Emergency Vet Springdale | Oral Health is Important


Emergency Vet Springdale | Oral Health is Important

When people are adopting their cat or dog the first time, learning how to avoid an emergency vet Springdale visit is important. However, while many pet owners are concerned with what their cat or dog can two, and eat.

An important way that pet owners can help ensure that their pet is healthy. Throughout their entire body, is by ensuring they have healthy teeth as well.

If pets do not have healthy teeth, that can impact their eating habits, or chewing habits. And if they require an emergency vet Springdale visit. In order to deal with a tooth emergency.

Such as a tooth that is causing them pain. So that they will not eat, they will need to go under general anaesthetic. And if they are not healthy enough to undergo a procedure. It can put their health at risk.

Therefore, taking care of their oral hygiene. Is important from the very first day that they adopt their new family member. And they can start by learning how to brush their pets teeth.

Just like in humans, when pet owners brush their cat and dogs teeth. They can stop the tartar buildup. That leads to gingivitis and even periodontal disease in the animals.

And no other oral health routine. Will eliminate tartar buildup like brushing will. Even if pet owners use dental wipes, and dental choose on their pets teeth. It is not going to be as effective as brushing.

Veterinarians recommend that pet owners introduce a toothbrush this same day that they adopt their pets. And get them used to having a toothbrush in their mouth during play.


So that when they moved to brush their pets teeth. It is not a foreign, and unwanted object in their mouth. And will be more likely to tolerate the brushing from their owner.

However, while they can use any toothbrush they choose. From humans toothbrush, to a specialized toothbrush that they can buy at the pet supply store. Pet owners do need to be very careful about what toothpaste that they use.

The reason why, is because human toothpaste has an artificial sweetener called xylitol. And xylitol is deadly to cats and dogs. Therefore, by making this mistake and using human toothpaste, may lead to emergency vet Springdale visit.

Instead, pet owners can purchase a pet friendly toothpaste either directly from their veterinarian. Or from a pet supply store, that not only has safe ingredients.

But also has fun flavoured that will help their pet look forward to brushing, such as tuna and chicken flavoured toothpaste. And while it is important to brush their pets teeth on a daily basis.

The absolute best habit to get into, is for pet owners to brush their pets teeth, after every time they eat. Just like dentists recommend for people.

By learning how to properly brush their pets teeth. Can help the pets stay healthy longer. And be able to manage to each their food easier. So that they can have a healthy diet through their entire life. In pet owners can have a healthy furry family member for a longer time.

Emergency Vet Springdale | Oral Hygiene is Important

When pet owners ring home their pet for the first time, they often want to know what food to feed them, not realizing food can help them avoid making an emergency vet Springdale visit.

And while all pet food is healthy, whether it is wet food or dry food. Veterinarians will recommend pet owners feed them dry food. Unless they have specific medical reasons where they cannot eat dry food.

The reason why, is because eating crunchy pet food will help them keep their teeth as clean as possible. Because the modality of chewing, combined with the crunchy pet food.

Will scrape off tartar buildup from the pets teeth as they eat. Keeping their mouth healthier longer. And while best practices are for pet owners to brush their pets teeth.

They will need to work harder to brush their pets teeth if they feed them wet pet food. Simply because pets will not chew their wet food. Which means the food is more likely to get stuck underneath the gum line.

Where it is more likely to cause tartar buildup. And is much more difficult for pet owners to brush the pet food that gets caught underneath the gum line. So even when they are brushing their pets teeth after every meal.

When they feed them wet food, they are going to be more likely to develop not only tartar buildup. But gingivitis, and eventually periodontal disease and tooth decay.

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When pets get periodontal disease or tooth decay. They may refuse to eat to do to the pain. Requiring an emergency vet Springdale visit. In order to deal with their painful mouth.

However, other than feeding them dry food, and brushing their teeth. Pet owners can feel free to give their pets a dental chew. That is designed to help clean their teeth in a natural way.

However, veterinarians also recommend that whenever they give their pet a dental chew. That pet owners are monitoring their pets chewing time. To ensure their chewing it properly.

Because if they are biting pieces off of the dental chew, or are swallowing it. They can end up blocking their esophagus, which would cause them to choke.

Or they could cause a intestinal blockage, which would also require an emergency vet Springdale visit. To have emergency surgery to remove the blockage.

Therefore, they should ensure that they are monitoring their pet while they are chewing anything. And it can also help ensure that their pets are chewing the toy as designed. To help scrape any tartar buildup off their teeth.

With how important their pets are to pet owners. They should be taking good care of their dog and cats teeth throughout their life. So that their oral health. Can help keep them healthy longer. So that pet owners can enjoy their furry friend for a lifetime.