Emergency Vet Springdale | Great Oral Health Habits for Pets


Emergency Vet Springdale | Great Oral Health Habits for Pets

Although many pet owners do not think about the oral health of their pets, that kind of thinking can require an emergency vet Springdale visit. If there pet has a dental emergency. This is why it is very important to start thinking of pets oral health early on in their pet ownership.

One of the first things that veterinarians will recommend to pet owners. Is that no matter what size pet they have, or if they have a cat or a dog. To feed their pet dry pet food and not wet food.

And while both food will be incredibly nutritious for the pet. The wet food is going to be a lot more damaging to the teeth. Due to the fact that pets will not have to chew wet food.

Which will result in food getting caught underneath the gum line. Where will be able to cause tartar buildup. That can lead to calculus, gingivitis and periodontal disease. As well as tooth decay.

And all of these problems may need to an emergency vet Springdale visit. To deal with a dental emergency. Particularly if a pet is starting to have pain from poor teeth.

Therefore, veterinarians recommend feeding their cats and their dogs dry pet food. For several reasons. First of all, the crunchy nature of the food will scrape against the teeth, helping prevent tartar buildup.

But also, dry food will require a pet to actually chew the food. And the chewing modality will help keep their teeth clean, especially below the gum line.


However, the gold standard for clean pets teeth. Is to have pet owners brush their pets teeth ideally after every time they eat. But realistically, at least once a day.

No other thing that a pet owner can do. Will be as effective for helping avoid tartar buildup from happening. And even feeding their pets dry food, using dental wipes. As well as giving them dental choose.

Can be as effective for stopping tartar buildup from happening. It quite like brushing their teeth. And while there are toothbrushes specifically for dogs and cats. A pet owner can literally use any toothbrush they want on their pets mouth.

However, it is extremely important. That they are using pet friendly toothpaste. And not toothpaste for humans. The reason why, is because toothpaste designed for humans contains an artificial sweetener called xylitol.

And not only is a xylitol toxic to cats and dogs. It is deadly very quickly. And if people end up accidentally using human toothpaste on their cats or dogs. They may end up with an emergency vet Springdale visit.

They can get pet friendly toothpaste from their veterinarians office, or a pet supply store. That as a bonus, comes in fun and delicious flavours. Such as tuna or beef to make toothbrushing time a treat.

In order to ensure that pets are healthy as well as happy for their entire lifetime. Veterinarians recommend taking care of their oral health as well as the rest of their health. For a long life with their furry family member.

Emergency Vet Springdale | Great Oral Health Habits for Pets

It is very important that pet owners are caring for their dog and cats teeth, otherwise they may end up requiring an emergency vet Springdale visit. That could further put their dog or cat’s health in jeopardy.

No matter when a pet is going to see a veterinarian for a dental checkup. The veterinarian will need to put the pet under general anaesthetic. Which can put the pet at the health risk, if they are not healthy already.

Therefore, if a person ends up having an reason for a dental emergency vet Springdale visit. There pet may not be in the best health to begin with. And putting them under general anaesthetic to deal with their dental emergency.

May cause them stress, or put strain on their heart. And is not advised. So to avoid requiring a dental emergency vet Springdale visit. Pet owners should take good care of their pets teeth in advance.

One of the most beneficial things that pet owners can do. Is give their dog or a cat a dental chew. To chew on during the day. For monitored chew time.

This way, the pet will be able to help keep their teeth tartar free. So that they can keep periodontal disease away. As well as enjoy chewing on the dental device.

The reason why it needs to be supervised chew time however. Is because pet owners are going to want to ensure that their pet is chewing the devices properly.

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And are not biting off pieces that they could swallow. And risk choking on. Or causing a bowel obstruction, if they cannot pass that part of the toy.

However, this is also why more veterinarians are now recommending and oravet for their pets to chew on. Because not only is this dental chew CET certified. Which means a Board of certified veterinarians.

Agree that it is a beneficial toy for pets to chew on. But also because and oravet is sized correctly. So that if it is accidentally swallowed. It will fit down the pets of esophagus. And not be a choking hazard.

As long as pet owners are choosing the right size oravet, for the right size of animal. But also, because the oravet is soft enough. That it is not going to obstruct the animals bowels if it is accidentally swallowed.

In addition to being safe. Because it is very soft. It is going to do a very good job of cleaning tartar buildup off of the pets teeth. Without damaging the pets gums, or other soft parts of their mouth.

By giving their pet and oravet to chew on once a day. They are continuing to ensure their pets overall oral health is being impacted in a positive way.

By taking good care of their pets teeth. They are ensuring their pets overall health. So that they can have their pet for many years to come, as their furry friend and faithful companion.