Emergency Vet Springdale | Have Fun Brushing Pets Teeth


Emergency Vet Springdale | Have Fun Brushing Pets Teeth

Many people may not consider the importance of brushing their pets teeth, and how it can help keep them away from needing an emergency vet Springdale. However, oral health is important to overall health.

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And there are several things that pet owners can do. That can help keep their pets teeth clean, and healthy for years to come. One of the first things that is recommended. Is that pet owners should feed their cats and dogs.

Dry pet food, unless otherwise specified by their veterinarian. The reason why, is because dry food is crunchy, and requires the pet to chew it. Which will scrape their teeth clean as they eat.

Whether it is stuck on food particles, or tartar buildup. Their teeth will end up getting quite clean in the process. Or at least, cleaner than they would be. If they were eating wet food instead.

While wet food is perfectly nutritionally sound. The reason why veterinarians recommend avoiding this. Unless the animal has specific dietary restrictions or requirements. Is because went food does not need to be chewed.

And typically remains stuck on the pets teeth. For as long as it takes for the food to become cleaned off. Either through eating and crunchy treat, or being brushed off by the pet owner.

And since many pet owners are not brushing their pets teeth. Feeding them wet food, is typically are as be for disaster. Without cleaning their pets teeth, and feeding them wet pet food. What typically will happen.

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Is that the pet will have tartar buildup. As well as an increased chance of developing cavities. And if the tartar buildup is not brushed away, it will eventually harden to a so much, it will be as hard as cement.

At that point, the only way of getting rid of calculus. Will be to take their pet to a veterinarian. In order to have their teeth cleaned. But unfortunately, cleaning their pets teeth requires putting them under general anaesthetic.

Which not only is it stressful, it always present hundreds of risk. That may require intervention by an emergency vet Springdale. Therefore, avoiding the tartar buildup from turning into calculus. Is very important.

If the calculus continues to build up on the pets teeth. It will irritate the pets gums. Causing them to become inflamed, sore. As well as start to bleed, when they eat. And this is now called gingivitis.

If gingivitis is left untreated. Not only will the animal be suffering with a sore mouth. But it will also turn into periodontal disease. Which not only is painful. But it causes cavities to form. As well as loosens the animals teeth.

They often will stop eating. Which will require taking the animal to emergency vet in Springdale. The find out what is wrong. As they are putting the animal under for emergency dental surgery.

A pet owner may wonder what they could have done to prevent this. And by feeding their pet dry pet food. And brushing their teeth regularly. This turn of events could have been prevented. And they could be enjoying their healthy pet.

Emergency Vet Springdale | Have Fun Brushing Your Pets Teeth

Many pet owners do not consider brushing their cat or dog’s teeth, until they need an emergency vet in Springdale. To perform emergency surgery on their pets mouth.

In order to help ensure the pet can tolerate tooth brushing. Veterinarians recommend introducing a toothbrush into their mouth. During playtime, very early on in their life.

This way, they can associate toothbrushing time with something fun. And will be used to having a toothbrush in their mouth. If a pet owner can do this, it will make brushing their teeth a lot easier.

The good news for pet owners, is that they do not even need special equipment to do this. While there are special toothbrushes on the market. For both cats and dogs. Pet owners can also use toothbrushes for people.

Any that they find at the drugstore, can be used to brush cats and dogs teeth. They can make this a special bonding experience. Especially if they purchase pet friendly toothpaste.

This toothpaste comes in flavoured that both cats and dogs will love. Such as tuna, or chicken. To make toothbrushing time fun, as well as like a treat. Whatever people do however, they need to avoid.

Utilizing human toothpaste on both their cats and dogs. Not only is the flavoured something that pets would not like. The artificial flavoured in toothpaste is toxic to both cats and dogs.

Read on.

Xylitol is the ingredient in toothpaste, that needs to be avoided. And if pet owners accidentally brush their pets teeth using human toothpaste. They should take their pets immediately to an emergency vet in Springdale.

To counter affect this toxic ingredient on them. However, many pet owners will have tried numerous times. And not be successful, and getting their pet to accept a toothbrush in their mouth.

They do not need to worry, because there are things that they can do. To help clean the tartar buildup off their pets teeth. And brush away the food particles, for oral health in both their cats and dogs.

There are dental chewing devices on the market. Both edible, and inedible. That are designed to scrape tartar buildup off their cat and dogs teeth as they chew. The benefit of the edible treats.

Is that they typically are not going to be a choking hazard. As they are designed to be eaten. And they are not going to obstruct the bowels, if accidentally swallowed. This can also be like a treat for the animal.

Which can make toothbrushing time a fun time as well. If pet owners by a dental chewing device that is inedible. Veterinarians simply request that pet owners supervise their pet during this time.

To ensure they are not chewing the devices to hard. So that they might cause damage to their teeth or gums. But also, so that they do not accidentally swallowed the device.
Because that will require a trip to an emergency vet Springdale to intervene, and keep them from choking. Or developing unobstructed bowel in the process.