Emergency Vet Springdale | How To Maintain Pets Oral Health

Emergency Vet Springdale | How To Maintain Pets Oral Health

Many pet owners do not even consider their pets oral health, until they need an emergency vet in Springdale. Either because they know their pets teeth and gums are sore. Or, they are displaying other symptoms, that they do not realize. Are caused by sore teeth and gums.

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Such as when a pet stops eating their food. Pet owners might think that they have a stomach problem, or they are very sick. When they just have an advanced case of gingivitis. Or periodontal disease.

What happens if a vent owner does not take care of their pets oral health. Is they will develop tartar buildup. That will harden over time into a very hard substance called calculus. Calculus is as hard as cement.

And the only way that a pets can get rid of their calculus once it forms. Is to get a dental cleaning done by a veterinarian. Unfortunately, any time a pet needs their teeth cleaned.

They do need to be put under general anaesthetic. And while this is not in and of itself risky. A dog or cat should not be put under general anaesthetic unless it is absolutely necessary.

Therefore, by keeping good oral health and hygiene. Pet owners can minimize the number of times. That they need to get their pets teeth professionally cleaned. However, if they do not get their pets teeth cleaned.

And calculus is allowed to continue to form in their pets mouth. One of the first things that pet owners will notice. Is that their cat and dogs breath starts to get very terrible.

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The terrible breath is caused by the stinky bacteria in the calculus. And in a very short amount of time. The calculus will start to irritate the gums. The gum line will start to recede, as it is your it stated by the bacteria.

And of the gums will become swollen, sore. And start to bleed. Before too long, gingivitis will have fully sent into the pets mouth. Which causes their gums a lot of pain. If pet owners do not get their pets teeth cleaned this point.

It further develops into what is called periodontal disease. Not only is it again, very painful. But periodontal disease actually causes their teeth to become loosened. Along with ligaments in their mouth.

At this point as well, pets will likely also have several cavities, and will need many teeth pulled. Periodontal disease is very painful. Which is why many pets will stop eating their food.

Requiring a pet owner to take there animal to an emergency vet Springdale to find out why. When they find out that all of the issues with the animal. Is caused by poor oral hygiene.

Pet owners are often left wondering what they could have done differently. There are several things that pet owners can do. To keep their pets teeth and gums healthy and happy.

And can help them avoiding needing an emergency vet in Springdale. Pet owners should call river valley veterinarian hospital. In order to find out what they can do, to maintain their pets oral health.

Emergency Vet Springdale | How To Maintain Cat’s Oral Health

When pet owners adopt their new dog or cat, they may not realize that a poor oral hygiene routine can cause them to need an emergency vet in Springdale. However, all too often, pet owners realize.

That after they have taken their pet to an emergency vet in Springdale. That they could have done more, to prevent dental problems. That cause many health issues in their pet.

One of the simplest things that pet owners can do. That will help keep their teeth and gums healthy and happy. Is simply by feeding their pet dry kibble instead of wet food. This is a very easy thing to do.

And while dry food and went food are both nutritionally complete. The reason why it is recommended. That pet owners give their pets dry kibble. Is because it will help keep their teeth clean.

The chewing action, combined with the crunchy food. Actually scrapes their teeth clean as they eat it. Cleaning off tartar buildup, and even food particles. Keeping their teeth clean as they eat.

Wet pet food on the other hand. Does not need to be chewed at all. And while this is great for an animal who has lost their teeth. For animals with teeth. What happens, is they do not need to chew the food.

Therefore, as they grab both foals of the went food. And swallow it. Their teeth get covered in film of wet food. That does not actually get cleaned off their teeth. Especially if a pet owner is not brushing their pets teeth after their meal.

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Therefore, simply by feeding their dog or cat dry kibble. Pet owners are already doing a lot. To ensure their overall oral hygiene. However, the gold standard for keeping pets teeth clean.

Is in fact brushing their teeth. Which is why veterinarians also recommend. That pet owners introduce a toothbrush. Into their pets mouth during playtime. As soon as they can after bringing them home for the first time.

This way, the pet will become acclimatized to having a toothbrush in their mouth. And will accept it more readily during toothbrushing time. And while pet owners do not need a special toothbrush for this.

They do need a special toothpaste. Simply because human toothpaste is toxic to both dogs and cats. Human toothpaste contains an artificial sweetener called xylitol. And it is deadly, even in small amounts.

If a pet owner has accidentally used human toothpaste on their pets. They should contact an emergency vet in Springdale right away. Pet toothpaste on the other hand not only is completely safe.

But comes in fun flavoured, that the pet will love. Such as tuna, chicken or beef. So that teeth brushing time can be looked forward to. And a fun bonding experience.

When pet owners want to avoid an unnecessary trip to an emergency vet in Springdale. And ensure that their pets oral health is maintained. Brushing their teeth, is the easiest way to do that.