Emergency Vet Springdale | Preventing Heartworms


Emergency Vet Springdale | Preventing Heartworms

Preventing heart worms is easy says emergency vet in Springdale. As long as pet owners are taking their cat or dog. To a regular veterinarian on an annual basis. There are many reasons why annual appointments are important.

Emergency Vet Springdale

The veterinarian will be able to see the overall health. Of the animal, see how they are aging. And make recommendations about diet, and activity level. But also, they will run regular and routine tests.

That can check for common diseases or illnesses. Such as heartworm disease, erlichiosis, and anaplasmosis. They will also check for things like diabetes, common in smaller animals.

If they do have any illnesses. They will be able to start treatment very quickly. As the animal is likely. To have contracted it since the last visit. Making treatment quick and easy for the animal.

They will also be able to give the animal. Regular injections, and vaccinations. That are designed to help ensure. That the animal is kept healthy. These vaccinations are preventative measurements.

That will ensure the animal does not need to go to an emergency vet in Springdale. Because they have become ill with something that is preventable. They will get a rabies shot, for example.

And the veterinarian. Will also be able to talk to the pet owner. About preventative medication. A common preventative medicine is flea and tick formulas. That are designed to protect cats and dogs.

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From getting infested with fleas. Or, get bitten by a tick. While going for a walk out in the off leash park for example. Another preventative medication. Is heartworm medication. Designed to protect animals.

From a parasite, also known as microfilaria. The only way that an animal can contract this disease. Is through the bite of an infected mosquito. Or if a mosquito. Had previously bitten an infected animal.

They will pass the microfilaria larva. Into the animals bloodstream. Where it will thrive, and grow into a several inch long adults. It will live its entire life in the bloodstream. And it only stops its journey.

When it ends up lodged in the animals heart. It stays there, living out the rest of its life. Eating, and reproducing. Where it is eventually joined with dozens, and then hundreds of other heart worms.

It will take several years for this to happen. And it also might take several years. For the animal to start developing symptoms. Even then, many pet owners. Do not rush there animal to an emergency vet in Springdale.

Because the symptoms are often vague. Or appear to be a nonthreatening side effect. Of something like a cold. The animal might begin coughing. Or appear lethargic. But in some animals, sudden death is the only sign.

Heartworm is eventually fatal if left untreated. And while treatment is possible. Emergency vet in Springdale would much rather see. Pets take the preventative medication. Instead of needing a much more invasive treatment.

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Emergency Vet Springdale | Preventing Heartworms Is Simple

Despite the fact that treatment is readily available, emergency vet in Springdale says. Heartworm disease is on the rise all across America. With 21% more animals being diagnosed this year than last year.

However, many pet owners. Have never heard about heart worms. And they also, do not know that it is completely preventable. Heart worms are a parasite, that live in the bloodstream of an animal.

Very similar to hook worms, or roundworms. Although true to the parasites name. It lives in the heart of the animal. It starts off as a larva in the animals bloodstream. Growing to its adult size.

Before being lodged into the animals heart. Here, it will continue to eat and reproduce. Being joined, by more and more heart worms. The longer the animal is untreated.

It eventually impedes the heart’s ability to function. And death is inevitable. While treatment is possible. It is very expensive, and takes a long time. And effects and animals health significantly.

Intramuscular injections. Deliver a strong and powerful medicine. That is designed to kill the heartworm. But care must be taken to give the right dose. Because it will be very hard on the animal as well.

They must undergo months worth of injections. To ensure that they are killing the strong and healthy adult heart worms. But also, to ensure. That they catch the heart worms. At every stage of life.

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For example, heartworm that has laid eggs. Before they die, will ensure their larva will continue to breed and grow. Which is why the treatment must take place. Over several months.

On the other hand, emergency vet in Springdale says. Preventative heartworm medication is inexpensive. An exceptionally easy to administer. There are two different types of chewable tablets.

That come in flavoured that most animals love. Such as beef and pork. Most animals think they are simply eating a treat. However, for other animals that will not take a treat. Such as the notoriously picky feline.

There are topical formulations. That simply needs to be applied to the pet externally. That also provides the same 100% protection. As the in indigestible heartworm medication does.

As well, the in indigestible medication. Can sometimes cause gastrointestinal distress. Such as vomiting or diarrhea for a day. Pet owners may not want to subject their pets to this.

Or some pets may refuse to take the treat. Once it causes them to throw up. But either medication. Is extremely inexpensive. Should only need to be administered once a month.

And once pet owners know that this is necessary. Just like deworming medicine, and flea and tick medicine. They can use this. To protect their animal as well. When pet owners are looking for a veterinarian.

They should consider were valley veterinary hospital. Located in Springdale, as their regular, as well as emergency vet in Springdale. They love animals. And are exceptional at what they do.