forgiving vaccination shots. And medication that can prevent common illnesses.

And while heartworm is very preventable. 21% more dogs have been diagnosed with it this year. Then were diagnosed last year. Which means it is steadily on the rise. Despite it being preventable.

Which means more pet owners. Should hear about not only what it is. And how to prevent it. But what happens to the animal, if it is not prevented. And not the treatment is much more invasive.

Heartworm disease is given to a cat or dog. Through the bite of an infected mosquito. And an animal can live with heartworm disease. For many years, without problems or side effects.

However, this is because one or two heartworm’s. Being lodged in the animals heart. Is not going to in people hearts function very much. However, the heartworm’s will continue to reproduce. Causing more heart worms.

To become lodged in their heart. Where it will eventually, start impeding. The heart’s ability to function properly. And pump blood to all of the animals extremities. If a pet owner suspects.

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That their pet has heartworm disease. Or if the animal is exhibiting symptoms. Such as coughing or is lethargic. This is the right time. For the pet owner to take their pet to an emergency vet in Springdale.

Who will be able to run a certain type of blood test. Taking only three drops of blood. From the animal, in order to look for heartworm antibodies. This can be done within the same appointment.

And when going to river valley veterinary hospital. The veterinarian can find results. Within the same appointment even. And if heartworm antibodies are present. This means that the animal has heartworm disease.

And they can start the treatment right away. The treatment is long, expensive. As well as quite invasive. The animal must receive intramuscular injections. The medication strong enough to kill the heartworm’s.

However, they must undergo this injection. Several times. In order to ensure that the medication has killed the heartworm’s. Especially at all of the various stages of development.

There are likely going to be several side effects. Such as pain at the injection site. Nausea and medication can also cause the animal. To feel nauseous days after the treatment.

While most veterinarians would prefer preventing the illness. Any pet owners that did not know better. And are now dealing with the case of heartworm disease. Should bring their animals to emergency vet in Springdale. For kind and compassionate treatment.