Emergency Vet Springdale | Stopping Heartworm In Its Tracks


Emergency Vet Springdale | Stopping Heartworm In Its Tracks

Even though no pet owner ever wants to brush their pet to an emergency vet in Springdale. This is the case all over America. Because pet owners are not getting their cats and dogs. The right preventative medicine.

Emergency Vet Springdale

There are many reasons why pet owners. Should be visiting their regular veterinarian. Every single year. Not just an annual examination. To ensure the health of their pets. But this is also a great opportunity.

For the veterinarian to see how well the animal is aging. And if they need an adjustment in their diet or exercise. At the same time, the veterinarian will be able to run several tests. To see if there developing any illnesses.

And give them the preventative medication. That can help them avoid preventable illnesses. A great example of this, would be the animals vaccinations. It protects them from things like.

Rabies, which is also required by law. Protects them from distemper, and parvo. Which is an extremely contagious and fatal illness. Which is why it is provided. In the animals annual examination.

The veterinarian will also be able to educate the pet owner. About fleas and ticks. That they can cause diseases in their animal. Such as erlichiosis and anaplasmosis, if they are bitten by a tick.

But also, they can talk about getting there animal dewormed. Particularly if the animal spends a lot of time outside. They do not want to develop roundworm or hookworm. That they can get from eating the things.

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They find outside, or at an off leash park for example. They can also talk to their veterinarian about heartworm. Which is a particularly nasty parasite. That will find its way. Into the animals heart, where it will live.

Very comfortably for many years. Reproducing and growing. With time, heartworm is also fatal. And many pet owners. Do not even get the opportunity. To rushed their pet to an emergency vet in Springdale.

The symptoms that they may get, are very mild and nondescript. Such as coughing and being lethargic. And some animals. Particularly cats, that have smaller hearts. And therefore have fewer symptoms.

Often just drop dead suddenly. Without a pet owner. Even having the chance of saving their life. At an emergency vet in Springdale. If they are lucky enough to find that their pet has heartworm.

The treatment is extremely expensive. As well as extremely invasive. Often making the animal quite sick. During the duration of the treatment. The treatment consists of intramuscular injections.

That must be administered several times over the course of several months. The animal will experience pain at the sight of the injection. As well as nausea, and vomiting. And finally, some lethargic.

Instead of treating this illness. Pet owners should instead be visiting their veterinarian. On an annual basis. Get the medication that can prevent this from happening at all.

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Emergency Vet Springdale | Can You Stop Heartworm In Its Tracks

Many pet owners have never heard about heartworm, until they have rush there animal to an emergency vet in Springdale. And find out. How invasive the treatment is. And that it could have been prevented.

Heartworm is a parasite. That is passed along to help the animals. With the bite from an infected mosquito. The mosquito can be infected, one of two ways. Either from biting an infected animal.

And then biting an uninfected animal. Passing along the heartworm larva. Which is called microfilaria. However, that is not the only way. For mosquito to become infected with this parasite.

If a female mosquito bites an infected animal. And then lays her eggs, those eggs will be infected with this parasite larva. So that when they hatch, they will already have the larva inside of them.

And are able to infect every single animal that they bite. Since mosquitoes can lay thousands of eggs at a single time. This poses a significant risk to unprotected pets. Like cats and dogs.

And while veterinarians recommend. Pet owners give their outdoor animals this medication. Whether they go for walks, go to the off leash park. Visit doggy daycare, or the groomers.

They should also give this medication. To all other animals in the house. Because while heartworm disease is not specifically contagious. From one animal to the next. A mosquito can pass it along.

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Which means a non-protected animal. In a home, is not unprotected. Even if they never set foot outdoors. If an infected mosquito gets into the home. It will be able to infect the animals there.

They can visit their regular or emergency vet in Springdale. And get Heartgard or interceptor. Which are chewable tablets. That come in flavoured like beef or pork. That most animals love the taste of.

In fact, most pets think that they are simply eating a treat. Which makes administering it to them. Once a month exceptionally easy. However, veterinarians do warn owners.

That some pets can experience some gastrointestinal upset. Such as vomiting or diarrhea. For a day after administering the medication. If they want to avoid this. Or if the pet refuses the medication.

Once they start getting some gastrointestinal upset from it. They can then ask their veterinarian. For a topical treatment. That involves placing the medicine. In a liquid format on the pets for.

That way, it not only has absolutely no side effects. But picky animals. Especially cats. Can be 100% protected. From the bite of an infected mosquito. And avoid getting heartworm disease.

The topical formulation has absolutely no side effects. And is very inexpensive as well. There is literally no excuse. Why any pet owner would not have their cat or dog protected. From this fatal parasite.

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