Emergency Vet Springdale | Dental Visits for Pets

Emergency Vet Springdale | Dental Visits for Pets

It is very important for pet owners to be looking after their pets oral hygiene regularly, so that they can avoid making an emergency vet Springdale trip later. Because when pet owners need to have their pets teeth cared for in an emergency. It can cause a lot of stress on their body.

For example, whether a person is taking their pet to the veterinarians office. For a routine dental examination. Or because they have an emergency vet Springdale trip, due to a dental emergency.

They are going to have to ensure that their pet will be put under anaesthetic. Whether it is a cat or a dog. And when the pet is not in good health. They may not withstand the anaesthetic.

Therefore, to ensure that they pet can get the treatment that they need. Pet owners should be taking good care of their pets teeth from the beginning of their life together.

One of the best ways that they can ensure they are keeping good care of their dog and cats teeth. Is through regular brushing their teeth. While most veterinarians will agree.

That the gold standard of brushing their pets teeth. Will be after every time they eat. However, that is not always possible. So evening for at least once a day is going to be very beneficial.

Brushing their teeth can get rid of the tartar buildup that leads to calculus. And when calculus builds up underneath their gum line. Not only does this cause gingivitis. But it also causes periodontal disease, and tooth decay.

However, people need to be very careful when they choose the toothpaste to use on their cat or dog’s teeth. Because if they accidentally use human toothpaste. It contains an artificial sweetener called xylitol.


And this xylitol is toxic to both cats and dogs. Therefore, if people accidentally use human toothpaste on their pet, they may have to make an emergency vet Springdale trip.

Which is why they should ensure that they are always using the right toothpaste, that is pet friendly. From their veterinarians office, or pet supply store.

In addition to being pet friendly, and not containing ingredients that will hurt them. Pet toothpaste also comes in fun flavoured. Such as chicken, tuna and beef. That will make teeth brushing time seem like a treat for their pets.

By keeping their pets teeth brushed, they are helping stay ahead of the tartar buildup. So that they can avoid to developing gingivitis and periodontal disease. And can avoid tooth decay.

Because those issues can cause larger problems later on. Including requiring dental surgery in order to pull teeth that are causing the cat or dog pain as they try to eat, or chew their toys.

Ultimately, it is very important that pet owners are keeping track of how often they are brushing their pets teeth. And then bringing them to their veterinarian regularly for dental checkups.

Because good oral health in their pets, translates into good overall health for their pet. And that will ensure that they can have their pets healthy for many years to come.

Emergency Vet Springdale | Dental Visits for Pets

It is extremely important for pet owners to understand that if they do not take good care of their pets oral health, it can require an emergency vet Springdale visit. Due to a dental emergency that is affecting their pets overall health.

One of the first ways that veterinarians recommend taking care of their pets teeth. Is by starting out feeding them dry dog and cat food instead of wet dog and cat food.

Because while both food are similar in nutritional value. The when to food does not require the cat or dog to chew. And they are more likely to get wet food stuck underneath their gum line.

Where it is likely to cause all sorts of problems. Such as tooth decay, tartar buildup, gingivitis and periodontal disease. That will likely require an emergency vet Springdale visit later on in the animals life.

Dry pet food on the other hand requires the cat and the dog to have a chewing modality. And that is going to be what helps clean their teeth of tartar buildup as they eat.

Especially as they are chewing crunchy food, that will scrape against their teeth as they eat. This can even get below the gum line, to help keep their teeth as healthy as possible.

Although people need to understand that feeding their cats and dogs dry pet food alone is not going to keep their teeth healthy. The next thing that veterinarians recommend.

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Is using a dental chew to help keep their tartar buildup at bay. And a dental chew should be monitored when cat or dog is chewing on it. Because if they break off a piece or swallow it.

That can require an emergency vet Springdale visit. Therefore, pet owners should feel free to give their cats and dogs a dental chew. And then supervise them while they are using it.

However, many veterinarians are now recommending people use dental chew called an oil that. Because not only is this chew toy CET approved. Which means a board certified veterinarians.

All agree that it is beneficial for pets to chew on. It is also small enough, that it will fit down the pets is off again in case it is accidentally swallowed. As long as pet owners are choosing the right dental chew for the size of their pet.

But also, it is soft enough, that when it makes it into the pets stomach. Is soft enough, that it is not going to obstruct the bowels either. Because of this, it is extremely safe.

As well, when pet owners give the oravet dental chew toy to their pets. It is soft enough, that it will be effective at eliminating tartar buildup. Without damaging their gums.

Since most pet owners want to keep their pets as healthy as long as possible. Taking good care of their oral hygiene. It will help ensure that pet owners will have their furry family member for as long as possible.