Emergency Vet Springdale | Dental Visits for Dogs


Emergency Vet Springdale | Dental Visits for Dogs

Just like for people, taking their dog to the veterinarian for dental visit is important, and can help avoid making an emergency vet Springdale visit. Due to gingivitis, or periodontal disease.

In fact, it is incredibly important. For pet owners to take care of their dogs oral hygiene. Because if they want their dog to be completely healthy, they need to also have healthy oral hygiene as well.

And while it is very important for people to bring their pet regularly to their veterinarian. For a dental checkup. Because the emergency vet Springdale will be able to clean their teeth.

As well as help minimize problems before they get larger. However, preventative maintenance is better than catching things early. Which is why it is important for pet owners to know what to do.

In order to ensure that their dogs have the healthiest mouths. For many years to come, and avoid unnecessary emergency vet Springdale visits.

The first thing that veterinarians want dog owners to know. Is the single most important preventative care that they can do. To ensure their dogs mouths and teeth are healthy. Is to simply brush their teeth.

In fact, brushing their teeth is the only thing that pet owners can do that will eliminate tartar buildup. All other things that they can do to help ensure that there teeth are healthy.

Can slow the progression of tartar buildup and a dental disease. But not prevent it the way that brushing their teeth can. Therefore, the first thing that pet owners should do when they bring their new puppy or dog home.

Is to them used to having a toothbrush in their mouth. So that when they start to brush their pets teeth. They will be able to tolerate it much more easily. Because they had a toothbrush in their mouth during playtime.


However, it is very important that when they do escalate from playing with the toothbrush. To brushing their pets teeth, that the use the right toothpaste.

The reason why, is because toothpaste that is meant for human use. Contains dangerous ingredients. Such as the artificial sweetener called xylitol. Which is actually deadly to both cats and dogs.

Therefore, they should ensure that they get the right toothpaste from their veterinarian directly, or go to a pet supply store. Because toothpaste designed for pets have no dangerous ingredients.

And come with the fun added bonus of coming in delicious flavours. That can help the pet see brushing the teeth as a treat. Such as tuna, liver and chicken for example.

And while pet owners can get their pet used to having their teeth brushed. It is not a substitute for bringing their pet in for regular dental visits. Because despite many pet owners best efforts.

There pets might be genetically predisposed to having poor teeth. And bringing them in for regular checkups. Can help ensure that the veterinarian is taking care of problems. Before they get worse.

The sooner pet owners can ensure their dog has good oral hygiene. The longer they are going to be able to have their pet kept healthy, happy and pain-free.

Emergency Vet Springdale | Dental Visits for Dogs

Even though many pet owners are thinking of several ways to avoid having to take their dog into an emergency vet Springdale visit. By being proactive and getting their dogs shots for example.

They may not be thinking about how important good oral hygiene is. And often only take their dog to get a dental checkup after they discover that their pet is developing bad breath after several years.

Or that there dog is now refusing to eat, or not chewing anymore. And will find out that the reasons why, is because they have bad teeth. Taking care of their pets teeth is incredibly important.

In fact, pet owners may end up with their pet going to be emergency vet Springdale. Because they have problems that need immediate attention. That could have been avoided with preventative care.

One of the first things that pet owners should do. Is ensure that they are feeding their pet the right food. That can help them minimize any dental problems.

A great example of this, is when pet owners feed their pet dry dog food instead of wet dog food. Because while both foods are nutritionally complete.

Dry pet food is much more beneficial to their oral health then wet food is. The reason why, is because dry pet food will scrape against the pets teeth as they chew. Which will help scrape their teeth cleaner.

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Which will lead to less tartar forming on the teeth. And a dog owner having an easier time brushing their dogs teeth because of that.

However, when pet owners feed their dogs went pet food. Because there pets do not have to chew wet food. It is more likely to get stuck underneath their gum line. Where they will be more likely to cause tartar buildup.

As well as a wide variety of other problems including tooth decay, gingivitis and periodontal disease. That will likely require an emergency vet Springdale visit. At least sooner than is necessary.

As well, veterinarians recommend pet owners relies a dental chewing device. That can help scrape their teeth clean as well. And while it is not a substitute for brushing.

It can help ensure that dogs are helping eliminate tartar buildup. That may have been missed when the pet owner was brushing their teeth. To help keep their mouth cleaner.

However, pet owners should get into the habit of supervising their dogs as they chew a dental device. Ensure they are not accidentally biting off chunks that could become a choking hazard.

Or swallowing parts that could obstruct of their bowels, resulting in an unnecessary emergency vet Springdale visit. These dental chew devices are extremely beneficial, when used properly.

Out of the many things that pet owners can do that can ensure good oral health their pet. Doing as many things as possible can help their pet to have great oral hygiene. And minimize any health problems may develop from poor dental health.