Veterinarian Fox Chapel | A Veterinarian You Can Trust


Veterinarian Fox Chapel | A Veterinarian You Can Trust

When it comes to the health of your pets, choosing the right veterinarian Fox Chapel can be difficult. Because your pets deserve the very best! While many people may not know exactly what to look for when choosing the best healthcare for their cat or dog. Hearing about the wonderful experts at River Valley Veterinary Hospital, the decision has never been easier!

Veterinarian Fox Chapel

While there are many well known chain veterinary clinics out there, a well known brand doesn’t always equal expert care. The reason why is because these chains are operated by a board of directors who are only interested in maintaining a profit for the owner. In order to do that, they have as many appointments as possible, and although that means they usually have a spot any time you call. It also means that appointment times are incredibly short, and there is no time. For personalized services, or answering your important questions.

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Also, to maintain that profit margin, very little in the way of specialized equipment is brought in. Equipment is expensive to buy, and expensive to maintain. When not every animal needs it, it’s harder to monetize. Therefore, if your pet needs a diagnostic test, or a specialized treatment, they are most likely going to be referred to another facility. With sky high prices, and a huge wait list! Therefore, choosing the right veterinarian Fox Chapel is going to make a huge difference in your pet’s health!

Armed with the right questions, pet owners can find the veterinary clinic that’s perfect for them, and their pet. One of the first questions that should always be asked, is if the clinic is independently owned and operated. These clinics are started by veterinarians themselves, who are passionate about providing nothing but the best healthcare to the animals they serve!

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | The Best Pet Care In Springdale

Something else to ask, when choosing the best veterinarian Fox Chapel, is what equipment they have on site. Many other clinics will try to bluff you, and say they can run tests on site. But when you ask them what equipment they have to allow them to do that, they have to admit they don’t have the diagnostic tools. Which means if your pet needs a test run, they will take the blood or tissue sample on site. But send it to an external laboratory.

This means patients are waiting one to two days to get test results. In the mean time, they are in pain, or simply not starting the treatment that will help them get better! If your cat or dog gets sick in the evening, or on the weekend. Add even more time to that to get the answers you need. When looking for the absolute best veterinarian Fox Chapel, go to a clinic that has the diagnostic tools on site.

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If they need to run a test, not only will River Valley Veterinary Hospital be able to take the sample. But they can run it, not just the same day, but in the same appointment as well. This means a faster diagnosis, and a faster treatment, so that your pet is feeling better faster, and has a better overall prognosis.

If you need any emergency services, you will definitely want to ensure that your pet can get what they need at their current veterinarian! For these reasons, pet owners who want nothing but the best should bring their cats and dogs to River Valley Veterinary Hospital. Owned and operated by the same family of veterinarians since it opened. They truly care about the health of your furriest family members. Call today for your meet and greet.