Emergency Vet Springdale | The First Visit To The Veterinarian


Emergency Vet Springdale | The First Visit To The Veterinarian

Many new puppy owners, who want to avoid needing to make a trip to the emergency vet in Springdale. Often want to know, when the first visit to the veterinarian should be. When they adopt their new puppy.

Emergency Vet Springdale

They may have heard either from the breeder or the shelter. That there new puppy has all of their shots up-to-date. But this does not mean that they are fully protected against the diseases.

This is because puppies actually need three vaccines. In order to be fully protected. The first shot happens at six weeks of age. And the two booster shots have been at nine weeks, and twelve weeks respectively.

If people adopted their new puppy from a breeder. Typically, they are getting animals at seven or eight weeks of age. While shelters, typically adopt their puppies out later. So that they socialize with their mother longer.

Therefore, they are typically adopted out at ten weeks of age. Therefore, whenever someone adopts their new puppy. They will either need one or two more booster shots. To fully protect them.

The diseases that the vaccination protects against include distemper, rabies. Which is a vaccination that is actually required by law. And pet owners are typically not able to license their pets.

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Take them to doggy daycare, a kennel. Or even take them to grooming. Until they can provide proof of the rabies shot. As well as parvo, which is not only incredibly contagious. But is often fatal in the animals who get it.

Therefore, if pet owners want to avoid an unnecessary visit to an emergency vet in Springdale. Because they did not bring their animal to the veterinarian fast enough. In order to receive their booster shots.

Then all they have to do, is schedule the veterinarian visit. With their new puppy, within the first week of bringing them home for the first time. When people bring their pet to river valley veterinarian hospital.

The first time packed visit. Will be a longer visit. For several reasons. First, it will allow the veterinarian to get to know the animal. Spending time with them, pitting them and giving them treats.

In order to help the animal feel at ease with them. As well as in the clinic itself. It will make all future examinations much easier. If the animal is looking forward to going to the vet.

Because it is not just the place where they get poked and prodded. But also, the second reason why the veterinarian appointments are extra long. When a pet owner is bringing their new puppy in for the first time.

When looking for both a regular vet, as well as an emergency vet in Springdale. Puppy owners should first check out River Valley Veterinarian Hospital. They are the experts in the field, who love the animals they serve.

Emergency Vet Springdale | When Should The First Visit To The Veterinarian Be

First time pet owners typically have a lot of questions, the answers can help them avoid needing an emergency vet in Springdale. Such as wet food to feed them and how much. As well as how much exercise there animal will need. And even finding out important information.

Such as what snacks are the best to feed their animal. And what snacks they should not feed them. Obviously, pet food and treats purchased from the veterinarian or the pet food store. Are going to be the best.

But some fruits and vegetables can help round out and animals diet. As long as pet owners know which fruits and vegetables to feed their new be. And what should be avoided. For example, carrots and apples.

Are great and nutritious snacks that would love to eat. However, grapes and raisins. As well as chocolate and onions. Are actually toxic to these animals. And should be avoided all of the time.

If a pet owner gives these treats acts that lead to their new. They may have to rush to an emergency vet in Springdale. To help combat the effects of the toxic nature of the treats.

Which is why it is best to come into the veterinarian clinic. For the first initial visit. And find out the information that can help keep their pet healthy for longer.

As well, the first veterinarian visit. Will be a great opportunity. For the veterinarian to give a head to toe examination. While breeders and shelters only adopt out healthy animals. Veterinarians can also do a more thorough examination.

And check everything from their eyes, ears and nose. As well as their teeth. To find out if they may need dental work in the future. So that they pet owner can plan better to accommodated.

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They will also look for fleas, ticks and parasites. Particularly in the animals tool. That may be hiding parasite eggs. As well as listen to the animals heart. To see if there is a heart murmur.

If there is a heart murmur present. It could potentially be very damaging to the animals health. But once discovered. Medication can help ensure that they can stay healthy for a very long time.

This is very important, because heart murmurs are very hard to detect in a puppy when they are quite young. But during the first visit. The veterinarian can do an extremely thorough examination.

And give whatever medicine the puppy needs. To stay very healthy. So that a pet owner does not have to make a trip to an emergency vet in Springdale. Because of something completely preventable.

When pet owners are getting ready to bring their puppy in for their first visit. They should ensure that the puppy is okay with car rides. Because they might be scared of a car if they have never been in one before.

Or, he might be carsick. Which means they would show up at the veterinarian, velvety, and maybe with diarrhea. And that could impact the ability to do a thorough examination.

By introducing animal very gradually to the car. Throughout the first week. And taking them for very short rides. With lots of rewards, and walks at the end to sniff around.

Can help ensure that the animal is used to the car. And shows up at the veterinarian. Happy, and not scared, or nauseous. When people are ready to find the best regular and emergency vet in Springdale. Should first check out river valley veterinarian hospital. As they are the best in the area.