Emergency Vet Springdale | Choose Your Vet Wisely


Emergency Vet Springdale | Choose Your Vet Wisely

There are many different things to consider, when choosing a regular and emergency vet in Springdale. And new pet owners, may not know. What to look for, in order to get the best medical professional.

Emergency Vet Springdale

The decision is made even more difficult. Because there are more veterinarian clinics. Than ever before for two different reasons. First of all, there are more people in the USA that own pets.

Than ever before, with 65% of all American households. Owing some kind of animal. Which means there are roughly 85 million families in the states, that have pets. This is up 56% since the survey was first conducted.

With 56% more animals in this country. That means they are going to be more veterinary clinics needed. In order to service these animals. But what also is causing the spike in veterinary clinics opening up.

Is the fact that pet owners. No longer think of these animals as their pets. But rather, their family members. And specifically, their children. They want what is best for these furry children of theirs.

Which means more regular veterinary care. And that means people are being even more choosy. With the veterinarian and clinic that they take their animals to. This means the choice is even harder.

And pet owners need to be prepared. For finding the right one, for their specific needs. One of the first things that pet owners should look for. If they have adopted a kitten, or an adult cat.

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They are going to need to look for a veterinarian. That is feline friendly certified. While many veterinarians will say that they are comfortable taking dogs as well as cats.

The fact of the matter is, cat owners take there felines to the vet less often. Then there dogs. Which means veterinarians will see fewer cats. And therefore, be less familiar with these animals.

While veterinarians will reassure pet owners. To say that they are comfortable with these animals. If they are not feline friendly certified. Which is additional education. That help veterinarians.

Provide excellent care to cats. Especially understanding their communication style. So that they avoid stressing out, or angering a cat. Therefore, when people are looking for a regular and emergency vet in Springdale.

They should look for clinics specifically with this feline friendly certification. The next thing that people should be looking out for. When they are looking for a regular and emergency vet in Springdale.

Is if the regular veterinarian can provide emergency services. The benefit of this, is that if they ever have an accident. Or their pet gets ill. They will be able to take their pet to their regular veterinarian.

And that is going to help them be comfortable. Not all veterinarians provide emergency services. So to find one that provides both, is a huge benefit. One veterinarian in the Springdale area that offers all of these things.

Is it river valley veterinary hospital. Not only are they excellent at what they do. They will provide regular and emergency care. Both cats and dogs. In our feline friendly certified.

Emergency Vet Springdale | Choose Your Veterinarian Wisely

When people first adopt their new pet, they may not think of finding an emergency vet in Springdale. However, this can help them be prepared. On the off chance, they are going to need emergency services for their pet.

While nobody wants to think of this happening. It is better to be prepared. And not need service. Then have a need, and not be prepared. Therefore, when people are looking for a veterinarian to take there animal to.

That can provide regular veterinarian services. As well as emergency vet in Springdale services. There are several questions that they can ask each clinic. To determine if they are a good fit or not.

For example, they might want to ask. If they can do blood testing on site. While most veterinary clinics are going to say that yes they can. They should ask specifically, if they do the testing on site or not.

The reason why this matters at all. Is because not all clinics. Do the testing on site. They take the sample. And then send the blood sample out to an external laboratory. And while they can get results back in only one or two days.

One or two days to an animal that needs an emergency vet in Springdale. In order to find out what is wrong. And get them the right treatment. Today’s can seem like an eternity. As well, if the pet comes in.

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On Friday, or a weekend. Chances are, laboratory does not work on the weekend. And will turn one or two day turnaround. Into the 3 to 4 days turnaround. Which is too long to wait.

Therefore, on-site testing. Is an important metric. To find the right veterinarian for a person. The next thing they might want to ask, is if they have on-site surgical facilities. While many do not have this.

People who need their pet to undergo surgery. Will typically have to wait for an external surgical facility. To become available, which can take days or longer. When it is for routine surgery, that is not a big problem.

However, for a pet needs emergency surgery. This can be a difference between life and death. Therefore, to find a great veterinarian. That can be their regular vest, as well as their emergency vet in Springdale.

They should ask the clinic if they have an on-site surgical facility. Finally, they should ask if they can do on-site x-rays. This again, something that most veterinary clinics do not do. But it is of paramount importance.

Especially for that is coming in because they have an emergency. Getting an x-ray very quickly. Can help the veterinarian start the right treatment immediately. And ultimately, help that animal faster.

When people are looking specifically for these metrics. The veterinarian that fits the bill, is river valley veterinary hospital. They are independently owned and operated, and truly care about the welfare of each animal.