Emergency Vet Springdale | Is Heartworm Contagious


Emergency Vet Springdale | Is Heartworm Contagious

Heartworm is a terrible disease, and untreated can require a pet needing an emergency vet in Springdale. However, it is preventable with the right medication.

Emergency Vet Springdale

In order for pet owners. To be giving their pet this preventative medication. Not only do they need to see a regular veterinarian. But they also need to know what heartworm is. And get the medication to give their animal.

While most dogs are the ones getting diagnosed with heartworm. Cats can also get it. The reason why there are fewer cats this diagnosis. Is simply because their hearts are often too small.

Two facilitate a heartworm infestation. However, cats owners should also know. That while it is harder. For heartworm’s to infect their cat. It is not impossible, and because their hearts are smaller.

It takes fewer heart worms to impede the hearts function. And it is cats, that typically die suddenly. If they have developed heartworm disease. Therefore, both cat and dog owners.

Should be mindful of regular veterinarian visits. As well as understanding what heartworm is. And getting the protective medicine that can help them. Otherwise, they will be rushing their pet to an emergency vet in Springdale.

There are two different types of medicine. That pet owners can give their cat or dog. The first is a chewable medicine. That comes in delicious flavoured, like beef or pork.

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Most animals think that they are simply eating a treat. And they only need one dose every month. To be completely protected. There are two companies that sell heartworm medication. Heart guard, and interceptor.

However, these chewable tablets. Can also come with some mild side effects. Such as gastrointestinal upset. Giving the pet diarrhea, or cause them to vomit. While these side effects are mild.

Pet owners who want to avoid diarrhea. Or waking up in the middle of the night to a puking dogs. May simply want to give them the topical medication instead. This medicine is best for pets.

That will take a chewable. Particularly cat owners. Since cats are notoriously picky. About the types of foods and treats that they eat. This medicine, is also applied once a month.

And no matter what medicine they choose. They will provide 100% protection. Which is guaranteed by the medicine companies. To prevent heartworm in the animals.

It must be administered every month. In order to have that guarantee. An entire year’s supply of this medicine. Costs about twenty dollars. Which is why it is no excuse. To not give this medicine.

Once pet owners learn about it. Not only can it help their pets. Avoid getting sick. But it will also help pet owners avoid. An emergency vet in Springdale visit. And being worried whether there pet will pull through.

Pet owners who are looking for a veterinarian. Should look no further than river valley veterinarian hospital. Not only are they a regular that. But they can be your animals emergency vet in Springdale as well.

Emergency Vet Springdale | Is Heartworm Contagious To Other Pets

It is very important for pet owners to learn about heartworm and avoid needing an emergency vet in Springdale. Unfortunately, heartworm disease is on the rise. Across the entire United States. With an increase of 21%. Of animals getting diagnosed with this illness.

And just as the name heartworm suggests. It is where a parasite, called a heartworm. Becomes lodged in the pets heart. Reproducing, and causing more heart worms. To become lodged in the heart.

Until the hearts ability to function fails. Pet owners need to understand, that not only is this preventable. But the symptoms of heartworm disease. Are very mild. If they are present in the animal at all.

They can also cause sudden death in both cats and dogs. And of pets can live, symptom free for many years. With heartworm disease. And the longer they have it, the longer the cure will take to heal them.

When pet owners are taking their cat or dog. Every year to their regular veterinarian. For an annual examination, they will test. For a number of illnesses that a pet could have.

The forty X test, is done within the veterinarians office. Giving pet owners the results within the same appointment. And not only will test for heartworm disease. It will also test for ehrlichiosis and anaplasmosis.

Which are two diseases that are caused by tics. If a pet owner finds that there animal is positive. For any of these illnesses, they can avoid going to an emergency vet in Springdale. And simply start treatment.

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At their regular veterinarian’s office. They can also ask their veterinarian for preventative heartworm medication. So that they do not have to worry about this in the future.

And if one animal is on heartworm medication. All of the animals in the house should be as well. As an infected animal. Can cause other animals to also become infected. Although not directly.

Heartworm is spread through the bite of mosquitoes. An uninfected mosquito. Can bite an infected animal. And then every animal they bite after that. They could be passing along the heartworm a larva.

This heartworm larva is called microfilaria. Or, a mosquito can hatch, infected with the microfilaria larva already inside of them. So that every animal they bite. Will become infected with heartworm disease.

This happens, when a female mosquito. Bites an infected animal. And then uses the blood to lay her eggs. All of the eggs that hatch. From tainted blood. Will contain microfilaria larva.

Therefore, animals that ever go outside. Our around other animals. Or that go places. Such as the off leash park. Or doggy daycare and even the groomers. Should be taking preventative medicine.

So that they can avoid the unfortunate circumstance. Of being bitten by an infected mosquito. If an animal starts exhibiting symptoms. Such as coughing and lethargy. Pet owners should immediately take action.

And brush their cat or dog to an emergency vet in Springdale. To get tested. And then ultimately, treatment if needed.