Emergency Vet Springdale | Is Heartworm Easy To Treat

Emergency Vet Springdale | Is Heartworm Easy To Treat

With heartworm on the rise, emergency vet in Springdale. Once to educate pet owners, on what heartworm is. How to prevent its, and what to do. If they suspect there animal has it.

Emergency Vet Springdale

According to statistics, year after year, 21% more dogs and up being diagnosed. With this past, which can be fatal. Which is why prevention is a far better treatment. And while more dogs are diagnosed.

Cat owners are not off the hook. Cats can get heartworm, but tend to get it less often. The reason why has a lot to do with the size of their heart. Just like the name suggests, heartworm is caused.

By worms, that have infested the animals heart. Over time, the worms a grow. And other worms joined them. And eventually, the function of the heart is impeded. Therefore, this can be fatal.

In cats, their hearts are much smaller. And often, are not able to have heart worms infect them. But especially larger cats. Such as Maine coon cats. Should be on medicine regularly to avoid it anyway.

The medicine to prevent heartworm is much easier. There are two types of medication. One is a chewable tablet. That come in delicious flavoured. That pets love, such as beef or pork.

However, there is also a topical treatment. They can be applied to the pets for. In case there is a picky eater, or an animal. That will not take medicine, even if it is disguised as a tasty treat.

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Either of these medicines needs to be administered, once a month. But when they are given on time. They are hundred percent guaranteed. To protect all animals. Some people wonder about side effects.

And according to emergency vet in Springdale, only the chewable tablet. Has the potential for side effects, that may include. Gastrointestinal upset, such as vomiting or diarrhea. Or, lethargy for the first day afterwards.

If a pet owner is going to take there animal. To the groomers, to a dog park. To a kennel, or doggy daycare for example. They should be taking heartworm medication. So that they do not catch this parasite.

And while it is not contagious from one animal to the other specifically. If there is a mosquito. That bites an infected animal. And then bites and uninfected animal, it will be able to pass heartworm larva, known as microfilaria.

This is why it is incredibly important. For people to know what heartworm is. What the prevention is. And then, get there animal to their veterinarian. To get the heart guard, or interceptor medicine.

So that they never have to come back, because there animal is showing symptoms of this parasite. There may not even be any symptoms. Or the symptoms can seem very mild.

Such as an animal coughing or being lethargic. Because of this, heartworm often goes undiagnosed. Until it is rather severe. Which is why the recommendation is for all animals to be taking the preventative medicine from the first time they are adopted.

Emergency Vet Springdale | Heartworm Is Quite Easy To Treat

While emergency vet in Springdale says. That prevention of heartworm is the best cure. Some people may have unwittingly adopted an animal already infected. Or, they have not been giving the medicine.

That can prevent heartworm. And end up, finding out at their animals annual physical examination. That they now have this parasite. Fortunately, while heartworm can be fatal.

There is a treatment for both cats and dogs. Who have already contracted heartworm disease. The treatment is long, and can be expensive. Due to the large number of injections they must get.

And some animals, can become ill on the medicine. However, emergency vet in Springdale says for the most part. Animals will be able to pull through from the medication just fine.

And will be able to live a long and healthy life, once they are cured of heartworm disease. The medicine is administered once a month, into the animals muscles. And it is designed to kill the adult heartworm.

Because the heartworm will be reproducing, for its entire life inside the animal’s bloodstream. There will be heartworm’s, in many stages of development. From a larva, called microfilaria.

Two adolescents, and then mature heart worms. The medication given to kill them. Only works on the adult heartworm’s. And they often need several doses. Especially if they have grown to a large, and healthy size.

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The pet owner must continue bringing their cat or dog. To emergency vet in Springdale for continuous injections. In order to ensure that they have killed all of the heart worms.

There animal could potentially get sick from this treatment as well. They could be come lethargic, or develop nausea or diarrhea. However, it is much better for the animal to go through this and survive.

Then continue suffering, with their hearts full of worms. People should also keep in mind, that when they start giving their cats or dogs the preventative medicine. Not only is it protecting them.

Against heartworm disease, but it is also protecting them. Against a wide variety of other pests, such as roundworm and hookworm. If pet owners would like to know, if there pet is already infested.

All they have to do is visit emergency vet in Springdale, four A4 D X test. This is a blood test, that can be done while the pet owners wait. Not only does it test for heartworm anti-bodies.

But it also tests for ehrlichiosis and anaplasmosis. Which are other diseases, caused by tics. In fact, emergency vet in Springdale recommends. That people get this test done, once a year.

Other they have been taking the heartworm medication or not. To ensure that they do not have any diseases unknowingly. And if they do, they can treat them. Before the animal gets very sick.

Pet owners who have any questions about heart worms, heartworm medication. Or any other medical concerns. Should make an appointment for river valley veterinary hospital today.