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Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Regular Pet Checkups Are Vital

Most families consider their pets to be family, according to River Valley Veterinary Hospital, a veterinarian Fox Chapel owned business. Dr. Richard Linkenheimer is very passionate about animals, which is why he opened his clinic, servicing the Springdale and surrounding area for over 20 years. One thing he wishes more pet owners knew, and that it’s so important for your pets to have regular veterinary check ups.

Just like people need an annual check up, to make sure they’re still as healthy as they look and feel. As well as to make sure nothing’s developing that can be stopped or reversed, the same is true for pet checkups. Except your pets age faster than you do, so a full year means that they’ve aged more than their people have in the same amount of time. So it’s critical for these animals to have a veterinarian make sure they’re healthy, and happy as well.

Healthcare For Your Aging Pet

Even if they look happy and healthy, says Linkenheimer, the premier veterinarian Fox Chapel has. They might be starting to slow down, or small problems start to develop. If your veterinarian is familiar with your pet because they come in regularly, they can often spot how well your pet is aging, and that can help them identify when they should have tests done, or when to put them on an age appropriate food for how they are aging.

As well, it gives the veterinarian an opportunity to run tests regularly. Like most health conditions in people, the sooner you catch things, the easier it is to treat them. Dental problems are a great example, Linkenheimer says. We will notice if the cat or dog’s teeth start developing problems, like tartar build up or gingivitis, and we can intervene quickly.

Give the pet owner some tips on how to brush their pet’s teeth, or schedule a scaling. If you waited three years before bringing your pet in for a check up, the animal may have teeth that already need pulling, the expert veterinarian Fox Chapel says.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | More Than Just Pet Checkups

Another benefit of regular pet checkups is that the veterinarian can run any tests they feel are necessary on site, and then get the lab results immediately. When people come to veterinarian Fox Chapel at River Valley Veterinary Hospital, they will have test results before leaving the office. That means pet owners don’t have to be at home for days anxiously waiting test results. This peace of mind is so important, for the owner, and for the pet. They won’t leave River Valley Veterinarian Hospital without answers.

The pet checkups often occur in a place where the pet owner feels safe too. They will get to know the veterinary hospital and the staff, and it will be a place to ask those important questions, and get answers, and good advice. People ask questions like if their pet is eating too much, or getting enough exercise. Sometimes they want assurance that their pet is on the best food, or find out what foods they shouldn’t be giving their cat or dog.

We are not judgmental at veterinarian Fox Chapel, we want all pet owners to feel cared for and respected, so we can all do what’s in the best interest of their pet.

Annual Pet Checkups

A common misconception, says Linkenheimer is that people assume they only need to bring their animal into the vet when it’s sick or injured, but that just isn’t true. The best medicine is preventative medicine. It costs less and is far more effective than treatment of an illness. In fact, when people bring their pet in after a long absence, often the problem that they are bringing the pet in for, is often one that could have been prevented by routine check ups, or at least have been caught earlier, and had an easier and less invasive treatment.

For example, getting the cat or dog’s vaccination shots to protect them against parvovirus, rabies, hepatitis, kennel cough and distemper are so important. They don’t need a shot every year, which makes it harder to keep track of. So regular veterinarian visits are vital, because they’ll have on record what vaccination your pet needs next. They will also be able to get heartworm medication, deworming medicine and medication to protect them from fleas and ticks.

No matter how long it’s been since your cat or dog has visited the veterinarian, now is always the next best time to bring them in. Get them the check up that can help keep them happy and healthy for years.


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