Emergency Vet Springdale | Stop Heartworm Before It Starts


Emergency Vet Springdale | Stop Heartworm Before It Starts

Many pet owners are devastated when they rush their pet to when emergency vet in Springdale. And are told, that their pet has heartworm disease. What is even worse, is finding out how preventable it is.

Emergency Vet Springdale

However, despite the fact that it is very preventable. Emergency vet in Springdale says. They see a 21% increase year after year. Of heartworm in pets. Therefore, pet owners need some more education.

Not only understanding what heartworm is. And how their animals may contracted. But why a yearly examination. From a qualified veterinarian is important. And how they can prevent heartworm from taking hold in their pet.

The first thing that veterinarians tell their patients. Is that heartworm is spread solely. Through the bite of a mosquito. Often, the mosquito is already infested. With the heartworm larva, called microfilaria.

While other times, a mosquito simply has the misfortune. Avoiding an animal who is infected. And then spreading the disease that way. By biting another animal.

It can be very easy for pets to catch heartworm. And the symptoms, are very nondescript, and often quite mild. It is not unheard of either. For pets to simply fall dead suddenly. With no symptoms at all.

The symptoms that pet owners should be aware of. Include coughing, and being more lethargic than usual. Because the symptoms are so vague. Pet owners should really look into the preventative medication.

The first step, would be finding a regular veterinarian. Who will be looking after their pets annual examination. On a yearly basis, they can do a blood test. Called a 4DX test.

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Which will look for, among other things. Heartworm antibodies and it. That will indicate the presence of heartworm’s in the animals bloodstream. This test, only requires three drops of blood.

So it is not going to negatively impact even the smallest dog. And veterinarians will be able to run the test. And find the answer within the same appointment. If there are heartworm antibodies.

They will be able to start the treatment. To kill the heartworm’s right away. And if there are no heartworm antibodies present. They can start the preventative medication instead.

However, this test that is done. Should be done every year. Because it also tests for erlichiosis and anaplasmosis. Which are diseases caused by tics. Therefore, a routine examination will ensure.

That the pets are kept as healthy as possible. And can usually prevent needing to find. An emergency vet in Springdale to correct bendable problem. However, if people do find that there animal has heartworm.

They need to also understand, how important that it is. That the treatment, is long and expensive. Which is why veterinarians talk about preventative measures instead. The Q were consists of.

An injected drug, that is injected into the animals muscles. It can cause pain and nausea. As well as cause an animal to become lethargic. This injection must be administered several times.

In order for the animal to be free. Of the heartworm’s. The heartworm’s are tough to kill. And so several courses of medication are required. Even if the animal becomes sick and requires an veterinarian.

Emergency Vet Springdale | Stop Heartworm In Pets Before It Starts

Pet owners should be aware of what heartworm is, before ever needing an emergency vet in Springdale. However, more dogs than ever before. Are getting diagnosed with this completely preventable illness.

All across the United States, animals are becoming infected. With a heartworm disease, from the bite of an infected mosquito. Pet owners do not need to worry about getting infected themselves.

Since heartworm, is an illness. That only affects cats and dogs. However, dogs are the ones that get diagnosed more often. And this has nothing to do with cats living inside more often.

Or how thick and fluffy the cats for is. But rather, the size of the cats heart. As the name heartworm suggests. This illness, is caused by a parasite called microfilaria. Getting lodged in an animals heart.

They can actually grow quite large. Becoming several inches in length. And they get lodged in the heart, in the various openings that exist. Unfortunately, dogs have larger hearts than cats.

Which is why they become more susceptible to this disease. While cats can get heartworm disease. They get it less frequently, because the heartworm’s. Are less likely. To infest the cats heart.

While they can have the microfilaria in their blood. They can live a long time. Without ever having heartworm take hold in their heart. However, when cats are infected with heartworm’s.

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And the worms do become lodged in the cats heart. It takes fewer worms to impede the heart’s ability to pump blood. And the cats become more likely. To die with fewer symptoms.

Pet owners should be aware. Of what the symptoms are, and take their pet. To an emergency vet in Springdale. As soon as they suspect something is wrong with their animal.

The unfortunate circumstance is. The symptoms of heartworm disease is so mild. And often, masquerade as something not so serious. That it takes a long time before the pet owner takes them.

To an emergency vet in Springdale. Where get help from the right treatment. If an animal starts coughing, and appears more lethargic than normal. These are the warning signs.

As well, some pet owners think. That if they have one animal with heartworm. They do not need to worry about their other animals. But nothing could be further from the truth.

While heartworm disease is not specifically contagious. From one animal to the other. A bite from a mosquito on the infected animal. Who then goes to bite the other animal.

Can pass along the microscopic microfilaria larvae. To both animals in the household. Can have heartworm. While treatment is possible if people bring their pets to an emergency vet in Springdale in time.

The much easier treatment is actually prevention. And can be done through the use of a chewable medicine. Given to animals once per month.