Emergency Vet Springdale | Overcoming Heartworms


Emergency Vet Springdale | Overcoming Heartworms

Heart worms are a terrible illness, requiring a visit to an emergency vet in Springdale. Especially if the animal is displaying symptoms. However, the symptoms are vague and often nonexistent.

Emergency Vet Springdale

As well, the symptoms may not indicate. That the pet is gravely ill. They may start coughing. Were seem lethargic. Because their heart is not pumping blood effectively. But many pet owners have experienced.

This type of behaviour from their animal. Who eventually get over them. Often, the heart worms will cause the pet to succumb to the illness. Before the pet owner. Can take them to an emergency vet in Springdale.

However, if they make it to the veterinarian. Before the animal passes away. They typically find. That the animal has an extremely advanced case of heartworm. And the advanced case of heartworm.

Takes more medicine. And causes the animal to become more sick. Before they get better. And that can be avoided. If people brought their pets. To an emergency vet in Springdale sooner.

Or better yet, started taking. A course of preventative medicine. Before they got sick with heart worms to begin with. However, the reason why. Many pet owners are not giving their pets this medicine.

Is because they have either never heard about heartworm disease. Do not know how to prevent it. Or do not know how serious this illness actually is. Preventative medicine is given once a month.

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And can help ensure. That the pet is protected from this parasite. Heartgard, and interceptor are two types of medicine. That are in indigestible, tasting like a treat. That many pets love.

That also protects 100%. From heart worms, completely guaranteed. This is a lot easier. Then the treatment to get rid of heart worms. If an animal did not get protected.

Some pet owners may say that they are unable. To afford to pay for this medication. However, emergency vet in Springdale says. That an entire year’s supply, can cost twenty dollars.

So cost really is not a barrier. As long as pet owners. Bring their cats or dogs to a veterinarian. And are told about heartworm disease. As long as they give the medication on time every month.

They will never know the heartache. Behind losing a pets due to something that is preventable. Or, having to watch their pet take injections. That make them sicker. In hopes that it will kill this parasite.

However, some pet owners say. That there animal is not able. To take in indigestible medication. Some pets are very picky about the treats that they eat. For example, cats are notoriously picky.

However, pet owners do not need to worry. Because there is also a topical medication. That does not involve ingesting anything at all. This also is hundred percent guaranteed protection.

There is literally no excuse. Why pet owners should not protect their animals from heartworm. Once they learn about what it is. And how it affects their pets overall health.

Emergency Vet Springdale | How Pets Can Overcome Heartworms

There are many things that pet owners can learn to avoid the emergency vet in Springdale visits. Including what heartworm is. And how to prevent it in their animals. According to research.

Dogs diagnosed with heartworm is on the increase. Over 21% more dogs. Has been diagnosed this year than last year. With this devastating. But also preventable parasitical disease.

This is typically due to a lack of education. Pet owners may not be taking their pets to the veterinarian. As often as they should, or ever. And this can cause problems. By not finding out about preventable illnesses.

And never getting tests, such as the four the ex-test. That is designed to find antibodies of heartworm. In the animals blood, which would prove that they have this disease.

As well as being able to diagnose the animal. With other diseases such as erlichiosis and anaplasmosis. Which are diseases caused by tics. This blood test can be done at the regular veterinarian’s office.

Or, at the emergency vet in Springdale. If pet owners suspect there animal has heart worms. The test can be done while they wait. In order to find out quickly. If the animal has a heart worms.

If so, they will be able to begin the treatment. To get rid of these heart worms. And if not, the veterinarian will be able to educate them. On how easy and inexpensive it is. To prevent this from ever happening.

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Pet owners should understand. That while the medication to prevent heart worms. Can cause some slight gastrointestinal distress. The treatment to get rid of heart worms. Is very serious, and can make the animal quite ill.

As the medicine needs to be strong enough. To kill the adult heart worms. The animal will typically get sick. While undergoing this treatment. And they will need several injections. In order for it to be effective.

However, many pet owners. Also want to know. How there animal could potentially get infected. With this parasite in the first place. And that is why this disease is so frustrating.

Is because the only way an animal can contract it. Is if they get bitten by an infected mosquito. While this might not seem like a common scenario. The fact that mosquitoes can be born infected.

Means that there are potentially millions of mosquitoes. Carrying heartworm a larva in their body. That any time an animal is bitten by a mosquito. They could run the risk of developing heartworm.

If they are not taking the preventative medicine in the first place. However, mosquitoes who are not infected. Could also pass the disease on. If they bite an animal that has this parasite in their bloodstream.

And then move on to another animal. That does not have the illness. They could transfer the microfilaria. Which is the heartworm larva. From one animal to the next.

With so many mosquitoes across the United States. This is a huge problem. That can be easily nipped in the bud. By visiting emergency vet in Springdale. For preventative medication.