Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Family Pets Deserve The Best

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Family Pets Deserve The Best

The need for veterinarian Fox chapel keeps growing. Because according to the most recent research. The National pet owners survey. That was conducted by the American pet products Association.
Veterinarian Fox Chapel

Eighty-five million families own pets in America. And that number is growing. This is up 56% since the first survey. Which happened in nineteen eighty-eight. The number of pets are increasing.

Which means more veterinarians are needed, but not just any veterinarian should be acceptable. People should search for the absolute best veterinarian. That they can find for their furry family members.

At veterinarian Fox Chapel, they help cats and dogs. And in fact, they are feline friendly certified. Which means not only will they accept cats. Like many veterinarians say they do. But do not have a lot of on hand experience.

Because traditionally, fewer pet owners are taking their cat’s to the vet. However, at river valley veterinary hospital. They do take pet cats. And have taken additional education, certifying them as feline friendly.

The reason this is necessary at all. Is because cats communicate very differently than dogs. And it can be very easy to upset, or stress out a cat. Because there signs that they are stressed or upset. Are less obvious than a dog.

For example, people can generally understand. What a dog is communicating. By whether their ears are up or down. If their tail is wagging, or tucked between their legs. And of course, if they are growling or barking.

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There are other signs as well, such as their hair standing upon and. However, cats have fewer signs than that. And if a veterinarian. Does not know that I cat is stressed or upset. They could traumatize the poor animal.

That is why they have taken this additional education. To specify that they are expert at handling cats. So that they do not make mistakes. That can have an animal upset to come back in the future.

As well, they have a lot of different specialized equipment at veterinarian Fox chapel. That allows the staff to be able to help animals more effectively. For example, they have a laboratory on hand.

That when a veterinarian does a blood test for example. They can find out the results within about five minutes. And in the same appointment time. So that pet owners do not have to go home, and wait a few days for results.

Many other veterinarians will say that they can do blood tests on site. But while they can do the test. They must send the sample away. And wait a day or two for results. Even if the laboratory they use say they can get results.

Within twenty-four hours, if there is a weekend. Or complications, that is twenty-four hours or more that a pet owner. His home worrying with their pets. Rather than worrying, people should visit veterinarian Fox chapel for a meet and greet.

So that they can be assured that there is a great clinic. To take their pets for checkups. As well as if there is an emergency.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Family Pets Deserve The Best In Veterinary Care

When people are choosing veterinarians, they should consider veterinarian Fox chapel first. Because there.are so many veterinarian hospitals out there. And they truly are, the best of the best.

Even though they are in Pittsburgh, they have patients coming. From other states. Because they know that they are the best at what they do. Many chain style veterinary clinics simply do the bare minimum.

And do not even have all of the equipment they need. On hand to do all of the testing. Or help animals that need a lot of help. Not only do they have an on-site laboratory at veterinarian Fox chapel. But they also have.

An on-site surgical theatre. So that if an emergency happens. Or if the pet needs us pay or neuter. They can do it on site. Without further stressing out the animal. Having to transfer it to another facility.

As well, they want to educate every pet owner. So that they can do the best. For their animal. Everything from getting them the right food. And on a good feeding schedule, with the right amount of food.

As well as the right amount of exercise that each animal needs. And any enrichment activities. Such as toys, or things like visiting a dog park. To help them have a full, and happy life.

It is also important to know that pet owners should have their pets. Vaccinated, against all of the most common illnesses. Especially including rabies, which by law must get administered.

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Since rabies is not just a threat to animals. That can be passed to humans. And there is no cure for it. As well, they will be able to get tick medicine. To help them avoid getting to or flees.

And heartworm medicine that can protect against. The illnesses that mosquitoes carry. That can infect both cats and dogs with heartworm. They will also be willing to educate each pet owner.

Any time they want. However, before a pet owner brings their cat or dog into river valley veterinary Hospital. Because they need a checkup. Or, if they had any type of pet emergency.

They should come in for a meet and greet. The cat or dog will be able to meet. The entire staff. They will get lots of love, pets and snuggles. And of course, cat or dog treats. To put the animal at ease.

So that the next time they come in to veterinarian Fox chapel. They will not feel sad or stressed about the encounter. Because they have remembered. That this is a fun place to be.

Pet owners can contact the great staff at river valley veterinary hospital. By phone, email. Or by visiting the website. And arranging a consultation, a meet and greet or a checkup.

Pet owners will be very glad that they trusted their furry pets. Whether they are cats, dogs or both. To the experts here at veterinarian Fox chapel.