Emergency Vet Springdale | Good Dental Habits for Dogs


Emergency Vet Springdale | Good Dental Habits for Dogs

When pet owners adopt a dog first, knowing what they can do to help keep their teeth healthy, and help them avoid an unnecessary emergency vet Springdale trip. Due to teeth that have a lot of decay. Or if they become loose due to periodontal disease.

The good news, is that there are many different things that they can do. That not only can slow the progression of different dental diseases. But actually prevent them from happening in the first place.

One of the most proactive things that has the largest impact. Is brushing their dogs teeth on a regular basis. While the gold standard is for pet owners to brush their dogs teeth after every meal.

As long as they are brushing their dogs teeth once a day. They can prevent dental disease from happening. So that their pets can have good oral health for a lifetime.

However, many pet owners are very nervous. Especially since there pet may not take to getting their teeth brushed very well. And veterinarians have many suggestions that can help.

They should first introduce toothbrushing during playtime. And get the toothbrush in their dog’s mouth when it is playing. So that it can get used to how it feels.

Slowly, the pet owner can start using it to swipe at their pets teeth. So that it is a slow progression towards brushing the teeth. And the younger the dog is, the more luck they will have with this method.


Finally, adding a pet friendly toothpaste to the routine. Not only can help eliminate tartar buildup. But the delicious tasting toothpaste, tasting of tuna or liver. Can help the pet consider the entire ordeal to be a treat.

As well as a great bonding experience with their favourite human. However, pet owners need to be very careful. And never use human toothpaste on their pet. Because human toothpaste contains xylitol.

And while it is an artificial sweetener used to help make human toothpaste more palatable. It is actually toxic to dogs. And will result in an emergency vet Springdale visit. That could have easily been avoided.

By regularly brushing their dogs teeth. They are doing the best that they can. To prevent dental disease in their best friend. However that is not the only thing that they can do.

Veterinarians also recommend bringing their dog in for a dental checkup on a regular basis. Because even if they are brushing extremely regularly. Some dogs and some breeds. Have a genetic predisposition to having bad teeth.

And having regular dental checkups. Can catch problems while they are small. So that it does not result in a toothache, requiring an emergency vet Springdale visit. That can be very traumatic for the pet.

Therefore, by regular toothbrushing, and regular dental visits. Pet owners can help ensure that their dogs have the best oral hygiene. To help them have the healthiest mouth, and the best overall health as well.

Emergency Vet Springdale | Dental Habits for Dogs

While many pet owners do not even think about their dogs oral health, it is an important way to avoid an emergency vet Springdale visit. Because poor oral hygiene. Can lead to dental diseases and other troubles.

In fact, if pet owners are not taking care of their pets tartar buildup. That tartar will eventually harden into an extremely tough substance also called calculus.

That is impossible to remove without a dental cleaning by a veterinarian. And not only does the calculus cause that breath, and dental decay, that threatens the teeth themselves.

When the calculus gets underneath the gum line, it pushes up the gums. Which is very painful. But it also causes gingivitis, and eventually periodontal disease.

When an animal is suffering with periodontal disease. It is common that their teeth will start to get loose, as the disease pushes on the animals teeth roots.

When this happens, it is extremely common to require an emergency vet Springdale visit in order to extract teeth. And not only is this very traumatic for the animal.

But if the animal is older, or not in very good health to begin with. It can be very risky, to puts the animal under general anaesthetic. Which is required for all dental procedures.

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The easiest way to help slow tartar buildup. Is simply by feeding their dog the right pet food. Which is dry kibble, instead of wet dog food. Because the crunchy food will scrape tartar off their teeth as they eat.

Wet food on the other hand, does not require the animal to chew at all. Therefore, wet food will get stuck under their gum line. As well as coat their teeth in a wet slime, that promotes tartar buildup.

Even if pet owners are brushing their pets teeth. They are not likely going to be able to get all of the food underneath their gum line. Therefore, it will sit there causing tartar buildup, and gingivitis.

As well as periodontal disease and tooth decay. That can put their teeth at risk. Therefore, it owners should always feed their pet dry food at all times. Although it is not a substitute for brushing their teeth.

In addition to feeding their dogs dry food, they can also give their pets a dental chew toy. That will help keep their teeth naturally clean. While using the dogs natural urge to chew.

However, veterinarians advise that any time a dog is chewing on a dental chew toy. That the pet owner supervises them. Because if the pet accidentally swallows the chew, or bites off pieces.

Can either be a choking hazard, or it can lead to an obstructed bowel. Both scenarios would require an emergency vet Springdale visit. That was be necessary if they were watching their pet.

While there are many different things that pet owners can do to care for their pets teeth. Pet owners should proactive in utilizing them. To ensure that their pet is as healthy as they possibly can be.