Emergency Vet Springdale | Proper Oral Care For Pets


Emergency Vet Springdale | Proper Oral Care For Pets

If pet owners are not taking regular care of their pets teeth, they may end up requiring a visit to the emergency vet Springdale office. Which may be more invasive then they want for their pet.

This is often because it takes many years for pets to develop a serious dental issue. After years of neglect. Which means they are likely senior animals, when they develop a serious dental issue.

And in order for any veterinarian to conduct a proper dental examination. They need to put the pet under general anaesthetic. And they need to ensure that they are in good health, with healthy heart first.

However, during an emergency vet Springdale visit. Pet owners do not have the luxury of ensuring that their pet is healthy. And that may cause them some stress, when their pet is put under anaesthetic.

Therefore, in order to avoid an emergency vet Springdale visit. Most veterinarians recommend diligent dental care for their pets. Right from the first day that people bring their pets home.

The best way to start their pets off on the right foot. By ensuring that pet owners are considering their pets oral health. Is to start by feeding them dry pet food. While both dry and wet food are both nutritious.

Veterinarians typically recommend wet food after a pet has lost their teeth. And can no longer chew. Because pets will not need to chew wet food. And because of that, it is more likely to get underneath their gum line.

Where causes tartar buildup. While dry pet food on the other hand, has a natural cleaning action during the chewing. And since the food is crunchy, it will scrape tartar buildup off of the animals teeth.


As well as be able to get below the gum line. To slow the progression of tartar buildup, gingivitis and eventually periodontal disease. And while this is very important for all pet owners.

It is very important that people who have small dogs. Understand that veterinarians recommend even more diligent oral care for small dogs. Because they tendency to have worse teeth genetically.

In addition to the right food. Veterinarians recommend that pet owners also brush their pets teeth. And they can start the process, by getting their puppies and their kittens.

Used to having fingers as well as a toothbrush in their mouth during the play. And eventually transitioning into brushing their teeth. Before adding a pet friendly toothpaste.

In addition to the right food, and brushing their teeth after every time they eat. Pet owners can also help their pets have the best oral hygiene possible. By giving them dental choose.

Because this can help scrape tartar buildup off their teeth. And prevent gingivitis as well as other periodontal diseases. However, it is very important that pet owners are supervising this chew time.

To ensure that their pet is chewing the toy correctly. That they are not breaking off pieces, that could cause problems later.

Ultimately, ensuring a dog and cats oral health. Is an important part of their overall health. And to take care of their oral health. Is to help ensure the pet is healthy and always.

Emergency Vet Springdale | Proper Oral Care For Pets

Even though many people never think that they will have to take their pet to the emergency vet Springdale. If they are not careful when they are taking care of their pets oral health.

They can end up making mistakes, that can put their pet at risk. Which is wines very important. That they follow their veterinarians instructions. When it comes to caring for their pets teeth.

The first thing that pet owners need to keep in mind. Is that while there veterinarian recommends brushing their teeth twice a day. After each time their dog or cat eats.

What kind of toothpaste they use is incredibly important. There are several different kinds of pet friendly toothpaste available at their veterinarians office. As well as at the pet supply store.

And this toothpaste comes in fun flavoured’s, that will make it a treat for their pet. Such as tuna, chicken or beef. However, if pet owners do not remember this, and try to use human toothpaste for their pet.

They can end up making an emergency that Springdale visit. Because human toothpaste contains an artificial sweetener called xylitol. Which is deadly to cats and dogs.

Therefore, while pet owners may be able to use a human toothbrush on their pets teeth. They should always ensure that they are getting the right kind of toothpaste. To avoid causing any problems to their otherwise healthy animal.

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It is also highly recommended that pet owners are giving their pets a dental chew. In order to help scrape off any tartar buildup that can cause gingivitis as well as periodontal disease.

However, when people do not closely monitor their dogs or cats chew time on their dental toy. They might find that they have to make an emergency vet Springdale trip.

Because the pet as either chewed off pieces of the toy and swallowed it. Or swallowed the toy itself. And that can cause bowel obstructions, or even choking due to the size of the peace they tried to swallow.

This is why many veterinarians are recommending an oravet. Which is a soft type of dental chew. That is CET certified. Which means it has been certified by veterinarians, who agree it is good for pets.

One of the most beneficial things about an oravet. Is that it is soft enough that it will not obstruct and animals bowels if it is swallowed. And when pet owners choose the toy according to wait.

The twenty fit down their pets as soft. And so it does not present a choking hazard, even if they swallow it whole. This can help people avoid an emergency vet Springdale visit. While keeping their pets teeth healthy and clean as well.

Ultimately, is an extremely important thing for pet owners to keep their pets healthy. Through good oral health routines. Because if they end up having a dental problem, it could spell out larger problems later on.