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Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Expert Veterinary Care

There is one thing put owners do for their new furry family member says veterinarian Fox Chapel. It is find a great veterinarian clinic. And get regular checkups for their animal. Most important medicine is preventative.
Veterinarian Fox Chapel

While there are more animals in the United States of America now. And ever before, and that number is on the increase. Year after year, that means that there are more veterinarians. To choose from, but not all clinics are created the same.

For example, many of the most well-known clinic names. Are actually Jane clinics, run by a Board of Directors. That are not even in the same city as the clinic.

For them, the bottom line is profit. And in order to do so, they need. To see as many patients as possible through the doors of the clinic. And anytime there is an animal requiring specialized care.

And there is no way to monetize that, it is a loss of profit. Therefore they have very little in the way of specialized equipment. Requiring veterinarians to send tests out.

Or refer the animal to another clinic. If they need any specialized care. While this is profitable. It is not very good for the pets. And not very comfortable for the pet parents, that only want. The very best for their cat or dog.

When people hear about veterinarian Fox Chapel, they will hear that it is a different clinic. Independently owned and operated. And while they do have to make money doing what they do. Cost is not the end-all and be-all here.

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It is owned by veterinarians. Who truly care about the health and well-being of the animals that they see. And they want to ensure. That they can do everything in their power. To give the best service and treatment to the animals.

In order to accomplish that, they have a very technologically advanced clinic. With up-to-date equipment, both x-ray and ultrasound. They have a surgical theatre on site. So whether it is an emergency surgery.

For routine surgery, such as getting spayed or neutered. It can be done right at veterinarian Fox Chapel. Without the need of forcing the animal to wait and suffer. Or be transferred to another clinic, and get stressed out.

Some the else that is different, is that they also have a laboratory on site. Which means not only can they take tissue and blood samples. But they can get the results on site as well.

And almost always, within the exact same appointment. That means if a pet comes in with a mysterious symptom. Veterinarian Fox Chapel is able to get to the bottom of it. Usually within the same appointment.

So that they can start treatment right away. Not only is this best for the health of the pet. But it will also relieve the pets stress, and the stress of the pet owner. When people are looking for the best veterinarian in Pittsburgh to take there animal to. They truly need to look no further than River Valley Veterinary Hospital.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Expert Veterinary Care For Your Pets

Proactive healthcare is the best healthcare says veterinarian Fox Chapel. Which is why they encourage all pet owners. To ring their pets in for annual checkups and vaccinations every single year.

Many pet owners think that it is cheaper or less invasive. Only to treat pets once they get sick or injured. However, what they do not realize. Is that proactive treatments can help prevent them from getting sick or injured in the first place.

When pets come to veterinarian Fox Chapel. Whether they are cats or dogs, because they also are. Feline friendly certified, meaning they are expert. In cat care as well.

They will get a checkup, with the veterinarian checking the animal’s ears, eyes and nose. As well as their mouth, teeth and gums. They will also listen to the pets heart. To ensure it is healthy.

They will check the respiratory system of the animal. And make sure that their skin, nails and for. Or healthy as well. And while this is important, would also needs to happen at these annual checkups.

Our vaccinations, to ensure the animal is protected. Against many illnesses and diseases. That could make them very sick. Rabies for example, not only is important. It is required by law in most of the states of America.

The reason why, is because not only is rabies contagious. But it can pass from animal to human. And it also has no cure. This means a dog that has rabies. Can pass it on to human if they are not vaccinated.

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It is also often fatal. Which is why many pet services. Such as doggy daycare, kennels or grooming facilities. Require proof of a rabies vaccination. Before they will allow your pet to be treated.

Another vaccination that will happen is the parvo vaccination. Which is incredibly important. Because dogs that do not have this protection. Can succumb to this very fast acting fatal disease. They do not even have to see other dogs face-to-face.

A dog that is in their own backyard, and never gets out. Can get ill from this disease. If a dog walking past the house has it. This is why it is incredibly important to treat it before it happens. Because a dog may not recover.

They will also yet shots in order to protect from parasites like heartworm, tapeworm and pin worm. That can recall sorts of havoc throughout the dogs and cats body says veterinarian Fox Chapel.

They can also get flea and tick medicine. That will protect them from these insects. That can make the dog sick, and very unhappy. When pet owners want nothing but the best for their animal.

They should work to ensure that they are not going to get sick in the first place. And if they are seeing a veterinarian on a regular basis. If they get injured, they have a healthcare professional who is familiar with them head of time.

When pet owners are ready to have someone care for their animal. Veterinarian Fox Chapel is ready, and up for the challenge.