Emergency Vet Springdale | Where Pet Owners Take Hurt Pets


Emergency Vet Springdale | Where Pet Owners Take Hurt Pets

If a pet owner was to ask their friends and family what emergency vet in Springdale they should take there animal to. Chances are very high, that they would hear about river valley veterinarian hospital.

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The reason why, is because most of the patient’s that this veterinarian clinic sees. Have been obtained by word-of-mouth. From people who are extremely happy with the amazing services that they get at this clinic.

One of the first things that new pet owners should keep in mind. Is that veterinarian clinics are not all the same. The main differences between them. Is that some are corporately owned clinics.

And some are independently owned and operated. With the corporate clinic, one of the most important things is profit. Because they do not want to keep a location open, that is not making them any money.

And while there is nothing wrong at all with making money. It cannot be the most important consideration. When people are dealing with helping animals become well.

As well, because the corporate clinics are mostly concerned about profit margin. They typically do not have a wide variety of medical services. Because it is not cost-effective.

Which means they typically farm out as much as they possibly can. And only keep the most basic services in-house. What does that mean for the typical cat or dog owner?

That means that if the pet needs something that the corporate veterinarian clinic does not have. They will be sent to an external facility. Typically, where it will cost even more money.

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But more importantly, take a longer time to access. Take bloodwork for example. They will be able to take the blood sample on site. But then have to send it out to an external laboratory for results.

While they can get results within one or two days. This typically does not count evenings and weekends. Which means an animal that comes in for an emergency vet in Springdale service on a Friday.

Is typically having to wait until Tuesday for their diagnosis. This may be extremely devastating to their long-term prognosis. And why many people should avoid the corporate clinics.

When people are looking for regular and emergency vet in Springdale. They should check out the family owned and operated river valley veterinarian hospital. Because not only are they independently owned and operated.

But they also are a state of the art facility. Being able to do many different things, on site. Including getting test results for bloodwork, x-rays. As well as having a surgical theatre on site.

This means the animal will get faster results. So that they can make a diagnosis faster and easier. And then start treatment sooner, which will help the overall prognosis.

Because pets are family members to their owners. They want nothing but the best regular and emergency veterinarian services. And that is the reason they should come to river valley veterinarian hospital.

Not only will they take the time to get to know the animal and the owner. But they truly care about providing the absolute best for every animal that walks through their clinic.

Emergency Vet Springdale | Where Pet Owners Take Hurt Dogs & Cats

Even though people typically do not want to think about finding an emergency vet in Springdale. Because they do not want to consider their pet ever becoming hurt or injured.

If they do not think about it when there pet is well. They are not going to make a great decision when there pet is sick or injured. Their pet will likely be very stressed, and in pain.

And the pet owner will typically be panicking, and worried him. Which means they are not going to be thinking clearly. That might lead to them not making the best decision for where to bring their animal.

This is why many people, when they are looking for a veterinarian for their animal initially. Inquire at their veterinarian clinic. Whether they also provide emergency services.

It is very beneficial for pet owners to bring their cat or dog to a veterinarian they are familiar with. When they are dealing with an emergency. Because not only will the animal be familiar with the clinic.

But they will also be familiar with the veterinarians, technicians and the other employees. And will tolerate being poked and prodded by them, because the pet nose, likes and trusts them already.

If they do not find an emergency vet in Springdale that they are familiar with. It could increase that pet’s stress level. As they have to go to an unfamiliar place. And get poked by strangers.

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When people are looking for an emergency veterinarian. They should check out river valley veterinarian hospital. Because not only are they a state-of-the-art facility, serving most of Western Pennsylvania.

But they also can take both cats and dogs for regular, and emergency services. While some pet owners do not think that this is a big deal. To go to a veterinarian clinic that is familiar with cats.

The reason why people do not think that is a big deal. Is because they think all veterinarians can deal with cats in the same way. While veterinarians will say they can, they may not be equipped for it.

They say they can take cats, because they are similar in size to dogs. But the truth is, because cat owners take their pets to veterinarians less often. There are in fact few veterinarians. That are familiar with these animals.

One of the biggest differences between cats and dogs is how they communicate. And it is very possible for a vet who is inexperienced with cats. To cause them undue stress or pain. Because they do not know how to read those animals signs.

This is why people should go to river valley veterinarian hospital. They are feline friendly certified. Which means they have taken additional education. To ensure that they can provide regular and emergency services to cats.

When people are looking for emergency vet in Springdale, they should look no further than river valley veterinarian hospital. And know that there cats as well as dogs will be in extremely good hands.