Veterinarian Fox Chapel | 3 Reasons To Visit River Valley Vet

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | 3 Reasons To Visit River Valley Vet

Pet owners are always looking for the very best for their pet says veterinarian Fox chapel. Which is why, they should do the same thing. When they are looking for a veterinarian clinic as well. There are many veterinarian clinics in the area.
Veterinarian Fox Chapel

But not all of them are the same. In fact, before pet owners decide. On which clinic to take their cat or dog to. They should do a bit of research. About the differences between the various clinics.

Some pet owners are drawn to a brand name clinic. Because it is a familiar name. But familiar does not necessarily mean best. With a lot of these chain style clinics. They often have profit as their bottom line.

And are run by a Board of Directors from afar. They want to see. Each clinic being as profitable as possible. And while there is nothing wrong with profit. They often do this. By minimizing the types of equipment and services.

That they offer at each clinic. Makes the money, is doing checkups on cats and dogs. And they often view it as a numbers game. The more pets that can come in to the clinic. The more money they are making.

They have very little time for each individual pet and the owner. Especially if people have a lot of questions they want to ask. This is why people should be visiting the veterinarian Fox chapel.

Because they are independently owned and operated. They have the ability to work whatever hours they want. And because they have a goal of preventing health issues. And being there every time a pet needs help.

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They have a wide variety of services and equipment. That will help them achieve that goal. When of the first services that set them apart from any other clinics. Is the fact that they have a laboratory on site.

While many veterinarians may say. They are able to take blood samples on site. Also, they usually are not able to run the samples on site. They must send it out to an external laboratory.

What that means, is that the external laboratory. Is going to get the sample the next day. And then run the test. And then have to send back the results. Resulting in a longer time to get test results.

At veterinarian Fox chapel pet owners. Can the results within the same appointment. Because of the laboratory that they have on site. That means they can start treatment faster. And they will not have to worry.

That the treatments that they started is not the best one. This will result in the animal feeling better faster and healing, and one of the most important. Reasons why people should be visiting the veterinarian Fox chapel.

They can contact river valley veterinarian in order to schedule. A meet and greet between the veterinarian and staff. And their pet, whether a cat or dog. That way, the pet can get to know the clinic and the staff. Before getting poked and prodded.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | 3 Reasons To Visit River Valley Veterinary Hospital

Pet owners usually have their pets as the most important reason to find a great veterinarian Fox chapel. However, choosing one is difficult. Because there are so many. The reason why there are so many veterinarians.

In the area, is because there are more pets in America than ever before. In fact, according to a study. There are eighty-five million households in the United States of America. That have a pet.

Which is an increase of 56% since nineteen eighty-eight. The first year of the survey was conducted. There are so many pet owners. That naturally, they need more veterinarians to help them.

It is also important to note that even though there are more animals. And more pet owners. Pet owners are taking their animals to the veterinarian. More frequently than they use do.

Perhaps because more pet owners understand. That prevention is more important than a treatment can be. Not only is it less invasive and less expensive. But it is also better for the animal in the long run.

As well, for cat owners. That is another good reason to visit the veterinarian Fox chapel. Because while most veterinarian clinics. Will say that they can take cats. Fewer cat owners take there cats to the vet.

Simply because they see less of a need. There cats are housebound. Never go outside. And therefore, are not as susceptible. To diseases or getting hurt, or sick. However, that too is changing.

In more cat owners are taking their pets proactively to a veterinarian. But the results of this. Is that fewer veterinarians see cats. And are less familiar with them. Especially their communication style.

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And it is very easy to accidentally stress out a cat. Because they have different communication styles. Where a dog can lift their heirs up or down. Pull them back, to indicate their mood. As well as wag their tail or gravel.

Cats communication styles are very different. And if a veterinarian. Is not acutely aware of them. They can unnecessarily stress the cat out. By treating them incorrectly, when they are upset already.

Veterinarian Fox chapel is feline friendly certified. Which means they are very well equipped. To deal with cats. And they have taken additional education. To ensure that they can treat cats effectively.

While this is not a requirement for any veterinarian. That does want to take on cats. When they are able to go to a clinic that is feline friendly certified. That is another peace of mind.

Another reason to take pet owners to river valley veterinary hospital. Is because they are proactive with helping maintain pets health. They will not only give the pet complete checkup.

By looking in their mouth, their nose, their ears and eyes. They will vaccinate the pet against a wide variety of illnesses and diseases. Such as rabies, not only is contagious and fatal.

But it can be transmitted to humans as well. Which is where the biggest risk is. If people want to take care of their pets for a long time. They will bring their pet to veterinarian fox chapel today.