Emergency Vet Springdale | Incredible Facts About Oral Hygiene


Emergency Vet Springdale | Incredible Facts About Oral Hygiene

When pet owners adopt their puppy or kitten, they do not consider needing an emergency vet Springdale. And they also do not consider keeping their pets teeth healthy either.

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In fact, it is only after a pet owner has discovered. That their dog or cat needs dental surgery. That they wonder what they could have done differently. To keep their pets teeth and gums healthy for longer.

There are many things that pet owners can do. That can keep their teeth as healthy as possible. And avoid needing to make a trip to an emergency vet Springdale. Due to a sore mouth.

One of the first things that veterinarians recommend pet owners do. For both their dog and cats. Is to feed them dry pet food. Unless their pet has a specific dietary requirement, or restriction.

The reason why, is because dry pet food itself. Helps keep pets mouth as clean as possible. Because the chewing action. Combined with the crunchiness of the kibble. Scrapes food particles, and tartar buildup away.

As the animal eats their meals every single day. Wet pet food on the other hand. While still nutritionally complete for the animal. Does not need to be chewed. Therefore, as the animal takes a mouthful of wet food.

And swallow it, it coats their teeth with food. And there is nothing that will clean that buildup of wet food off their teeth. Especially if the pet owner is not brushing their teeth.

Or giving them dental chewing devices after dinner time. This is why it is always in the pets best interest to eat crunchy kibble, as early as possible. And for as long as they can for oral health.

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However, this is just one thing that pet owners can do. The best thing that can keep animals mouths as clean and possible. Is brushing their teeth, just like people need to every single day.

While there are pet friendly toothbrushes on the market. For both cats and dogs. Veterinarians say that this is not necessary. That pet owners can simply by any toothbrush from the drugstore.

And it will work just fine, cleaning tartar buildup and food particles off their pets teeth. The one thing they do need to keep in mind about brushing their teeth however. Is to use pet friendly toothpaste.

Human toothpaste contains an ingredient called xylitol, which is an artificial sweetener. And this sweetener is toxic to both cats and dogs, even in very small quantities.

Therefore, if pet owners accent will give their pet human toothpaste. Even just once, they will need to sick their pet to an emergency vet Springdale. As quickly as possible to combat the effects of this toxic ingredient.

The good news is, there is pet friendly toothpaste on the market. Designed and flavoured for cats and dogs. To make toothbrushing time a fun time. And the like a treat for their pets. It can be a fun bonding experience. That helps keep the pet, and their teeth healthy.

Emergency Vet Springdale | Incredible Facts About Oral Hygiene For Pets

People adopt pet for the first time, not only is it important to find an emergency vet Springdale. That they can take their pet to, in case of emergency. But also, to know what they need to do. To keep their pets mouth healthy for as long as possible.

The reason why is so important for pet owners to keep their pets mouth healthy. Is because taking their cat or dog to the veterinarians office. In order for a cleaning of the pets teeth.

Requires the veterinarian to put their animal under general anaesthetic. Which is stressful, and always a risk. That is not necessary to take. If the pet owner is diligent in keeping their pets mouth healthy.

Therefore, learning how they can keep their pets teeth healthy and clean. Can not only help keep them healthy longer. But help them avoid needing an emergency vet Springdale.

One of the most important things that pet owners can do. Is learn how to brush their pets teeth. While many pet owners are very successful. In getting their pet to accept a toothbrush into their mouth. This is not always possible.

For all pet owners, to be able to brush their pets teeth successfully. And often give up, exasperated. Not willing to fight there animal any longer. While brushing their teeth is the best practice.

Upsetting the animal and the owner. Is often not worth it. When there are other options. Of what they can do. To keep their pets mouth healthy and clean. Pet owners can utilize a dental chewing device.

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And there are many different kinds edible treats. And in edible devices. Available on the market. That are designed to help scrape pets teeth clean. As they chew on it. There are two types, edible and inedible.

The treats are very beneficial, because they are viewed by the animal as a special treat. And they are willing to take them very easily. After every meal. This is why many people use edible dental chewing treats.

The inedible chewing devices. Needs to be supervised while a pet choose on them for several reasons. One, if the pet is to enthusiastic with their chewing. They could damage their teeth, or injure their gums in the process.

Especially if the pet owner gives them a device like a pig’s ear, or deer antler. Which is very hard and can cause problems. However, utilizing a softer dental chew is often very beneficial.

Another reason why a pet owner needs to supervise their animal. Is that they could accidentally swallowed what. Where would become a choking hazard. Or if they managed to swallow it completely.

It might end up obstructing their bowels. Both scenarios, would require taking their pet to an emergency vet Springdale to fix. Therefore, the matter what dental chewing device they give to their animal.

It is important that they do this daily. To help clean their pets teeth. But also to supervise their pet as they chew on it. To ensure that they do not injure themselves in the process.