Emergency Vet Springdale | Treating Heartworm Disease


Emergency Vet Springdale | Treating Heartworm Disease

Even though heartworm disease is preventable, many pets and up going to an emergency vet in Springdale. Every year because of it. Which is why more pet owners should learn about it.

Emergency Vet Springdale

Not just how it infects animals. But the fact that it is preventable. And what they can do, to ensure that their pet. Never has to suffer with this disease. Often, the reason why people are unaware of it.

Is because they are either not visiting their regular veterinarian annually. Or at all, and their pet is susceptible. To many different diseases that could be easily prevented.

When it comes to heartworm disease, despite the fact that that it is preventable. Cases are on the increase across America. With 21% more dogs. Getting this diagnosis this year. Than last year.

And while it is a disease that can affect cats and dogs. Dogs are more likely to get this illness. Not for any reason. Like they are outside more, or they have more accessible skin. For the mosquito to bite them.

But because dogs hearts are larger. And cats hearts are less likely to get infected. As easily however, if they do. Get infected with microfilaria larva. If the heartworm’s do get lodged in the cats hearts.

They are more likely to have serious side effects sooner. And without symptoms. Because it takes fewer heart worms to impede the heart’s ability. To pump blood effectively.

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How pets will get this disease says emergency vet in Springdale. Is by getting bitten by a mosquito. Infected with the microfilaria larva. A mosquito can become infected in one of two ways.

If a mosquito that is not infected already. Bites an animal who is infected with heartworm disease. The microfilaria larva will be transferred to the mosquito. And if the mosquito bites and other animal.

They will transfer that larva into the uninfected animal. Giving them heartworm disease. However, a much more likely scenario. Is that mosquitoes are born with the microfilaria larva already infected in them.

This happens when mosquitoes hatch from a females eggs. That were laid, after they sucked infected blood. From an infected dog or cat who had heartworm disease. Every mosquito that hatches.

Will be infected. And this can be hundreds or thousands at a time. Every animal they bite, will then get heartworm disease. Unless they are taking preventative medicine. The preventative medicine is very inexpensive.

As well as very easy to administer. Getting the medication from either their regular, or there emergency vet in Springdale. These chewable tablets should be administered once a month.

Or pet owners can also ask for a topical treatment. That is simply applied externally. Both medicine is 100% guaranteed. To protect animals from this parasite, that can cause illness or death.

Pet owners who do not protect their animals. Need to understand, that while they might develop symptoms. Such as coughing, or lethargy. Many animals do not exhibiting any symptoms at all. Making preventative medication. Even more vital to their health.

Emergency Vet Springdale | Treating Heartworm Disease In Both Dogs And Cats

From of the most important things that pet owners can do, is keep their pets from ever needing an emergency vet in Springdale. And they can do that, through preventative medicine. And regular examinations. At their veterinarian.

However, many pet owners are not visiting a veterinarian yearly. Or at all, and as a consequence. Their pets are developing illnesses that are hard to treat. And very preventable. One such disease is heartworm disease.

This is a parasite, that starts out in the animals bloodstream. Before growing to its full size, and getting trapped inside the animals heart. While one heartworm will not do a lot of damage.

The heartworm will continue reproducing. Which causes more heart worms to become lodged inside the animals heart. Where is eventually going to stop being able to pump blood properly.

The animal may appear lethargic. Were start coughing. If they develop any symptoms at all. And while this will eventually cause a fatality in the animal. There is a treatment available to help animals get better.

However, the treatment is not only very long. It is also very expensive, and has a very negative impact. On the animals health during treatment. And while most animals are able to withstand the treatment.

It is still going to be a lot more difficult. And a lot more expensive than preventing this medicine from happening. If the pet owner suspects that their pet is sick. Or has heartworm disease.

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They should take there animal to an emergency vet in Springdale. Who will be able to run a four D X test. Which is a test that takes three drops. Of the animal’s blood, in order to look for antibodies.

If there are heartworm antibodies in the blood. That means the animal tests positive for heartworm’s. And the veterinarian can minister the first dose. Of the medication. That will kill the heartworm’s.

The medication is an injectable format. That is injected intramuscularly. They will need several doses of medicine. So every few weeks. The pet needs to come back. To the regular or emergency vet in Springdale.

In order to receive their next dose. There are some side effects of the medication. Including pain at the injection site. Nausea, and lethargy on the half of the animal.

Several injections will be needed. To kill the strong heartworm’s. As well as ensure that they have killed off all of the heartworm’s. In the various stages of development. And while this definitely will help keep the animal alive.

They could have avoided this entire scenario. By taking a chewable tablets. Once a month. And a year supply, costing less than twenty dollars. Any pet owner that has cats or dogs in their home.

Should be visiting a regular veterinarian on a regular basis. Because it will be less expensive. And less stressful on the animal in the long run. To prevent illnesses. Rather than to treat them.