Emergency Vet Springdale | Helping Animals With Heartworm


Emergency Vet Springdale | Helping Animals With Heartworm

Heartworm can be very devastating says emergency vet in Springdale. While it is extremely easy to prevent. As well as possible to treat. This parasite can also be fatal, taking the lives of pets to early.

Emergency Vet Springdale

Heartworm is, is a parasite, that is spread through infected mosquitoes. A mosquito can either be born, infected with microfilaria. Which is the larva of a heartworm. Or, a mosquito that is uninfected.

Can bite an animal, who has heartworm’s. And then, transfer the microfilaria. Into an uninfected animal. While both cats and dogs can succumb to heartworm’s, this is typically found in dogs.

And it has nothing to do with how fluffy a cats for is. Or that most cats spend their lives. Inside, and do not like walking on leashes. And has everything to do with the size of their hearts.

While cats and dogs are both similar in size says emergency vet in Springdale. Cats hearts are considerably smaller. And like the heartworm name suggests. Animals become infected.

With the adult microfilaria, which have grown into a several inch long worm. That then, lodges into the ventricles of the animals a heart. Cats, with their much smaller heart. Often are unable to house heartworm’s.

However, they can still have the microfilaria in their bloodstream. Where there is always a slight risk. Of developing problems. If heartworm’s do find their way. Into the cats heart.

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And if a mosquito bites the cats. And then bites another animal in the home. They can pass on heartworm that way. This is why veterinarians try to educate. As many pet owners as possible.

About what heartworm is, and how easily it is prevented. In order to prevent any animals from getting heartworm. Pet owners can give their pet a medicine. There is a topical application, applied to the animals for.

Which is perfect for animals who refused to take medicine orally. Especially cats, who are very known. For being picky eaters. As well, veterinarians can also sell a chewable tablets.

That most animals consider a treat. They come in flavoured such as pork or beef. And giving the medication, either orally or topically. Once a month is all that is needed. In order to provide 100% protection.

Many people often say that they do not have the funds. To be able to give a once a month medication. However, emergency vet in Springdale says they should not worry.

Entire years supply of heartworm medication. For one individual animal. Will cost about twenty dollars. Therefore, no pet owner. Should be without this important treatment. And risk their animal developing a fatal disease.

While many people have no problem. Giving their animal a chewable medicine. They need to be aware, that it can cause some gastrointestinal upset. Such as vomiting or diarrhea.

If there pet starts developing these symptoms. They should not panic, they do not even need to give them any treatment. But they can talk to their pets veterinarian. About giving them the topical medication from now on.

Emergency Vet Springdale | Helping Pets With Heartworm

Heartworm is on the rise across the United States according to emergency vet in Springdale. With 21% more dogs being diagnosed this year. Then were diagnosed with this preventable illness last year.

However, while many pet owners. Are very good about administering medication. Some pet owners, they have adopted an animal. That already has heartworm. Or once they have found out. About the heartworm preventative medicine.

There animal has already tested positive. For these animals, there is treatment that they can utilize. This treatment is lengthy, and costs a lot more than the preventative medication. But it can bring peace of mind to the pet owners.

Who have their animal test positive for this parasite. The medication must be administered by a veterinarian. Or by a veterinarian technician. And it is injected, intramuscularly. It is designed to kill off the adult heartworm’s.

However, multiple doses are required. To not make the animals sick. But also, because the heartworm. Needs to grow into its adult size. Before the medicine affects it. Because the parasite will be reproducing in the animals bloodstream.

They must wait about a month. In between injections. To ensure that the microfilaria grow into adults. This is a lengthy process. However, as it can successfully kill all of the parasites.

Many pet owners, are willing subject their animal to this. Even though, the treatment can make their animal sick while they are going through it. Once they have been successful. In killing all of the heartworm’s.

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The emergency vet in Springdale will educate the pet owner. About the preventative medicine. And can give them several months supply. If a pet owner has one pet that has tested positive.

They should start treating the other animals. The preventative medicine as well. While this parasite is not immediately contagious. From one animal to the next. A mosquito who bites an infected animal.

Can bite an uninfected animal, and give them the microfilaria larva. Which is why, pet owners with multiple animals. Should be treating all of them similarly. The worst thing, would be to successfully treat one animal.

Killing off the heartworm. And then finding out, that there other animal. Tested positive in the meantime. While many pet owners. Do not want to think about the worst happening to their animal.

Emergency vet in Springdale says. The symptoms of heartworm disease is not significant. Such as the animal coughing, or appearing tired. This may not cause the pet owner to worry.

Which is why, it is usually not diagnosed. Until the animal has a very severe case of it. But as well, some animals can die quickly. If they have an advanced, and undetected case.

To protect animals, pet owners should visit emergency vet in Springdale. They can ask for a four D ask test. That will test for the heartworm antibodies. If they do not have heartworm. They can start taking the medication that can prevented.