Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Health Is Critical


Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Health Is Critical

Pet owners should ensure their pets teeth are healthy advises veterinarian Fox Chapel. Because even though teeth might not seem important. It is can have a ripple effect throughout the pets entire body, and their health.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel

For example, if tartar buildup accumulates. On their cat or dog’s teeth, it will start turning into. Tooth decay, very quickly. And pet owners can probably start to smell. That their pets breath is not pleasant anymore.

And this is caused by the bacteria in the tartar buildup, or plaque on the surface of their pets teeth. However, underneath the bacteria and plaque, is tooth decay, that is eating away at the pets teeth.

What else is happening says veterinarian Fox Chapel, is that the tartar buildup is starting to irritate the gums. Especially the tartar buildup that is accumulating below the gum line. The bacteria is actually quite irritating to the gums.

Which respond by becoming sore, swollen and start to bleed easily. It is at this point, that pets may start refusing to eat food. Because of the pain they feel, when the dry kibble is crunched against their gums.

It is already a problem at this point says veterinarian Fox Chapel. But, as long as it is only gingivitis, it is a reversible problem. By brushing the pets teeth, and getting the tartar buildup under control, the gums will stop being irritated and swollen.

And their oral health will return to normal. Unfortunately, if the problem is not fixed at this point. The tartar buildup will harden into a very hard substance called calculus. Which not only is almost impossible to remove without professional help.

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But, underneath the calculus, the bacteria will continue to eat into the tooth, causing tooth decay and cavities. And then, it is no longer called gingivitis. Periodontal disease, that can affect the pet throughout their entire body.

In fact, veterinarian Fox Chapel says animals with periodontal disease. Are at an increased risk of heart disease and heart failure. Which is something that no pet owner wants to go through, especially because it is avoidable.

This is why it is one of the most important things. That veterinarians in Fox Chapel teaches pet owners about. Is not only the importance of cleaning their pets teeth. But how they can take care of it, by learning how to brush their cat and dogs teeth.

By getting a regular toothbrush. Or picking up a properly sized toothbrush from the pet food store. And then, picking up specialized toothpaste. In fun, animal friendly flavours, such as peanut butter banana or tuna.

Pet owners can get into the habit of brushing their pets teeth. The sooner they introduce a toothbrush into their pets mouth. The more likely the pet is going to handle getting their teeth brushed properly.

And by doing this, once or twice a day. Pet owners can help their cats and dogs be healthier, longer. And avoid having smelly breath, that is uncomfortable not just for the owners, but for the pets as well.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Health Is Very Critical

Everybody wants the best for their pets admits veterinarian Fox Chapel. However, pet owners, especially when they are new. May not know exactly what that is. They might be considering food, and exercise.

But there are many things that pet owners should be taught about. In order to ensure that their pet is healthy. And living an enriched life. One of the things that many people do not think about until they hear it from their veterinarian.

Is the importance of keeping their pets teeth nice and clean. People may not even realize that cats and dogs can get cavities. Or they might be operating under the mistaken assumption that they cannot get cavities.

If they are not eating sugar, and while sugar is definitely a common culprit. That causes cavities, any food that is not brushed away from the teeth. Can cause the bacteria that forms cavities to start eating into the tooth enamel.

This is white so important for pet owners to learn how to brush their pets teeth. Unfortunately, any pet owners do not hear about this early enough. And their pet is a year old, or more. And it is harder for an older animal.

To learn how to withstand getting their teeth brushed. It may be very difficult, and pet owners do not want to continue. Fighting with their pets, in order to get their teeth brushed.

And they often come to veterinarian Fox Chapel asking if there is another way. That they can care for their pets teeth. Luckily, there are many things that pet owners can do.

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One of the most popular alternatives is purchasing dental chew treats. These are tasty treats, that the pet loves, and thinks of as a treat. When picking up dental chew treats, pet owners should look for the following.

They should ensure that it is for cleaning the teeth, and not just freshening the breath. They should ensure that it is not too hard, and supervise their cat or dog chewing it. And if it makes their gums bleed, they should not give it to them again.

Many of the dental chew treats have been approved by the American veterinarian Association. And has their seal of approval on it. Pet owners should stick to the dental chew treats, approved by this panel of experts.

But then, always supervise their pet. To make sure that they do not inadvertently inhale part of the treat, or choke on it. As well, they can buy dental chew toys, that when chewed.

Will scrape plaque and tartar buildup off of the surface of the teeth. Again, they should ensure that it is not too hard. And makes their teeth bleed. There are very soft ones, made of silicone. That have bristles.

That will clean the teeth as the pet choose on it. Again, pet owners should ensure. That they are supervising their pet during dental chew time. Or any time they are chewing on a treat or toy says veterinarian Fox Chapel.