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Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Great Veterinarian For You

There are many things to take into consideration when adopting new pet says veterinarian Fox Chapel. However, pet owners should not overlook. The health of their pet, while they might believe that they are doing the best.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel

Picking the best food, treats. And even a toothbrush, and dental choose. To look after their pets oral hygiene. Nothing is going to replace a great veterinarian Fox Chapel. And regular veterinarian visits.

Many pet owners are mistaken in thinking. That they can get their pets all the healthcare they need. By going to the veterinarian if they get sick or injured. Because the best healthcare is preventative.

And there are many illnesses the pets can get. That are absolutely preventable. In fact, many of the illnesses that pets can get that are preventable. Are actually extremely serious or fatal. And no pet owner wants to brush their pets.

To veterinarian Fox Chapel in order to find out. That the disease that their pet has is incurable. But it could have been prevented. With a vaccination, once a year. This is why it is so important.

For all pet owners to know this, within a week of adopting their new cat or dog. Or puppy or kitten, to bring that animal to their veterinarian. They will get a full checkup, to ensure that the animal is completely healthy.

But also, so that the veterinarian can get a baseline. When the animal looks like, so that if they do get sick in the future. They will know what a completely healthy pet looked like. When they were first adopted.

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The next thing they will do, is ensure that their vaccinations are up-to-date. If people have adopted an older dog or cat from a shelter. The animals vaccinations are likely up-to-date. But if they do not have any proof.

Then the veterinarian will document everything. So that the pet owner knows when they should bring them in for another vaccination. As well as another checkup. Veterinarian Fox Chapel says if they brought in a puppy or kitten.

There likely going to be do for booster shot within a week of adopting them. As most animals will get their initial vaccination. At six weeks of age. And people usually adopt them at seven or eight weeks.

Their next booster shots will be due at eight weeks of age. Therefore, when they are adopted at seven or eight weeks old. If they get them to a veterinarian within a week. They will get there booster shot right on time.

To keep them immune to all of the diseases that the vaccinations are protecting them against. They will also be able to schedule the next vaccination with River Valley Veterinarian Hospital. Which is likely going to be two weeks later.

And the veterinarian can also talk to the pet owner. About when to schedule that animals or neuter operation. Even if pet owners are going to have them as indoor pets only. Accidents can happen when you least expect it.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Great Veterinarians For All Pet Owners

The sooner a pet owner can bring their pet to veterinarian Fox Chapel the better. The reason why, is because proactive healthcare is the best kind of healthcare. And it is less expensive, and better for the pets overall health.

While vaccinations seem to be the best form of preventative medicine. Vaccinations will protect against a wide variety of illnesses. But it does not protect an animal against everything. Most notably, a vaccination.

Will protect an animal against rabies, and parvo. Which are two very serious illnesses. Rabies is often fatal. It has no cure, and is transmittable to humans from animals. While parvo on the other hand.

Is always fatal, and extremely contagious. A single case of part of over in a neighbourhood. Can infect every single unvaccinated animal. Causing them to become fatally ill. Even if they have never seen face-to-face.

However, while vaccines are very important. And should be done on a regular schedule, that a veterinarian can set up with each pet owner. There are other forms of preventative healthcare as well.

Dental hygiene is very important as well. Pet owners should have a plan on how to take care of. Their pets teeth. Whether they are going to use a toothbrush, and pet approved toothpaste. In order to get rid of the tartar buildup.

That causes tooth decay and bad breath. Or, if they are going to use dental choose, such as the treats. That they can feed their pet once a day. That will scrape their teeth clean. Or if they use one of the dental devices.

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That is not edible. That pets simply chew on. In order to clean their teeth. No matter what they do, veterinarian Fox Chapel says pet owners should have a plan. Because if they do not care for their pets teeth.

It can very quickly get gingivitis, or periodontal disease. That not only gives them bad breath. And will require their teeth to get pulled. And can cause sore teeth in the meantime. But periodontal disease in cats and dogs.

Can put them at risk of heart disease, which is very devastating. Pet owners can protect their pets overall health says veterinarian Fox Chapel. By helping them have a clean and healthy teeth.

They can also talk to veterinarian Fox Chapel about preventative medicine. Such as deworming medicine. Which will ensure that if a pet eats something that they should not outside. They are not going to end up with pests.

Such as ringworm, roundworm and pinworm. That can wreak havoc on their intestines. They can always talk to their veterinarian about tick and flea medication. As well as heartworm medicine when they are at their regular appointment.

For the best in veterinarian care, pet owners should make an appointment. With river valley veterinary hospital, located in Springdale, Pittsburgh. Pet owners can call River Valley Veterinary Hospital today for a meet and greet appointment. To find out if this is a great fit for their pet.