Emergency Vet Springdale | Do Dogs Need Their Teeth Brushed

Emergency Vet Springdale | Do Dogs Need Their Teeth Brushed?

When pet owners bring their new puppy, or kitty home for the first time, they never think about needing an emergency vet in Springdale. Nor, do they think about needing an oral care routine for their new pet.

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However, if pet owners do not develop an oral care routine for their cat or dog. They may need an emergency vet in Springdale sooner rather than later. It is all too common for pets to developing dental problems.

Such as tartar buildup. And if that tartar buildup does not get brushed away by the pet owner. It will eventually harden into a substance called calculus. This is very hard, like cement.

And once it is at this stage, the only way to get rid of it. Would be to bring their animal to their veterinarian. For a dental tooth cleaning. Unfortunately, all dental cleanings need to be done under general anaesthetic.

Therefore, limiting the number of dental cleanings a pet needs in their lifetime. Is very important for the animals overall health and safety. If the calculus is not scraped off by a veterinarian.

It will eventually get underneath the animals gum line. Irritating it, causing the gums to be very sore, red and swollen. This is at the point that calculus becomes gingivitis. Not only is this very painful for the animal.

But if the pet owner still does not take there animal to the veterinarian. For a dental cleaning. That gingivitis will turn into periodontal disease. What this is, is a very serious condition.

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That often requires a trip to an emergency vet in Springdale. It causes the loosening of ligaments in the mouth, as well as teeth in the animal’s mouth. And at this point, the animal typically has many cavities as well.

This can be avoided very simply. By a few steps by the pet owner. And some diligence in establishing an oral care routine. One of the first things that veterinarians recommend is to feed their pet dry food all times, from the very beginning.

Dry food, is very hard and crunchy. And when combined with the chewing action of the animal’s mouth. It actually scrapes food particles, and tartar buildup off of the animals teeth.

Wet food on the other hand, while nutritionally complete. Does not need to be chewed by the dog or cat. Which means the food remains coated on the animals teeth. Until it is scraped off by crunchy food.

Or by the pet owner using a toothbrush. Therefore, dry food is the first step. To ensuring good oral hygiene for their animals. However, the best thing is to brush their pets teeth every day.

This can be done using a regular human toothbrush. But special toothpaste designed for an animal. That comes in flavoured that they would think is delicious. Such as beef or chicken.

Other than that, pet owners should talk to their veterinarian, about what also they need to do. To keep their pets teeth, and their overall health in as good condition as possible.

Emergency Vet Springdale | Do Cats Need Their Teeth Brushed?

Many people may not believe that brushing their pets teeth can help them avoid a visit to an emergency vet in Springdale. But oral hygiene in a pet is a very serious business. If pet owners want to keep their pet healthy for as long as possible.

There are several things that they can do, to ensure their pets overall oral health. Starting with the gold standard in oral hygiene. Which is brushing their teeth. While there are special toothbrushes designed for cats and dogs.

Pet owners do not actually need to buy a special toothbrush. To keep their cat and dogs teeth clean. Any toothbrush that they can find at the drugstore. Will do a good job in brushing tartar buildup, and food particles away.

The most important thing to keep in mind about brushing teeth in pets however. Is the fact that pet owners can never use human toothpaste on their pets teeth. In addition to being a terrible flavoured for them.

Human toothpaste contains an ingredient called xylitol. Which acts as an artificial sweetener. But is unfortunately toxic to cats and dogs. If pet owners accidentally use human toothpaste on their pet.

They should get their pet immediately to an emergency vet in Springdale. To help counteract the effect of the toxic substance. Luckily, there are many pet friendly toothpastes on the market.

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That can help keep their mouth clean, and guard their teeth against tartar buildup. That come in flavoured that will help their cat or dog feel that toothbrushing time. Is a fun treat for them.

Unfortunately, not everybody is able to get their teeth to accept a toothbrush into their mouth. And they may give up fighting with their animal after several failed attempts.

But that does not mean that there are no options for pet owners. In keeping their pets mouth healthy. There are many different dental chewing products on the market. From treats, that are designed to clean pets teeth.

Because they are crunchy, and will scrape their teeth clean. But also, there are dental chewing devices. That are not meant to be eaten or swallowed. That can help keep cats and dogs teeth clean.

No matter what device they choose, veterinarians recommend pet owners watch their pet during chew time. So that the pet does not accidentally bite off a piece of the chew device and swallow it.

Because it could become either a choking hazard. Or potentially cause a bowel obstruction. Both, that will require an emergency vet in Springdale to help them with. By giving them a chewing device or treat.

After every meal, can help keep tartar buildup away from their teeth. And brush any food articles remaining away. No matter what they choose to do, neither scenario is going to replace.

The importance of taking their pet to the veterinarian for regular dental examinations. Keeping their pets teeth clean, can ensure their overall health for years to come.