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Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Let Us Help Your Pet

When people are ready to choose the right veterinarian Fox Chapel. They should understand what sets river valley veterinary hospital apart. From their competition, and choose wisely.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel

The biggest mistake that pet owners make, is assuming that healthcare for their animals. Will be better dealt with if they ever get sick. Then bring them to a veterinarian on a regular basis. The reason why this is a mistake.

Is quite simple, because preventative medicine. Is more inexpensive. As well as more effective than treatment, after the animal gets sick. And a lot of veterinarian medicine is around prevention.

Take vaccinations for example, these are very important to the overall health of the animal. And while puppies and kittens will need their vaccinations. Very early on in their life, and will need several.

A few weeks apart in order to have immunity from diseases. When the animal is full-grown and adults, they will only need vaccinations. Every year, or once every three years. Depending on the type of vaccination that they get.

In fact, veterinarian Fox Chapel says the rabies shot is actually required by law. Not just because it is a very serious illness. But it is communicable between animals and humans. Is also incurable, and sometimes fatal.

Because it can be a serious public health issue, all animals. When they visit veterinarian Fox Chapel will get this vaccination. As it is also required by law, because of how much harm can prevent.

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Pet owners should also get the vaccination against a disease called Parvo. This is an extremely serious illness, because it is fatal. An extremely contagious. Especially in pets who have not been vaccinated for it.

Pets that do not even go to the off leash park. Or socialize with other animals can get it. Just by having an ill animal in the same vicinity. For example, if the animal is in their fenced yard for a few hours with the pet owner.

And there is a dog with Provo, across the street. Then the pet in the yard, could catch this extremely contagious illness. That is why pet owners should bring their cats and dogs to veterinarian Fox Chapel. They will also hear about other preventative medicine measures.

Such as heartworm medication. To prevent their animal from succumbing to. The parasite called heartworm, that they get from mosquito bites. And can end up clogging their heart with these parasites.

And if the animal is going to spend any time outside at all. River Valley Veterinarian Hospital will talk to them about flea and tick medicine. So that the animal does not get fleas, which can be very irritating.

And prevent getting takes, that can latch on to the animal. And give them line disease. When pet owners are ready to have the best healthcare possible for their cats or dogs, river valley veterinary hospital should be their very first choice. They can call for consultation, and meet the lovely veterinarians and staff ahead of time. So that their pet can be comfortable when they go in for their appointment.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Let Us Help Your Pets Today

While some pet owners think it is difficult to choose a veterinarian, veterinarian Fox Chapel says. When pet owners know what to look for. The decision can be much easier than they realize.

The first thing people should avoid doing, is go to a chain veterinary clinic. The reason why, is because while it is a well-known name and brand. They may not have the best healthcare for your animal.

Not only are there likely not feline friendly certified. Which means they may stress out your cat. Rather than help them, but also they do not have a lot of time. For individualized treatment, or even answering questions.

The more pets they can see. And the few pets that have complications. Means that they can treat more animals, and make more money. Many people who have been to these clinics, say they feel like a number.

And there is not much in the way of bedside manner. Or individualized care for their pets. And if they needed anything specialized, they had to go elsewhere anyway. So that they would rather have started going to a different veterinary hospital.

Rather than a large brand name that is recognizable. Veterinarian Fox Chapel says pet owners should look for. Independently owned and operated clinics. Because they are going to be the ones that are truly passionate about helping animals.

There is only one reason why a veterinarian would open up their own clinic. And it is because they wanted to provide the best care for animals. And focus on doing it in the way that they think is best.

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The veterinarians at river valley veterinary hospital, have the authority. To treat the animals in the best way they see fit. Even if that means keeping them longer says Veterinarian Fox Chapel. Or having link the appointments to answer pet owners questions.

They will even stay after hours. And call pet owners on the evenings and weekends. To make sure that they are comfortable with giving medicine. Or to see if they have any questions. And to find out how their pet is doing if they have been sick.

They do not have to, they do not get paid for this. However, is because they love animals so much. In fact, the veterinarians that opened this clinic. Still own and operated to this day. Because of their extreme love of animals.

As well, they have brought in as many pieces of equipment. And services as possible, so that they can treat. Any condition, that an animal may have when they walk through the door. Whether they need diagnostic tools to diagnose them.

If they need specialized services to treat them. And even having a surgical theatre on site. So that the animal does not have to go anywhere. Before they get either an emergency surgery. Or routine surgery, is so important to their long-term prognosis.

When people are looking for a veterinarian Fox Chapel, they definitely should look into. River valley veterinary Hospital, and they can call to arrange a meet and greet. To see the clinic, the veterinarian and technicians.