Emergency Vet Springdale | How To Prevent Heartworms


Emergency Vet Springdale | How To Prevent Heartworms

There are many things for pet owners to keep in mind, to help avoid going to an emergency vet in Springdale. And one of those things is preventing heartworm disease in their pets.

Emergency Vet Springdale

In fact, heartworm disease is on the rise. Across all of America, despite the fact. That it is completely preventable. 21% more dogs this year. Were diagnosed than last year. And shows no sign of slowing down.

However, many pet owners. Do not know what heartworm disease is. Or how to prevent it. Partially, because they are not seeing their regular veterinarian. On a regular basis.

Instead, avoiding the veterinarian at all. Thinking that they will be able to fix any problems. By visiting an emergency vet in Springdale. If their pet gets sick. The biggest problem with that.

Is that pet owners are going to be unable. To prevent illnesses or diseases. That will have them going to the emergency room. Spending more money than they would have.

If they simply prevented these illnesses and diseases. In the first place. Heartworm disease is especially frustrating. Because while there is a treatment available. The treatment is long, affects the animal significantly.

And is quite expensive as well. Animals will get heartworm, only from the bite of an infected mosquito. Any mosquito that has either bitten an infected animal. And then bitten an uninfected animal.

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Will be able to transfer the heartworm larva. Known as microfilaria from the infected animal. To the uninfected animal. Or, a mosquito can actually be born infected with microfilaria.

Infecting every single animal that they bite. This happens when a female mosquito. Lays eggs from the blood, of an infected animal. Since mosquitoes can lay thousands of eggs at a time.

This means that there can be thousands or even more mosquitoes. That can be infecting animals with microfilaria larva. And while this is not a contagious disease. People that have one pet that goes outside.

And another pet that stays inside. May think that there inside pet is protected. But this is also not the case. One animal could be bitten by a mosquito. And when they come back inside. If a mosquito gets inside the house.

They could bite the infected animal. And then bite the uninfected animal. And transfer it that way. Which is why veterinarians all recommend. All pets taking the medication that can prevent heartworm.

This can help people avoid going to an emergency vet in Springdale. Thinking that their pet has something mildly wrong. Because they are lethargic, or coughing.

Only to find out that their pet has a fatal illness. That needs extensive treatment. The treatment that can prevent this is called Heartgard, or interceptor. Which are chewable tablets. That taste like pork or beef.

Most pets think that they are taking a treat. And if pets will refuse to eat this treat. They can also use a topical medication. Which is perfect for cats, who are notorious for not eating pills.

Emergency Vet Springdale | Teaching Pet Owners How To Prevent Heartworms

There is no reason why any pet should be rushed to an emergency vet in Springdale. Because they have heartworm disease. When it is one of the most preventable illnesses. That is very inexpensive to protect against.

Often, pet owners are not taking their animal. To a regular veterinarian on a regular basis. And because of that, are unable. To protect their animal. From preventable illnesses.

For example, regular trips to the veterinarian. Can give the animal vaccinations. That can prevent things like distemper or rabies. And in fact, rabies is a vaccination. That is required by law.

But also, pet owners will be able to find out. About things like flea and tick medication. That can be given to the animal. So that if they are bitten by a tick. Or they get fleas, they will not succumb to the illnesses.

Such as ehrlichiosis and anaplasmosis. Which are common tick related diseases. As well, they will be able to find out about heartworm disease. And the medication that can prevent it.

If any pet owners. Think that instead of paying for these inexpensive. Once a month medication. They are going to take their chances. And bring their animal in the emergency vet in Springdale.

If they ever get sick, and treat the illness. They be surprised to find out. That heartworm disease has very mild symptoms. Even if their pet has been sick with it for years.

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And in some animals, especially cats. That have smaller hearts. Which means it will take fewer heartworm’s to impact their health. Who can suddenly die without any warning.

The symptoms people should be looking for. Include the animal acting lethargically. As well as coughing. And while these are the symptoms, they are sometimes not present at all. Even if they are present.

Many pet owners do not realize how serious these symptoms are. And do not take their pets to an emergency vet in Springdale on time. This is why it is very crucial for pet owners to take the preventative medicine.

How animals will get heartworm disease. Is through the bite of an infected mosquito. Who are either born already infected. With microfilaria larva. Or, if they bite an animal who is infected.

The mosquito can then transfer microfilaria larva. Into other animals. Who will then go on to develop heartworm disease. The microfilaria larva will start to grow. While in the animals bloodstream.

When they become large enough. They will lodge themselves in the animals heart. And while it takes more than one heartworm. To impact the heart’s ability to function. The symptoms do not show up.

Until the animal has been infected for years. And when they are finally diagnosed. It will take a long time. To administer the medicine. That will kill all of these very strong heartworm’s.

Who will be continuing to reproduce in the animals heart. When looking for great veterinarian. Pet owners should contact river valley veterinary hospital. To help keep their animal healthy for a lifetime.