Emergency Vet Springdale | The First Visit Is Important


Emergency Vet Springdale | The First Visit Is Important

If pet owners are not enough, they may be seeing an emergency vet in Springdale. Instead of a regular vet for their new puppy or kitten. Ideally, pet owners should bring their new pet.

Emergency Vet Springdale

Into the veterinarian, within one week of adopting them. The reason why, is because when they are adopting a puppy or kitten. They need additional booster vaccinations. In order to complete their immunity.

They will get a vaccination called a distemper combo. Which protects against distemper, among other illnesses. Such as rabies and parvo. Parvo is a particularly nasty illness. That is not only fatal for animals.

But it is also a disease that is extremely contagious. Puppies who do not receive their booster vaccination. Quick enough, often get ill. And pass away. Before they can get to an emergency vet in Springdale.

Puppies and kittens get their first vaccination. At six weeks of age. When they are still too little to leave their mother. They are often adopted out, particularly from a breeder. At seven, and eight weeks of age.

Therefore, by the time they are adopted. They are either one or two weeks away. From needing their second booster vaccination. Therefore, it is imperative. That pet owners ring their puppies or kittens.

To the veterinarian, not only to get that important checkup. But also to get that booster shots. To keep them immune. To the diseases and illnesses. That could make them very sick. However, they need three booster shots.

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Which means even if they are adopted at ten or eleven weeks of age. They still need their third shots. Which happens at twelve weeks of age. If a pet owner does not get their new puppy or kitten to the veterinarian in time.

They will likely have a very sick animal on their hands. Not only that, but they could bring that disease into the home. Affecting other animals as well. However, that is not the only reason.

Why pet owners should be bringing their new puppies or kittens. To the veterinarian within a week. They are also going to get a head to toe examination. And while no reader or shelter.

Is going to adopt out a sick animal. There may be things that have gone unnoticed. Such as a heart murmur. That may be very difficult to detect. Particularly in young animals. But by the time they arrive home with the pet owner.

They are old enough, to have that heartworm are picked up. By the veterinarian. Who is looking for that specifically. And untreated heart murmur is life-threatening. That will often end up in a visit to an emergency vet in Springdale.

However, treated, it is a non-serious condition. But it must be caught in time. The veterinarian is also going to look in the pet’s eyes, ears and nose. To ensure there is not a vision or respiratory problem.

As well as no ear infection. As well as look at their teeth. And now the overall health of the animal.

Emergency Vet Springdale | Your Pet’s First Visit Is Important

Pet owners may not realize how important the first visit is, and how it can keep them from needing an emergency vet in Springdale. The recommendation is for pet owners. To bring their pet into the Arian’s office.

Within one week of adopting them. The reason why, is because not only do they need their vaccinations. Because when they are born, they will need three different shots. At certain intervals.

But also, because the veterinarian. Will want to meet the pet. That they will be looking after for the rest of its life. In addition to that, they will want to see the overall health of the animal.

So that when the animal comes back in. They will get a good idea of how the animal is aging. And how it is overall health is going. The first thing that the veterinarian is going to do.

Is get used to the animal. And let the animal get used to the clinic. As well as getting used to the veterinarian, and all of the staff. At river valley veterinary hospital.

Veterinarians are known, for even sitting on the floor. So that the animal can be comfortable. It may be a very nerve-racking experience. To come to a new place. When there are so many unusual smells.

And have someone poke and prod at you. Which is why veterinarians. Want to ensure that the animals. Our as comfortable as possible. They have no problems sitting down. Petting, scratching. And giving treats to the animal.

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So that once the animal is comfortable. Not only will they associate the veterinarian. As a friend to be trusted. But they will tolerate an examination. Where there going to have fingers stuck at them.

And lights shone in their eyes. And getting needles. In fact, when people come back to river valley veterinary Hospital. Because they need an emergency vet in Springdale. If the pet has been there before.

And have met all of the veterinarians. And generally feels comfortable. Even an emergency situation. Will be more highly tolerated. By the animal, than if they had never been there before. The meet and greet with the veterinarian.

Is extremely important. Especially as the animal grows up. And becomes stronger. They will need to be comfortable. Having their feet handled. Having their teeth looked at and brushed.

So that they do not get nervous, or get angry and upset. And lash out at the owner or the veterinarian. Pet owners should prepare for this important first visit. First of all by ensuring that there animal.

Is completely comfortable in a vehicle. But then also, not eating before the visit. To minimize any upset tummy that the puppy or kitten might have. From nerves, visiting someplace new. After a car ride.

When pet owners have any other questions. About their pets, the first visit is a great place. To ask all of those burning questions. Especially before needing an emergency vet in Springdale.