Emergency Vet Springdale | Is Brushing Your Pets Teeth Necessary


Emergency Vet Springdale | Is Brushing Your Pets Teeth Necessary?

Many pet owners do not consider how important it is to brush their pets teeth, until their pet needs an emergency vet Springdale. Due to a dental emergency, or because they have advanced. O’Donnell disease.

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The best treatment for dental problems is prevention. And pet owners can start, right from the day they bring their new animal home. By feeding them dry pet food. The reason why dry pet food is so highly recommended.

Is because pets will need to chew the crunchy food. And the chewing modality, combined with the hard food. Will scrape their teeth clean as they eat. Breaking down food that is stuck in their teeth. As well as any tartar buildup that has developed.

While wet pet food, and dry pet food. Are both nutritionally complete. Pet owners should avoid feeding their pets wet food, unless their pet has a special dietary requirements. Because it can help keep their teeth cleaner.

For example, pets do not need to chew wet pet food. Which means their teeth will remain covered with remnants of this wet food. Which will create not only tartar buildup. But promote cavities, ending up in periodontal disease sooner.

However, the gold standard for keeping pets teeth as clean as possible. And avoiding needing to see an emergency vet in Springdale. Due to a dental emergency. Is the same as humans, which is brushing their teeth.

By introducing the toothbrush during play. Pets can get used to having this toothbrush in their mouth. And will tolerate having their teeth brushed better. Pet owners do not even need to buy a special toothbrush for this purpose.

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They can head to their drugstore, and by the most inexpensive toothbrush they can. And it will get the same job done in brushing their pets teeth. As a specialized pet toothbrush well.

However, the one thing that they do need to buy. Is specific pet toothpaste. Because human toothpaste contains an artificial sweetener called xylitol. Which is toxic to both cats and dogs.

Therefore, if pet owners accidentally use pet toothpaste even once on their animals teeth. They will need to find an emergency vet in Springdale immediately. The benefit of using pet friendly toothpaste.

Is that it also comes in fun flavoured. That the pet is going to enjoy, such as tuna, chicken and beef. That the pet will look at as a treat, instead of as a chore. And will help pet owners have an easier time brushing their animals teeth.

They can buy this toothpaste at their veterinarians office, or at their favourite pet food store. By feeding their pet the appropriate food. And brushing their teeth daily. They can avoid a lot of problems that pets can develop.

Including periodontal disease that will cause their teeth to need to be pulled out of their mouth. However, nothing is a substitute for regular dental examinations at the veterinarians office.

And pet owners can arrange that, by simply calling river valley veterinarian hospital. And arranging a dental examination to be conducted at the same time as their pets veterinarian health checkup visit.

Emergency Vet Springdale | Is Brushing Your Pets Teeth Helpful?

Often, pet owners do not realize there pet needs an emergency vet Springdale. Due to dental problems, until their pet is refusing to eat. Or their veterinarian points it out at a future examination.

At this point, it will require emergency dental surgery in order to fix. Requiring the animal get put under general anaesthetic. Which is stressful for the animal. And completely unnecessary.

If pet owners simply know what to do. To keep their teeth as healthy as possible. While the best possible way of keeping their pets teeth clean is to brush them. Some pets absolutely refuse to allow this.

And pet owners may give up trying to brush their pets teeth. Simply because it is a huge fight, and they do not want to put their animal through that stress. When this is the case, pet owners do not need to worry.

There is an alternative solution. That is going to help keep their pets teeth as clean as possible. And avoid needing to make a trip to an emergency vet in Springdale.

They can use dental chewing devices. That can help keep their pets teeth clean. An act as a brush, so that as they chew. There actually cleaning food particles and tartar buildup off their teeth.

There are many different chewing treats, and devices on the market. That pet owners can try out, to see which one their cat or dog prefer. Starting with the chew treats, that are meant to be consumed.

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The benefit of these, is that they are meant to be swallowed. And pets typically love eating them. However, this is not always good on a pet who is on a special diet.

Therefore, pet owners might turn to a chewing device, that is not meant to be consumed. Such as a dried pig’s ear, or a dear antler. Pets not only love chewing these. So it is not going to be hard to get them to chew it to clean their teeth.

The problem with that however. Is that they are extremely hard. Which means a pet might chew too enthusiastically, and damage their teeth, or their gums. Which will require taking the pet to an emergency vet in Springdale.

As well, the pet might also accidentally swallow those devices, which could cause an esophagus blockage and a choking hazard. Or, it can obstruct their bowels. Which will require a visit to an emergency vet Springdale.

Therefore, veterinarians typically recommend giving pets a dental chewing device called an oravet. Which is very soft and made out of silicone. So no matter how hard the animal choose.

They are not going to damage their teeth or gums. They are also soft enough, to not represent a choking hazard. And is soft enough, to go through the animals bowels without causing an obstruction.

When pet owners know what they need to do to keep their pets teeth as clean as possible. Not only can they ensure their pets teeth are healthy. That will influence their overall health, for their entire life.