Emergency Vet Springdale | Is Heartworm Disease Serious


Emergency Vet Springdale | Is Heartworm Disease Serious

A common scenario is for pet owners to rush there animal to an emergency vet in Springdale. Because they are coughing, and appearing lethargic. Only to find out, that they have heartworm disease.

Emergency Vet Springdale

This is a reality for thousands of animals across America. Because there owners did not find out. About the preventative medicine in time. Heartworm disease does not need to be so prevail in.

Because the medicine used. To prevent it is very inexpensive. It is readily available. And it is very easily administered. When pet owners bring their animal to their regular veterinarian. On an annual basis.

Not only will they get a full examination. They will get blood tests done. That can test for parasites and diseases. Such as anaplasmosis, erlichiosis. And, heart worm disease as well.

They will also get their vaccinations, that can prevent them. From getting more serious diseases. That can also prevent an animal. From being rushed to an emergency vet in Springdale. Due to the fact that they contracted.

And easily avoided disease. If they do see their veterinarian. And it is discovered that they have something serious like heartworm disease. They will be able to start treatment sooner.

Then they would if the animal had not been seeing the veterinarian regularly. While heartworm disease can be treated. Pet owners should not use that treatment. In place of prevention.

First of all, because it is going to negatively impact their animals health. Such as causing them to become lethargic and cough. But also, because the treatment used to get rid of heartworm’s.

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Is extremely expensive, extremely lengthy. And can also cause the animal to become sick. During the entire length of the treatment. The animal must get an intramuscular injection.

Which is designed to administer the medicine. That will kill the heartworm’s. They must inject the animal several times. In order to ensure. That they have given a lethal dose.

As well, to catch the parasite in its several stages of development. While animals typically are able to make a full recovery. Some animals do not ever get the chance to start treatment.

Because of heartworm disease can also cause sudden death in cats and dogs. Therefore, rather than chance it. Pet owners should simply take their pets to their regular veterinarian annually.

And then give their pets heartworm prevention medicine. Such as Heartgard or interceptor. The medicine is in a chewable formulation. And come in delicious slavers. Such as beef or pork.

However, some animals can have some slight gastrointestinal upset. Following this medicine. Therefore, they have also come up with a topical formula. That is applied to the animals head.

So that they do not have to put up with the upset tummy. That they might get from the chewable medicine. Both types of medication. Provides 100% protection, guaranteed.

Therefore, to avoid an emergency vet in Springdale. And keep the health of their animal great. For the entire life of the pet. Pet owners should see their veterinarian regularly. And treat them with preventative maintenance.

Emergency Vet Springdale | Is Heartworm Disease Serious In Animals

Pet owners should be aware of heartworm, and avoid an emergency vet in Springdale visit. Because while heartworm’s are treatable. It is also, a fatal illness as well.

Many pet owners have never heard about heartworm disease. They do not know how there animal might contract it. Or what to do to prevent that from ever happening.

Heartworm, like the name suggests. Is a parasite that in its adults form. Infests the heart of a cat or a dog. How an animal would contract this parasites. Is through the bite of an infected mosquito.

Mosquitoes are either born infected. Or, they bite an animal. That is also infected. And then they bite an animal who is not. And pass the heartworm larva, called microfilaria on to another victim.

How mosquitoes can be born with microfilaria. Is if the female mosquito. Who lays her eggs, bit and animal. That had heartworm disease. She would have laid her eggs, with microfilaria infested blood.

And in turn, all the mosquitoes that hatch from the eggs. Would be infested with the microfilaria larva already inside of them. For every animal they bite, they can transfer these larva into the animal’s bloodstream.

Where they will grow, and become adults. Tangling themselves into the animals heart. Eventually impeding the heart’s ability to function properly. While heartworm disease is not specifically contagious.

If one animal in the household has it. A mosquito can transfer it to another animal easily. Which is why people who suspect their animal. Has heartworm disease. Should get all of their animals tested.

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And then start giving them all heart worm prevention medicine. If they suspect one of their animals. Or all of their animals have heartworm disease already. They can bring their pets to an emergency vet in Springdale.

Where they will test for the parasite. Using a test called a 4DX test, that takes three drops of blood. So even the smallest dog is able to be tested. Without causing any harm to them.

They are looking for the heartworm’s antibodies. And if the heartworm’s antibodies are present in the animal’s blood. That means they have tested positive. For heartworm disease.

They can immediately start a course of treatment. Of an intramuscular shots. But if the animal does not have heartworm disease. The emergency vet in Springdale will start administering. The preventative medication.

While there can be some gastrointestinal side effects. To taking this medicine. Some pet owners do not think it is that bad. To stop taking the medicine. There is also a topical medication as well.

Topical medication is perfect for picky animals. As well as cats, because while most animals. Who are diagnosed with heartworm disease are dogs. cats can contract this disease as well.

By informing pet owners about heartworm disease. How animals get it, and how to prevent it. Can give people the education they need. To keep their animals healthy for years to come.