Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Only The Best For Your Pet


Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Only The Best For Your Pet

Whether people have adopted in new puppy or kitten, visiting veterinarian Fox Chapel. When they are new pets, is extremely important. In fact, even if people adopt shelter animals. Who are older, they still need to get to the veterinarian quickly.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel

The reason why it is so important. To get an animal to the vet, is not because they are sick. But to help prevent them from ever becoming sick. Some people think that the best medicine is to treat the animal. If they ever get sick.

However, veterinarian Fox Chapel says that preventative medicine. Is far more effective at keeping animals from getting sick. As well, it is less expensive. And less stressful on the animal in the long run.

One of the first things that veterinarian Fox Chapel will do, when an animal comes in for an appointment. Is it with the animal, and help them feel comfortable. Veterinarians are new places, with interesting and sometimes scary smells.

And the cat, or dog will be out of sorts. If the first thing that happens to them when they visit river valley veterinary hospital. Is that they get poked and prodded, they will not think that it is a nice place to visit.

They will likely get scared of coming to the vet, and be anxious. As well as nervous, and even aggressive when they come. Therefore, the veterinarians, the technicians. And all of the supporting staff want to ensure they enjoy their first visit.

This means sometimes, the veterinarians will even sit on the floor. And get to the animals level, in order to put them at ease. They will get treats, and toys to play with. As well as lots of love and pets from all of the staff.

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The staff here truly love each and every animal. And they want to put them at ease. After the animal has had a good time meeting everybody. Then, the veterinarian is just going to do a visual inspection.

There going to look in the animals eyes, ears and nose. As well as look at their teeth and gums, there is a lot that can tell the veterinarian. About the health of the animal, just by these things alone.

They also will make sure that the pet has all of their vaccinations up-to-date. Especially rabies, and Parvo. Simply because these are extremely dangerous diseases. That are very communicable, and often fatal.

By getting the vaccinations up-to-date, veterinarian Fox Chapel says owners can be certain that their pet is not going to need an emergency visit. For things that could have been prevented. There are also going to talk about things like heartworm medication.

Which can prevent their animals from getting this parasite, that can be fatal. As well as flea and tick medicine, especially for pets. Who live outside, or spent a lot of time outside as well.

When pet owners are looking for nothing but the best in veterinarian care, river valley veterinary Hospital is their best bet. Call, or email today for your first appointment.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Only The Best For You And Your Pets

Pet owners want nothing but the best for their animal says veterinarian Fox Chapel. And while many people think that it means to give them the best food, toys, and treats. It should also mean that it is going to be the best healthcare as well.

When choosing a veterinarian, pet owners should take many things into consideration. They might feel comfortable choosing a large chain veterinarian. Because the name is familiar. However, chain veterinarian clinics are actually quite bare-bones.

While many people think that because they are large corporation. They should have every medical device available. For testing, and treating animals. And the wide range of illnesses they might have.

But in fact, the opposite is true says veterinarian Fox Chapel, simply because those clinics. Need to be extremely profitable, to make money for the Board of Directors who run them. It is not cost-effective to bring in expensive equipment.

And then not be able to monetize that as often as possible. Therefore, they have bare-bones equipment. While the veterinarians try to see as many patients as possible. So that they can build is much as possible as well.

This means that many people do not have the opportunity. To ask questions, even if they are about the medication they been prescribed. Such as how to take it, or what are some side effects to watch out for.

Asked questions about their pets illness, or even ask questions about. The best food and treats, or enrichment activities they can give to their cat or dog. This is very frustrating to veterinarian Fox Chapel.

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Simply because they do have all of the equipment. To be able to diagnose and treat a wide variety of illnesses. Because they are independently owned and operated. Which means they can choose how they treat and service all of the pets they see.

As well, many veterinarian clinics say they can take cats. But they are not feline friendly certified, which means they have not taken. Additional education on how to handle, treats and communicate with the cat. Cats and dogs are similar in size and shape.

But they are very different in communication styles. Dogs are fairly easy to understand. While cats, often try to hide their symptoms or illnesses. And are much more difficult to understand what is going on with them.

That is why veterinarian Fox Chapel is a feline friendly certified veterinary clinic. Their staff have taken additional education to be able to handle cats effectively, kindly. And without causing them to undo stress.

The choice is quite simple, when pet owners know all of the facts. They should take their cat or dog to river valley veterinary hospital. For regular treatment, but also as their emergency veterinarian.

Pet owners can call today, to arrange an initial consultation. So that the veterinarians can get to know their animals, in advance. Call today, or visit their website and arrange a consultation that way. They can’t wait to meet you and your pet!