Veterinarian Fox Chapel | More Services For Your Pet


Veterinarian Fox Chapel | More Services For Your Pet

Why settle for less when looking for a veterinarian Fox Chapel for your cat or dog? All pet owners want nothing but the best for their littlest family members, from food, treats and toys, to the best healthcare they can find. Therefore, you should definitely look for a clinic that is independently owned and operated.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel

The reason why is , rather than being owned by a business owner with no veterinary knowledge. Independent clinics are started by veterinarians, who want to control the quality of healthcare they are able to give to the pets they see. They most likely started working at a larger chain clinic, but were quickly disenfranchised by the inability to provide personalized service. And the lack of equipment to offer all the best treatments to their animals. This is why River Valley Veterinary Hospital opened – they wanted to be able to control how they are able to provide healthcare to their animals.

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Longer appointment times, more diagnostic equipment, and more treatment rooms, made this dream a reality when they started their own veterinarian Fox Chapel clinic. Boasting an on-site laboratory, more treatment rooms. Lots of diagnostic equipment and a surgical room for both emergency surgeries. As well as routine operations, they are quite simply the premiere veterinary clinic in the Springdale area!

River Valley also wanted to ensure they would be able to treat as many pets as possible, which meant later operating hours. They also operate as an animal hospital, so even after hours emergencies can be treated, right within the clinic. If your pet has a need for emergency care, bring them to the clinic they are used to visiting! They will have a lot of comfort in being treated by the veterinarians they are already familiar with.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Great Healthcare In Your Neighborhood

Another reason to choose River Valley Veterinarian as your veterinarian Fox Chapel. Is because they go the extra mile to give your pet the best care. For example, while most veterinary clinics will say they can treat cats, most aren’t as familiar with felines as they are with dogs. This is because they see more dogs than cats. Dog owners are much better at proactive healthcare than cat owners. And as a result, veterinarians are simply more familiar with dogs than cats.

And while cats are roughly the same size, shape and physiology, you shouldn’t trust your pet cat to any veterinarian out there. Cat owners specifically should look for veterinarians who are Feline Friendly Certified. This is a certification they can get through additional education that helps veterinarians. And veterinarian technicians learn how to provide stellar healthcare to cats. While they are similar in size and shape to dogs, their communication styles are very different!

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It is easy to stress out a cat, because they hide how they are feeling. If they are angry, sad or stressed, it can be very difficult to tell. When they learn how to provide healthcare to cats, veterinarians and technicians will not add stress to a cat, who might injure themselves as a response to being very stressed out.

This is why not only the veterinarians, but the veterinarian technicians are all Feline Friendly Certified. They want to be sure they can provide nothing but the best healthcare. For all the furry family members they see, including cats. So cat owners who are looking for the best veterinarian should choose. River Valley Veterinary Hospital is waiting for their call for a meet and greet today! Call now to book an appointment to meet the staff, and see how amazing their clinic is!