Emergency Vet Springdale | Preventing Heartworm In Dogs

Emergency Vet Springdale | Preventing Heartworm In Dogs

Despite the fact that heartworm is on the rise across America, emergency vet in Springdale says. Preventing it has never been easier. However, pet owners will need to know.

Emergency Vet Springdale

What they need to do, to prevent their animals. From becoming affected by this disease. And also, learn about what heartworm is our. And why they need to protect their animals from them.

Heartworm is a parasite. That is passed from an infected animal. To another, through the bite. Of a mosquito who transfers the larva. Or, by a mosquito who is already infected.

However mosquito becomes infected. With microfilaria. Which is the larva of a heartworm parasite. Is when the female mosquito. Bites an infected animal. In order to lay her eggs.

Mosquitoes that hatch from those eggs. Will have the microfilaria. Infested throughout their entire body. And will pass it along. With every single bite that they take. Out of the animals that they suck blood from.

While cats and dogs can both get. Heartworm disease, the reason why it is more common in dogs. Is because dogs hearts are on average larger. And that makes it easier for the heartworm’s to take hold of the animal.

While an animal can live for many years. After becoming infected with heartworm disease. The reason why pet owners should be preventing this. Rather than treating the animal. Is because prevention.

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Is much easier, impacts the health of the animal less significantly. And can ensure, the pet does not run into any risks. Associated with heartworm disease. But also, because the treatment.

Is very significant. Taking a long time. Costing a lot of money. And negatively impacting the animals health. The treatment that pets will undergo. If they are found to have heartworm’s.

Is an injection, that is directed into the animals muscles. It is designed to kill the heartworm. And the animal may get sick in the process. They could also get pain at the injection site.

Feel lethargic, or get nauseous. The most unfortunate thing about this treatment. Is not the cost. But is, the length of it. Animals must come back regularly. For more injections. In order to kill all of the heartworm.

The heartworm’s will be difficult to kill. And to the medicine, will only affect the adult worms. When they are fully grown. Therefore, the injections must continue. Until the veterinarian is certain.

That all the adult heartworm’s have died. This is harder on the animals body than it needs to be. If pet owners had visited their emergency vet in Springdale. In order to get preventative medicine.

The preventative medicine is a once a month chewable tablet. That tastes delicious, like beef or pork. And if pets are not willing. To take a chewable medicine. They can instead utilize a different method.

A medicine, that is put on the pets for. That will be just as effective. At preventing this parasite. From taking a hold of the pets heart. And causing them a grave illness, that needs a emergency vet in Springdale to fix.

Emergency Vet Springdale | Preventing Heartworm In Dogs And Cats

Heartworm is completely preventable says emergency vet in Springdale. However, many pet owners do not know what it is. Or how to prevent it. Even if they knew how to prevent it. They might not know how important it was.

To ensure that their cat or dog. Not fall victim to this parasite. These parasites get into the animals bloodstream. Through the bite of a mosquito. Either one that has already bitten an infected animal.

Or a mosquito, who was born in infected. Because the mother mosquito, that lead to the eggs they hatched from. Drew blood from an infected animal. Causing all of the hatched mosquitoes.

To carry the heartworm larva. Which is called microfilaria within their bodies. Any mosquito that is infected. Will pass on these microscopic larva. To the animal, who will then become infected themselves.

Heartworm’s live their entire lives. Within the circulatory system of an animal. Starting out as a larva in the animals bloodstream. They will grow to adult hood. By that time, they will have reached the animals heart.

And then, becoming trapped, in the many different openings of that heart. It does not take a single heartworm. To impact the heart’s ability to pump blood. But if left long enough.

The pet will start having their heart function impeded. They will start coughing, and then become lethargic. And at this point, many pet owners. Take their pets to emergency vet in Springdale.

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The emergency vet will perform a blood test. Called A4 D ask test. And what that test will look for, is the antibodies of heart worms. Proving that they have this parasite. And requiring treatment.

The benefit of this 4DX test. Is that it will also test for ehrlichiosis, and anaplasmosis. Which are diseases caused by text. While the animal is getting tested for heart worms and diseases caused by tics.

They can also talk to the emergency vet in Springdale. About to prevention. As well as heartworm prevention. If the animal tests positive, they will begin the treatment right away.

To rid them of these parasites. However, if the pet does not have heartworm. Then, the veterinarian will ask the pet owner. Which heartworm protection medicine. They want to start giving their animal.

If the pet owner finds that yes, there pet does have this parasite. They should ask their veterinarian. About preventative medicine. For any of the other animals in the family. Especially since one bites.

From a mosquito, from the infected animal, to an uninfected animal. Can cause other animals in the family. To become a victim of this parasite as well. Just because it is not immediately contagious.

From one animal to the next, does not mean there is no cause for worry. However, people can avoid ever needing to take there animal. To an emergency vet in Springdale because of heart worms. If they simply start.

Taking the preventative medicine. And ensure that they give it to all of the animals in the household. Consistently once a month.