Emergency Vet Springdale | Good Oral Health in Dogs


Emergency Vet Springdale | Good Oral Health in Dogs

There are many things that pet owners can do to help their dogs be healthy, as well as avoid making an emergency vet Springdale visit. Because good oral hygiene can help the dog stay healthier for longer.

One of the first things that pet owners can do. That will have the largest impact on their dogs oral hygiene. Is learning how to brush their dog’s teeth.

A similar to how important brushing is to people, as a way to eliminate tartar buildup. No other activity that dog owners can engage in. Will eliminate tartar buildup brushing.

In fact, all other great oral hygiene practices combined. Will not completely eliminate the risk of tartar buildup. I will simply slow its progression. Making brushing their dogs teeth incredibly important.

One of the first things that pet owners should do. Is as soon as they bring their new puppy or dog home. A toothbrush into their mouth during playtime. This way, the dog can get used to having the toothbrush in their mouth.

And when they go to brush their dog’s teeth, it is going to be less of a intrusion. And be able to be tolerated much more easily by the dog. However this is not the only thing to keep in mind.

Pet owners should ensure that they are picking up the right pet friendly toothpaste to use on their animals mouth. Because human toothpaste is actually deadly to both dogs and cats.

Toothpaste intended for people contains an artificial sweetener called xylitol. Which is toxic to animals. And using this toothpaste, can result in an emergency vet Springdale visit.


However, pet toothpaste is readily available either from the pet store, or from the veterinarians office. That is completely safe for all animals to use. And has the added bonus of coming in delicious flavours.

Such as chicken, tuna and liver. That will help the pet tolerate tooth brushing even better. And even help them see it as a treat instead of a chore. And an important funding activity with their favourite human.

However, brushing their teeth is not the only thing that pet owners can do. They also need to be bringing their pet in to their veterinarian for regular checkups.

This will ensure that the pet is getting their teeth checked, and problems being thing care of. Before they become massive problems that are harder to fix. And could cause pain to pet owners in the meantime.

Because while all animals are going to need to be put under general anaesthetic for a veterinarian to check their teeth. When they do this when they are already in pain, and most likely older.

They will not be able to tolerate the emergency vet Springdale visit as well. Therefore, by being proactive and brushing their pets teeth, and getting regular dental checkups.

Can help keep their pet healthier for longer. Pet owners should visit their veterinarian as soon as they adopt their new dog or puppy. So that they know exactly what they can do to keep their pet healthy.

Emergency Vet Springdale | Oral Health in Dogs

Many pet owners do not take their dogs oral health or hygiene into consideration, until they are having to go for an emergency vet Springdale appointment. Because their dog is in a lot of pain, or refusing to eat.

And this is completely avoidable with the right oral hygiene routine. And giving the pet the right food, treats and toys to play with throughout their life.

The first thing that pet owners can do to help ensure their pets teeth are healthy. Is by feeding them the right food. Food is something that they are going to have to eat several times a day for their entire life.

So eating foods that is the most dentally beneficial can help ensure they are keeping the best oral hygiene. When pet owners ask their veterinarian what food they should feed their pets.

While dry food and wet food have the same nutritional components. Veterinarians will recommend dry food almost all of the time. Because of how beneficial it is to good oral hygiene.

Since dogs will need to chew their food when it is dry. The action of chewing, and the hard kibble will work together to scrape teeth clean as they eat. To minimize tartar buildup.

This will not place brushing their teeth. But it can help ensure that their teeth are cleaner. When there owner goes to brush their teeth after each meal.

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Wet dog food on the other hand, while nutritionally sound. Is soft enough that dogs do not need to chew into. And therefore, is more likely to get caught underneath their gum line.

Where it can cause a lot of dental problems. Such as tartar buildup, gingivitis and periodontal disease. In addition to tooth decay, and all of these problems can result in an emergency vet Springdale visit to take care of.

However, aside from feeding their pet the right food. There are many things that they can do. To ensure their pets overall oral hygiene is positive. And getting them a dental chew is a one of them.

Since most dogs like to chew on things. Giving them a chew toy that is designed to help clean their teeth. Can help eliminate any tartar buildup that was missed by brushing.

However, veterinarians caution all dog owners to supervise their dog as they chew any dental device. To ensure chewing is done properly, and to ensure that they are not trying to swallow it, or bite off small pieces.

If they choke, or swallow the device they could obstruct the bowels. In both scenarios would require an emergency vet Springdale visit that is not necessary. If pet owners were monitoring their pets.

By taking care of their pets teeth and oral hygiene. They can ensure that their pet is healthy for many years. And can avoid any emergency scenarios that not only are traumatic, and are expensive as well.