Emergency Vet Springdale | Bringing Home Healthy Pets


Emergency Vet Springdale | Bringing Home Healthy Pets

Bringing home a new puppy or kitten is a joyous occasion, but if they are not healthy they might end up needing an emergency vet in Springdale. And while no breeder or shelter will adopt out an unhealthy animal.

Emergency Vet Springdale

A very healthy animal can contract diseases. Very easily, if they do not have the right vaccinations. Or might be given the wrong food to eat. If the pet owner does not have the best information.

For example, puppies and kittens will need vaccinations. In order to protect them against common illnesses. This shot is usually given at six weeks of age. And while puppies and kittens are too young to be adopted out at that age.

This shot will be administered by the shelter, or the breeder. However, by the time the animal is seven weeks old. They can be adopted out. Which means they will need their nine week, and twelve week booster shot.

Two finish protecting them against parvo, distemper and rabies. Depending on what age the animal is. When they are adopted by the owner. They are going to need those booster shots very quickly.

If the pet owner lapses in getting the shot. The animal will be susceptible to those illnesses. Therefore, the recommendation. Will be for pet owners to make an appointment.

With their veterinarian within a week of adopting their puppy or kitten. To ensure that they get there booster shot in time. So that they do not lack immunity against some devastating diseases.

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If they do lapse, they could catch those illnesses. That would require going to an emergency vet in Springdale. And while all of the diseases are terrible. Parvo is highly contagious and often fatal.

Which is why it is so important that pet owners vaccinate against this. However, depending on the animals lifestyle and environment. They might need additional vaccinations as well.

The veterinarian will talk to the owner, and find out where the animals going to be living. For example, a dog or cat that is going to spend most of their life in an apartment. And go out for walks to an off leash park.

Will have different health requirements and risks. Then the cat or dog who is going to live outdoors for the most part. On a farm, chasing mice. And encountering a wide variety of farm animals.

As well, they might go on adventures such as takes in the backwoods. Or hunting dog, that is going to be running through the bushes. And through marshes and lakes.

Therefore, by learning about what kinds of things the animals going to be doing. Can help ensure that they are fully protected. And get all of the medication they need to stay healthy.

When pet owners are looking for a veterinarian for their new puppy or kitten. They should look no further than river valley veterinarian hospital for many reasons.

Not only can they offer regular and emergency vet in Springdale services. But also, they truly care about the animals in their care. And one meet and greet will show pet owners exactly why.

Emergency Vet Springdale | Ensure That You Are Bringing Home Healthy Pets

Pet owners are often very excited when they adopted new puppy or kitten, and may not think about finding an emergency vet in Springdale. But there are many things that they should do preventatively. To ensure their healthy pets can stay healthy for many years to come.

Do that, will be to get all of the vaccinations and boosters. That will protect them from a wide variety of diseases. The vaccinations that they will get. Protect them against distemper, rabies and parvo.

In fact, many pet owners are unaware. That rabies is a mandatory vaccination that is required by law. In most municipalities. And without it, pet owners are typically unable to secure a license for their animal.

They are unable to take there animal to a kennel or a daycare. And are not even able to get there animal groomed. Simply because the risk that rabies poses to the rest of the animals and people.

However, this is not the only reason. Why people should be making appointments for a veterinarian visit. With their new puppy or kitten. They also will need to get there animal a thorough examination.

Because while shelters and breeders do not intentionally adopt out sick animals. It is common that by the time the animal is adopted out and a little bit older. Hard to detect medical conditions.

Like a heart murmur. Can be discovered. A heart murmur is something that might end up with a pet needing an emergency vet in Springdale. If it is left undetected. However, once it is discovered.

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It is typically extremely easy to treat. And a simple course of medication. Can ensure that the animal is able to live a very happy and healthy life. For many years. Therefore, the animal might not be sick.

But could have some underlying health conditions. That were not known at the time of adoption. Which is why a veterinarian examination. Is so important to their overall health.

They will also get checked out for fleas, ticks and parasites. The looking at the animals stool sample for parasite eggs. Not only can the animal pass the fleas, ticks and parasites on to other animals.

Particularly animals that are in the same household. But parasite especially. Can be passed on to the humans in the household. Which can be very devastating. And hard to get rid of as well.

The animal also have their teeth checked. And while puppy or kitten. Should not have any tooth problems yet. The veterinarian will be able to see if they are likely to develop dental problems in the future.

For example, small breeds of dogs. Are genetically predisposed to tooth problems. And quick check in the mouth. Can help the veterinarian and pet owner be proactive about their dental health.

When pet owners are looking for the best veterinarian. For regular and emergency vet in Springdale services. Should check out river valley veterinarian hospital. They can arrange a meet and greet. And find out why this clinic is different than all the rest.