Emergency Vet Springdale | Putting An End To Heartworms


Emergency Vet Springdale | Putting An End To Heartworms

The most heartbreaking thing about heart worms says emergency vet in Springdale. Is that they are totally preventable. And many pet deaths can be avoided with the right information.

Emergency Vet Springdale

Unfortunately, there are more pets in America now. Than there ever has been. Through its entire history. And while that means there are more people. Taking their animals to veterinarians.

That also means, that many pet owners. Are not taking their animals. To veterinarians at all. Instead, visiting an emergency vet in Springdale. When their pet gets sick. Thinking that is enough.

While emergency vet in Springdale are always available. To see and injured animals. It is not a great way. To ensure the overall health of the animal. Regular veterinarians are needed.

To oversee the animals health. Give them the vaccinations. That they need to prevent certain illnesses. Such as rabies, and distemper. They will also be able to see how the animal is aging.

Advise the pet owner on the best diet. And also Talk to the pet owner. About preventative medicine. Flea and tick medication. Will prevent animals from getting diseases from these animals.

Such as ehrlichiosis and anaplasmosis. Common diseases, that are caused by tics. But also, they can get their deworming medicine. To prevent them from getting around worms or hookworms.

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From eating terrible things that they find. In the off leash park. Such as other animals feces. However, another preventative medicine. That they should find out from their regular veterinarian. And the emergency room after the fact.

Is heart worms medication. It is very inexpensive, costing about twenty-five dollars. For an entire year’s worth of medicine. And can be administered one of two ways. A topical medicine, applied to the pets head.

Or a chewable tablet. That comes in a delicious labour such as beef or pork. The chewable tablet. Has been known to cause some animals gastrointestinal distress. And if that is the case for one pet.

They can start using the topical medication. That comes with virtually no side effects whatsoever. However, in order to get this medication. Pet owners needs to have a regular veterinarian.

So that they can ensure that their pet is taken care of. Physically, and medically. However, if pet owners do not administer this type of medication to their pet. They should know what the symptoms of heartworm disease is.

The only problem with that. Is that heartworm disease causes few symptoms. If any at all. With many animals succumbing to sudden death. When they have this disease.

And the symptoms that they do exhibit. If they exhibit any at all. Do not appear serious. Such as coughing, and lethargy. When pet owners finally take their sick cat or dog to a veterinarian.

They will be able to undergo a test. To find out if they have heartworm antibodies in their bloodstream. And if so, they can start the injectable treatment. That is used to kill the heart worms.

Emergency Vet Springdale | Put An End To Heartworms Today

One of the most important things that a owner can do, is avoid an emergency vet in Springdale. This can be done, through regular veterinarian appointments. Vaccination injections. And preventative maintenance.

While heart worms are exceedingly common in this country. They are also often fatal. And more easily prevented. Then they are treated. The problem is, many people have never heard about heartworm disease.

Or, they do not know how to prevent their animals from getting it. Heartworm disease can only be transmitted to cats and dogs. From a mosquito who has been infected with heartworm larva.

Also known as microfilaria. A mosquito is often hatched, with microfilaria infesting their bodies. Because the female who laid the eggs. Laid the eggs using tainted blood. After biting an infected animal.

Since hundreds of mosquitoes can hatch. From one female who laid tainted eggs. This is the most common way. That animals get infected with heartworm disease.

As soon as the mosquito bites that animal. They now have microfilaria in their bloodstream. However, the second way that animals can become infested. With heart worms. Is if they are bitten.

By a mosquito, who previously put. An infected animal. And while heartworm disease is not directly contagious. To animals in the same household. Can give it to the other one through a mosquito.

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For example, a mosquito can fly into the home. And bite the infected animal. Fly over to the next animal and bite them. And then, both of the animals will now have heartworm disease.

This is why when one animal in a household. Is suspected of heartworm disease. Both animals should come in. To emergency vet in Springdale. And get the preventative medicine.

How they test for heartworm in animals is very simple. The veterinarian simply needs three drops of blood. So even the smallest dogs or cats. Can give this easily. Without suffering.

The test can be done right inside the veterinarians office. With the results within the same appointment as well. They are looking for heartworm antibodies. But they also will be looking for ehrlichiosis and anaplasmosis.

Which are diseases caused by tics. If the animal is infested. They will be able to start the treatment right away. But pet owners should be warned. The treatment is very long, very expensive. And hard on their animals body.

The treatment starts out as an intramuscular injection. Of the medicine designed to kill the heart worms. Causing pain at the injection site to the animal. As well as a gastrointestinal distress. And lethargy.

The injections must continue every couple of weeks. For months. To ensure that the medicine does kill the strongest heart worms. And to catch the larva at all of the various stages of development.

Untreated, heartworm disease is fatal. And while treatment is possible. Emergency vet in Springdale argues, that prevention is much easier on the animal. And less expensive in the long run. Responsible pet owners should take their animal to veterinarians regularly.