Emergency Vet Springdale | Prevention Is The Best Treatment


Emergency Vet Springdale | Prevention Is The Best Treatment

When pet owners want to ensure that they avoid needing an emergency vet in Springdale. They also need to care for their pets oral hygiene. As well as their overall health.

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However, many pet owners do not consider the health of their cat or dog’s teeth. Until their pet has a dental problem. Or there is pain, causing them to refuse eating their normal food.

Therefore, when pet owners adopt their cat or dog for the first time. There are several things that they can do. To ensure their pet is as healthy as possible. Including their oral hygiene.

One of the first things that veterinarians recommend. Is feeding cats and dogs dry pet food. Unless the veterinarian specifies otherwise, due to a dietary restriction or requirements.

The reason why they recommend dry food. While wet and dry food are both nutritionally complete. The reason why dry food is recommended. Is because it requires the pet to chew it.

And chewing it, will scrape the dry food against their teeth. Breaking down any tartar buildup that the animal might have. Therefore, it can keep their teeth cleaner longer, even if the pet owner is not brushing their teeth.

Wet food on the other hand, is not going to require the pet to chew it. They will bite mouthfuls of the wet food. And then immediately swallow it. Which will coat their teeth, with the wet food.

And if the pet owner is not brushing their teeth. That wet food will sit on their teeth, not only hardening into tartar. But causing cavities, and can lead to gingivitis and periodontal disease.

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Therefore, if pet owners continue to feed their pet wet food. And not do anything else. To clean their teeth. They will need an emergency vet in Springdale sooner rather than later. To take care of sore teeth.

Periodontal disease, cavities and even requiring extractions. Therefore, the first thing that pet owners can do. Is to feed their pet dry food from the beginning. However, the gold standard for oral hygiene in pets.

Is for pet owners to brush their pets teeth with an actual toothbrush. The best way to do this, is to start early on. Introducing a toothbrush during play as early as possible in the pets life.

So that they will tolerate a toothbrush in their mouth. And will allow the pet owner to brush their teeth eventually. While no special toothbrush is required. Pet owners can either by a toothpick brush designed for pets.

Or they can simply use a human toothbrush that they bought at the drugstore. One thing that they need to ensure they do. Is to never use human toothpaste on their cat or dog’s teeth ever.

Human toothpaste has an ingredient in it called xylitol. Which is an artificial sweetener. That happens to be toxic to cats and dogs. Therefore, using human toothpaste. Is short and in an emergency vet in Springdale visit.

Emergency Vet Springdale | Prevention Is The Best

While pet owners want to avoid needing an emergency vet in Springdale. If they are not caring for their pets oral hygiene. This is going to be a reality, sooner rather than later in their pets life.

However, many pet owners do not consider their pets tooth health. Early enough, and the pet will not tolerate having a toothbrush in their mouth. Out of frustration, the pet owner might quit trying to brush their cat or dog’s teeth.

If this is the case, a pet owner should not despair. There are options on what they can do. To help keep their pets teeth as clean as possible. They can use chewing devices and treats.

These are the next best thing besides brushing. To keep their cat and dogs mouths as clean as possible. There are many different dental chewing devices and treats to choose from.

They treats are good, because the pets will like them. It will encourage the chewing modality, which will scrape their teeth clean. And are less likely to be chewed to hard, or swallowed whole. Requiring an emergency vet in Springdale visit.

However, some pet owners by chewing devices. That are not designed to be swallowed. And these can cause some problems. Especially if they are too hard. Things like dried pigs ears or deer antlers.

May be chewed very enthusiastically by the animals. However, there is a risk that they could to the devices too hard. And damage their teeth or gums. Or they might accidentally swallowed them.

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Which could cause and esophagus blockage. That would require an emergency vet in Springdale visit. Or obstruct, or perforate the animals bowels. Therefore, not only should chew time be supervised.

To ensure the animal is actually chewing the device. And to help the pet owner intervene if they are going to swallow it. Or get them to the veterinarian on time if they do swallow it by accident.

But even better than that, veterinarians recommend giving pets a CET approved device called an oravet. CET approval, means that a border veterinarians say that it is beneficial and safe for animals.

And this device is extremely soft. So that no matter how hard the animal choose it. It is not going to damage their teeth or gums. It is also small enough, to fit down the animals esophagus. Without risk of them choking.

And also, it is soft enough. That it will not obstruct the bowels. Therefore, this is one of the best dental chewing devices that a pet owner can utilize. If they cannot brush their pets teeth.

One chewing device should last years. So pet owners only need to worry about buying it once. However, there is no replacement for going to the veterinarians office for regular dental examinations.

To ensure that the pet does have good oral health. And to deal with problems early on in the pets life. Before it develops into gingivitis, and periodontal disease. That can cause cavities, and loose teeth. Causing pain to the animal.