Emergency Vet Springdale | Healthy Pets Have Healthy Teeth


Emergency Vet Springdale | Healthy Pets Have Healthy Teeth

When pet owners bring their cat or dog for the first time, they often want to ensure that they are avoiding having to make an emergency vet Springdale visit. However, they may not take into consideration. How ensuring there oral health can help with that goal.

The reason why, is because when pet owners do not take care of their pets teeth. They can develop tartar buildup, that will turn into calculus that can cause gingivitis as well as periodontal disease.

And that can even lead to tooth decay. The pain from all of these dental problems. Can cause a pet to stop eating, or stop chewing and playing. And negatively impact their overall health.

And when they stop eating because of pain, that will require an emergency vet Springdale visit. Where they will have to get put under general anaesthetic, to look at what is going on with their oral health.

And whether they will need to get tooth cleaning, or even to have some teeth removed. It will be much easier on the pets, as well as the older. To be proactive in taking care of their teeth.

So they do not have to bring their pets in for an emergency. Because they will be ensuring their pet has healthy teeth throughout their lifetime. Including having regular dental checkups as well.

The first thing that veterinarians say that pet owners should do. To ensure healthy melts for their cats and dogs. Is feeding them the right kind of pet food.

And while the pet food that they can buy from their veterinarian, or the pet supply store is all very nutritious. They recommend pet owners are feeding them dry pet food instead of wet.


The reason why, is because dry food is crunchy, and as the pet choose the dry food. It will scrape any tartar buildup off the teeth. As well as scrape any food buildup off. To keep their teeth healthy.

Unlike when food, which pets do not need to chew at all. And can get wet food stuck underneath their gum line. Where not only it will cause tartar buildup. But can also cause tooth decay at the same time.

It even if pet owners are brushing their pets teeth regularly. Is going to be much more difficult. To rush away the wet food that is underneath their gum line.

Which means when pets are eating wet food on a regular basis. They simply are more susceptible to a variety of dental diseases. And these dental diseases can cause an emergency vet Springdale visit at some time in pets future.

However, this can all be avoided with the right food, and regular veterinarian visits. Where their pets will have dental checkups. To ensure that if there are problems developing. They can get taking care of sooner.

As well as a regular dental checkups. Can include cleaning the pets teeth. So that if they do start developing tartar buildup. That can be eliminated. And eliminate a lot of health concerns with it.

Emergency Vet Springdale | Healthy Pets Have Healthy Teeth

when pet owners bring their cat or dog home for the first time, they can start doing things to help avoid an emergency vet Springdale visit. Such as learning how to brush their pets teeth properly.

Any people do not consider enough, their cat or dog’s oral hygiene. And often take them to the event, complaining that their pet has bad breath. Not realizing that it means they have that teeth as well.

And just like in humans, the when way that they can avoid dental problems. Is regular brushing of their teeth. And while pet owners can do many things to help keep their pets teeth as healthy as possible.

Only brushing can eliminate that tartar buildup. That causes a variety of dental problems such as gingivitis, periodontal disease and tooth decay. That will require an emergency vet Springdale visit to take care of.

The sooner they get their pet used to having their teeth brushed. The sooner they are going to be able to help ensure that their pets have healthy teeth. Which will help them be healthy overall.

And while it does not make a big difference. What kind of toothbrush pet owners are using. Whether they get a toothbrush designed for their pets mouth.

Or pick up a human toothbrush, as long as the pet will tolerate having it in its mouth. It can be used to help keep their pets teeth clean, and tartar free.

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However, the kind of toothpaste they use is incredibly important. They should avoid using human toothpaste on their pets teeth completely. Because it contains a toxic ingredients.

Human toothpaste contains an artificial sweetener called xylitol, which is a deadly ingredient to both cats and dogs. Therefore, pet owners should avoid making this mistake.

So they can avoid having to make an emergency vet Springdale visit, with their cat or dog. They can buy a pet friendly toothpaste from a veterinarian. That will also come in fun flavours.

That will help their pet look forward to getting their teeth brushed. Because it will seem like a treat, with fun toothpaste flavours such as beef, tuna and chicken for example.

And while brushing teeth is the gold standard for healthy melts in pets. Veterinarians also recommend pet owners use a dental chew that can help eliminate tartar buildup as well.

However, pet owners should be supervising their dog or cat as they chew any dental device. Because if they are not chewing it properly. They could either bite off pieces and swallow them.

Which could represent choking hazard. Or if they swallow the device entirely. It could obstruct their bowels. Requiring an emergency vet Springdale visit.

Therefore, pet owners should monitor their pet as they chew on dental devices. As well as brush their pets teeth. And to enjoy their pets clean mouth, and overall health for many years to come.