Emergency Vet Springdale | Keep Your Pets Teeth Clean


Emergency Vet Springdale | Keep Your Pets Teeth Clean

Many pet owners do not realize that clean teeth can help them avoid needing an emergency vet and Springdale. Because poor oral hygiene is linked to tartar buildup, calculus. Gingivitis and periodontal disease.

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That not only can threaten the animals teeth and cause pain. But also, can impact their overall health very negatively. For example, if a pet has periodontal disease. Their teeth can become loose.

Which will cause them to start refusing to eat their food. Or swallow their food whole. Causing them tummy problems. Therefore, it is very important. That if pet owners want to ensure their pet is healthy overall.

That they also know what they need to do. To keep their pets oral hygiene as good as possible. Starting from the first day they bring their new pet home. Whether it is a puppy or kitten. Or they have adopted an older pet.

One of the first things that veterinarians recommend. That will help keep their pets teeth as clean as possible. And that is to feed their animal dry food. Unless the animal has a health concern. And requires soft food.

The reason why dry food is so beneficial. Is because pets will need to chew it. And the chewing modality, combined with the crunchy food. Will actually clean their pets teeth as they chew.

Eliminating food buildup. And scraping off tartar buildup, that leads to calculus and gingivitis. While both food is nutritionally complete. Soft food is not something that the pet needs to chew in order to swallow.

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Which means as they grab mouthfuls of food. It coats their teeth, and it does not get cleaned off. Which promotes tartar buildup and cavities. And if a pet owner is not brushing their pets teeth after eating wet food.

They will have periodontal disease very quickly. Which will require an emergency vet in Springdale. In order to clean their teeth, after putting the animal under general anaesthetic. And most likely having to pull several problematic teeth.

Therefore, the simple act of feeding their cat or dog dry pet food. Is the easiest way. That pet owners are ensuring the overall health of their pets mouth. However, the gold standard for oral hygiene in pets.

Is the same as the gold standard for overall oral health in humans. And that is daily brushing of their teeth. The best way to do this, is introduce a toothbrush to the pets mouth. As early on as possible.

Bringing it into playtime. So that the pet associates the toothbrush as something that belongs in their mouth. And something that is fun. Pet owners do not even need to buy a special toothbrush for this purpose.

However, they must avoid human toothpaste. If they use toothpaste designed for people, they will need an emergency vet in Springdale. Since human toothpaste contains an ingredient called xylitol.

Which is an artificial sweetener that is toxic to both cats and dogs. Pet owners can buy pet friendly toothpaste either from their veterinarian, or their pet supply store. That come in fun flavoured’s, that the pet will look forward to.

Emergency Vet Springdale | Keep Your Pets Teeth Clean Easily

Pet owners may not realize the correlation between good oral hygiene, and avoiding an emergency vet in Springdale. However, pet owners often discover to late. That their pet has owed onto disease. And now needs emergency dental surgery to fix it.

Not only is emergency dental surgery very stressful on the animal. It is also completely avoidable. If pet owners follow some simple advice from their veterinarian. From the beginning of adopting their animal.

One of the first things that veterinarians recommend. To ensure good oral health of both cats and dogs. Is the regular use of dental chewing devices. There are many different kinds to choose from.

And by giving their pet one of these devices to chew for a few minutes. After every feeding. The pet can clean their own teeth, using the chewing modality. That can help eliminate tartar buildup. That leads to calculus, gingivitis and periodontal disease.

There are treats that pet owners can give their animals. That are designed to brush their teeth as they eat the treat. And there are also devices that pet owners can buy that are designed to simply be chewed on.

A popular chew toy to buy an animal. Is a dried pig’s ear, or deer antlers. Because pets really love to chew on these devices. However, there is a risk that the animal will chew it too hard, and injure themselves.

Either damaging their teeth, injuring their gums. Or both, or they could accidentally swallow the treat whole. Where would become a choking hazard. Or risk obstructing the bowels.

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Both, requiring a visit to an emergency vet in Springdale. This is why all chewing time needs to be supervised. To ensure that the pet is chewing the device. And actually getting the benefit from it.

But also, so that the pet owner can either intervene before the pet swallows the device. Or, to act fast if they do accidentally swallow something by accident. This is why one of the most recommended chewing devices on the market.

Is called an or of that. It is a soft chew that is CET approved. Which means it has been inspected, and approved by a board of veterinarians. Certifying it is safe and beneficial for animals.

What is the most beneficial thing about this kind of chew. Is that it is extremely soft. Which means no matter how enthusiastically the animal choose it. They are never going to need an emergency vet in Springdale visit.

Because they have damage their teeth or gums. Also, it is small enough that it will fit down the animals esophagus if it is accidentally swallowed. And the soft silicone is soft enough to not obstruct the bowels.

By using an or of that, pet owners can ensure their pet is getting their teeth brushed as best they can. So that they can avoid developing dental problems later on down the road, that will be very difficult to fix.