Emergency Vet Springdale | How To Stop Dental Problems

Emergency Vet Springdale | How To Stop Dental Problems

When it comes to oral hygiene, prevention is the best treatment that can help avoid an emergency vet in Springdale visit. However, pet owners do not know what to do, to keep their pets oral hygiene as healthy as possible.

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One of the first things that they can do. Starting from the day that they have adopted their new puppy or kitten. And bring them home, is to feed them dry pet food. While pet both wet and dry pet food.

Are both nutritionally complete, and will not cause any health problems for the animal. The reason why veterinarians recommend feeding animals the dry food. Is because it is good for their teeth.

The crunchy food requires chewing. And this chewing modality, combined with the crunchy food. Will scrape their teeth clean. Getting bits of food off. As well as cleaning some tartar buildup in the process.

The more dry food the animal eats. The less work the pet owner is going to need brushing their teeth. However, the gold standard for oral hygiene with cats and dogs. Is in fact brushing their teeth daily.

They can do this, by introducing their pet a toothbrush, as early as possible. Ideally, during the play. So that the animal is used to having a toothbrush in their mouth. They do not need to buy any special toothbrush.

A toothbrush from the pet supply store or their veterinarian. Or a toothbrush designed for humans, from the drugstore. Will all be completely fine. When it comes to brushing the tartar buildup.

And food particles from the animals teeth. Pet owners do need to be careful however. Of using a pet friendly toothpaste. Because if they use toothpaste designed for people.

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They will need to make an emergency vet Springdale trip. Simply because toothpaste designed for people. Contains an artificial sweetener called xylitol. Which is actually toxic to both cats and dogs.

Even small amounts of this sweetener can be deadly. Which is why pet owners need to find a pet friendly toothpaste, from their veterinarian or pet supply store. The bonus about using pet friendly toothpaste.

Is that it also comes in delicious, pet friendly flavoured. Such as tuna, chicken and beef. That the pet will view as a treat, instead of a chore getting their teeth brushed.

However, no matter how well a pet owner is taking care of their pets teeth. It is no substitute to going to their veterinarians office for a dental exam. Getting their veterinarian to check their pets teeth often.

Can help them avoid developing a dental problem. Such as periodontal disease, that will require emergency vet Springdale services to correct. These problems will require the animal being put under general anaesthetic.

Which can be very stressful to the animal. Therefore, by taking good care of their pets teeth. And getting regular dental checkups. Pet owners can ensure their pet is healthy throughout their entire body. To enjoy their animal for their entire life.

Emergency Vet Springdale | How To Stop Dental Problems Before They Start

Pet owners often want to give their pet the best of everything, never knowing exactly how to avoid needing an emergency vet in Springdale. They want to feed their animal the best food, give them the best betting.

However, they do not know how to give them the best oral care. While the gold standard for dental care in both cats and dogs. Is to have the owner brush their teeth. With the brush, and with pet friendly toothpaste.

However, if pet owners do not introduce a toothbrush into their pets mouth. While they are young. They may never be accustomed to it. And it might end up being a fight for the pet owner trying to brush their teeth.

The harder it is to brush their pets teeth. The less likely pet owners going to do it consistently. Therefore, if it is a struggle. Pet owners can be relieved to find out. That there is an alternative way.

To helping their pet have the best oral care possible. What they can do instead of brushing their pets teeth. Is using dental devices and dental treats. To help the animal clean their teeth using the chewing modality.

The benefit of treats, is that pets will typically love to eat them. And they are designed to be swallowed. So that there is never usually a choking hazard, or a risk of obstructing their bowels.

Some pet owners purchase something like a pig’s ear, or a deer antler. While the pet loves to chew on these devices. They are actually extremely hard. And while they will scrape the pets teeth.

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They could chew so hard that they damage their teeth or gums with these treats. As well, if they are accidentally swallowed they present choking hazard. Or could cause a problem in their bowels.

Which would require an emergency vet Springdale visit. The best thing to give a pet to clean their teeth. As a dental chewing device called an oravet. Which is CET approved. Which means it has been approved by board of veterinarians.

To be safe, and beneficial for animals. It is made of extremely soft silicone. And no matter how hard the animal is chewing on Edmonton, it will never damage their teeth. Or damaged their gums in the process.

The oravet is also sold by the weight. To ensure that no matter how big or small the animal is. They never are using a device that will block their esophagus if it is accidentally swallowed.

And because it is extremely soft. It does not risk obstructing the bowels if it is swallowed. Therefore, by using an oravet. People can avoid having to make an emergency vet in Springdale visit.

However, there is never any substitute for a good dental examination. Therefore, pet owners should bring their cat and dog to river valley veterinarian clinic on a regular basis.

To have a veterinarian ensure that their teeth and mouth are as healthy as possible. And that they are correcting problems early on. Before they become problematic for the animal.